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"Where're you off to, Remus?" asked James Potter, glancing innocently at his friend's jacket as he headed outside that chilly fall evening.

"Oh, Professor McGonagall is escorting me to Hogsmeade...my...er...mum's...cat died. Yeah. Her cat died and she needs me there to help her through that."

"Really?" Snorted Sirius Black. "Her cat, Rem? How stupid do you think we are?"

"It's true!" Remus protested weakly, knowing that it was no use.

"We know, Remus," said James softly.

Suddenly Remus sat down on the floor and put his face in his knees. "Okay..." he said, his voice quivering. "Well, now that you...know...I just want to thank you. You guys were the first real friends I ever had...and you made my first year of school amazing...so...thanks." He got up, letting his tears fall as he rushed out the door.


The transformation was painful, as usual, and once it was finished, Remus headed back to his dorm, intent on packing his things and going quietly. As it was about four in the morning, he didn't expect his roommates to be awake, and therefore was surprised when he saw a light on in the room when he arrived.

"What are you guys doing up?" He asked curiously.

"Waiting for you..." Sirius yawned. "Took you long enough to get up here."

"Sorry..." Remus murmured. "Why were you waiting for me, anyway? I expect you can't be happy about rooming with me and my...problem."

"Don't be stupid, Remus." James said. "Why would we care? It's not like being a werewolf affects you every other day of the month."

"You mean...you...don't care?"

"Of course not!" Cried Sirius. "Who else would be the brains of our brilliant schemes?"

"Once again, Sirius, your ability to prioritize astounds me," James said sarcastically.

"But he's right!" Peter squeaked. "Who else would help me with my homework? Nobody else has the patience!"

"Thanks, guys, but it's too late now. The cat's out of the bag, or in this case, the dog." He smiled cheerlessly. "Nobody was supposed to know."

"But I'm sure that was just for people who were going to freak out about it. And since we aren't, there's really no point in discontinuing your education." James said.

"He's right," said Sirius.

"But...I'm dangerous. How can you just accept it like that?"

"Because we're friends, Remus, a foursome. We're THE marauders. It wouldn't be the same without the only sensible one in the group."

"Thanks," Remus wiped the tears out of his eyes and he gave a watery smile.

"Marauder hug," James declared and the group of young boys got together in a group hug in the centre of their dorm room.

"Friends forever?" Peter asked.

"Totally, Pete," said James.

"Friends forever," Remus repeated.

Friends forever.