Chapter 1:


"STUPID IDIOT!" Fletcher yelled at JJ.

"You got owned!" JJ laughed.

"No fair!" Fletcher wailed "Mario out wins Zelda!"


"Why not?"

"Because girls are better than boys!"


"It's true! I can kick your ass any day!"

"On your own?"


JJ punched Fletcher in the mouth. He flew across the room and landed on the opposite sofa. They had been playing Super Smash Brothers Brawl (SSBB). JJ had been Zelda and Sheik, while Fletcher had been Mario.

"I swear that Sheik is a boy…" Fletcher commented, choosing a character. This time he chose Ike.

"No! Sheik is a girl! Sheik is Zelda! It doesn't take a genius to work it out when one of Zelda's special moves is to turn into Sheik!" JJ exclaimed, choosing Zelda and Sheik… again.

Valkyrie heard the noise and rolled her eyes. Fletcher and JJ arguing… AGAIN! Valkyrie swore that she'd got a migraine thanks to those two. Valkyrie sighed and walked downstairs.

"Ha!" JJ exclaimed "Sheik strikes again!"

"Cheater." Fletcher mumbled. JJ ignored him.

"Fletch, you've never won a single round on this game!" JJ told him "You SUCK."