By Crukix

Epilogue: In the End, Does It Even Matter?



They're fun little things, a distraction from our own life; a want to change things we can't actually achieve.

But were they really my wishes to begin with? If everything in my life had been created, tailor-made for one specific purpose, how could I say that my long-lasting wish to escape a hellhole was actually mine?

The original wish that sustained me was to get out. I wished for a chance to escape the hellhole I thought was my life.

Instead I was birthed into purgatory and conceived in hell.

I'd change that wish if I ever had the chance. To what? I'm not sure.

Within a year I was the snowball that started the world's destruction. Little things here and there; the right place at the right time. What I thought was fate were merely the machinations of a time traveller bored of eternal life.

Wishes have a price.

Mine was being an unconscious slave to a master more arrogant than he was old.

I won't live to see the world fall apart, but I've already seen it in my mind. I started this journey with the goal to save the world, taking what I knew of the future and changing the past.

Maybe I've done that, in a way. The only difference is that it was on my terms, rather than someone else's.

Maybe I succeeded. Maybe I failed. But you know what? That's just life. I'll leave playing with the future to those that have the power to do so.

In a way, my wish did come true. I spent a year paying for it to finally have it succeed. I had the rest of my life to do the good I originally wanted a chance to achieve.

In the end, do my actions even matter?

I'll let you be the judge of that.

But do I regret what I did with my life?


Not one little bit.

Author's note.

And that, my friends, is it. I know many of you may have expected a long winded ending. I did too, for some time. But at the end of the day, we started with a small chapter, we end with one. Book ends and all that.

Hard to believe that little over a year and a half ago, this was nothing more than the spark of an idea that stopped me sleeping for a couple of nights. From there it exploded into being, bringing you, I and the cast along with it. And now, just shy of a year and two-thirds later, we're done. You guys have been awesome and it wouldn't have been the same without you. And really, when I look at it; it's not half-bad for my first attempt at writing a first-person story.

So, not every question may be answered. But when they are, it's no fun that way. I still hold all the answers though, so if something's really bugging you, feel free to ask. I'll also occasionally be adding little one-shots about the story and the cast to my deviantArt page which you can get to on my profile.

And now, more importantly.

I'm not quite finished writing yet.

There's another story coming. Same universe. Cameos from existing cast. More insanity. More drama. More heartbreak. Less darkness and at the same time, so much more. More demonisation of pokemon. And possibly more importantly; some questions may be answered. I'll be taking some time out to get up to scratch with it, understand where I want things to go, etc, etc. I'll be taking November off to get everything sorted, churning my brain for plot whilst many of you are wearing out your keyboards with NaNoWriMo.

Dear readers, come December 1st, I shall be presenting you with Transgression, the next step into this dark pokemon world I've built up.

That's that then. I won't waste your time with long goodbyes, for you shall be hearing from me again soon. Instead, I simply say;

'Til next time.