In YOUR Closet

This is the sequel to "In My Closet" so go read that first!


"Okay, guys. Lets practice our latest song." Rich exclaimed.

"Okay!" The other Movers agreed, going to the little "stage" area where they kept their instruments. Rich picked up his drum sticks once everyone else had their instruments ready to go. "One, two, one-two-three..." Rich started counting off, but a counter-acting off-beat threw him off. "What's that sound?"

"I think it's coming from inside the closet." Smitty pointed out. They gathered around the closet and opened the door up. A young woman was crouching on the ground, among a pile of smelly socks and shoes.

"You!" She hissed, pointing up at Dave. Dave closed the closet doors.

"Guys, I don't think that we can have band practice today, because there's an evil author in the closet." Dave pointed out.

"I think you're right, Dave." Scott nodded in agreement. "Who is that?"

"Oh, it's some author. I found a room in the Warehouse that opens out into other people's closets and her closet is very interesting. I guess she found a way into the Warehouse through her own closet." Dave explained. Rich opened the closet doors again and she was gone.

"Well, it looks like she's gone now. Lets get-"

"No!" Dave hissed. "She's probably hiding!" He opened the doors again.

"You!" She hissed, pointing up at Dave. Dave closed the closet doors again.

"We really need to practice, though." Scott pointed out. "If we just ignore her, maybe she'll go away."

"Okay." The other Movers agreed, and went back to their instruments.

"One, two, one-two..." Rich's count-off was interrupted by an ever louder off-beat.

"Artemis! You need to leave now!" Dave yelled at the closet. The closet was silent.

"Lets try this..." BANG! BANG-BANG-BANG!! "...Again. One, two, one..."

Artemis shot out from the closet, the doors banging back against the sides of the closet. With a primal cry, she leapt for the Movers, who dove out of the way.

"DAVE POCHE!" She screamed, running after Dave.

"We'll practice later!" Dave yelled as Artemis chased him from the Think Tank. "If I'm not dead, that is!"

"Um... I guess that we could just practice without him..." Rich started as the yelling grew more and more distant. "One, two, one-two-three-four!"


"Movers?" Nina asked, opening the Warehouse door. The lights were off. "I guess that they went home early today. Oh well. They won't mind if I borrow a jacket- I don't wanna catch a cold in this weather!"

Nina skipped over to the closet, opened it and stared down at the young woman, casually sitting amongst a pile of smelly socks and shoes. She was reading a book, even though it was pitch black.

"Um... Hello." Nina started. "Why are you in the Mover's closet?"

"Payback, Nina. Payback."