Ziva sat at her desk, her eyes resting on her little daughter, who was tugging at her father's jacket. She didn't seem to be too traumatized from the recent events. During the three days that had passed from the moment they found her in the park, there had been only one moment her behavior had been out of the ordinary.

She had woken up crying the first night she was back home. When Ziva had gone to comfort her she had sobbed something about a dark and creepy creaking house with an evil man inside it, telling mean things to her. But she didn't even remember the nightmare the following morning, so Tony and Ziva had left it at that, but watched her closely.

The next two nights she didn't have nightmares anymore. Ziva guessed she didn't quite understand the depths of what exactly had happened to her, and it was probably best to leave it like that. She had no physical wounds, other than the bruise on her arm. He had just taken her away from her parents.

"Please, daddy, I want a candy bar," Rachel pleaded and tried to pull Tony with her. The sound of her voice brought Ziva back to reality.

He let out a slight sigh. "Daddy has to work," he explained.

Rachel's face dropped. "Please," she asked with her best puppy-face.

Tony sighed again. He made the mistake of looking into her wide open brown eyes. Exactly like Ziva's, he thought. He'd never been able to resist those eyes. So, with a deep and loud sigh, he stood up and let Rach drag him to the vending machine.

Ziva smiled fondly at them as they disappeared from her sight.

Her phone rang.

She picked it up. "David," she said into the phone.

She was met with a moderately upset sounding Jenny. "Ziva, I need you to come upstairs," she said, her voice shaking.

"I will be right there," Ziva promised. She hung up and got out from behind her desk, rushing to the stairs. She hurried, almost ran up the steps to the catwalk. As she went she wondered what could be so urgent, or make Jenny sound that upset. She quickly made her way to Jenny's office, ignoring the looks she knew her teammates were sending her. Especially Gibbs. She felt his eyes boring into her back as she rushed away.

She hurried past Cynthia, who could only do as much as open her mouth to protest at her barging into Jen's office. Ziva had entered before she could say anything. The assistant raised her eyebrows in surprise when the door clicked shut. Then she shrugged and went back to what she had been doing before Ziva interrupted her.

Ziva stepped into Jenny's office. The first thing she saw was her friend standing near the conference table, a bottle of bourbon in one hand and an empty class in the other. With a deep sigh she placed both back onto the shelf where she kept her alcohol.

"What is wrong?" Ziva asked, trying her best to hide her concern.

Jenny looked at her, her green eyes almost panicky. She slumped onto the couch in the back of the room. Ziva went to sit beside her.

"I'm stupid, Ziva," she said, staring into her eyes as if begging the Israeli to help her.

"What did you do, Jenny?" she asked urgently.

Jen's eyes went wide. "I wasn't thinking. No, I was thinking, but I thought it would not be a bad thing," the redhead rattled, obviously not getting that Ziva didn't know what she was talking about. Her eyes were wide open, their focus on something only she could see.

"Jenny," Ziva said, staring into her face. "What did you do?"

She glanced at her, a miserable look adorning her features. "I slept with him, Zee."

Ziva smiled at the nickname. Jenny was the only one who called her that."Who did you sleep with?" she asked curiously, not getting why she was that upset about a simple sex.

"Jethro," she whispered.

Ziva's eyes went wide in shock. "Gibbs?" was all she could ask.

Jen nodded.

"But," Ziva started, trying her best to regain her composure. "I thought you loved him, why is it a bad thing, then?"

Jenny stared into her friend's eyes. And then it dawned on Ziva. "You did not use protection?" She couldn't believe Jenny had made such a mistake. Jenny, the one who was supposed to be the responsible one.

Jenny shook her head sadly. "I told him I was using baby pills."

"But you were not," Ziva guessed, even though she already knew the answer.

She nodded.

"Why would you do that?"

Jen took a moment before answering. "I have watched you with Rachel for four years. I've seen how happy she makes you. I wanted a child too. And he's the only one I would want it with."

"And now you are pregnant." It wasn't a question. Ziva leaned back on the couch and let out a puff of air. "Does he know?"

"No," Jenny replied quickly, seemingly afraid of telling him.

Ziva thought for a moment. "I see. But why did you call me up here?" she enquired curiously.

Jen sighed. "I need your advice, Ziva."

The Israeli waited for her friend to continue.

"Should I tell him?"

Ziva looked into her jade green eyes for a long time, her mind working overtime. Jenny stared back, afraid of either answer she might give her.

Finally Ziva nodded. "I think you should tell him."


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