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Author's Note

A Note for those following my story, As Good As On Paper: This is a teaser from Chapter 7 of As Good As On Paper to tide you over.

Teaser Chapter 7: Souvenir

At 9:00, Rick kissed Alexis good night, and poured himself a stiff drink, carrying it to his room. Movie night plus nocturnal activities took their toll, and the sting of Beckett's rejection didn't help matters any.

He sipped his drink and idly unbuttoned his shirt as he meandered through this suite. He contemplated starting the advanced copy of Stephen Cannell's new novel, which he'd been asked to review. He was headed to his easy chair to do just that when something else caught his eye.

Katya had come today, as she did twice a week. She cleaned, restocked supplies, prepared a meal to be cooked later, and dropped off their laundry. She also changed the sheets.

He strolled over to the bed, looking down at the tiny object sitting on it. He took another sip, a smile burgeoning across his features. Reaching down, he unfolded the scrap of black fabric with two fingers, spreading it across the comforter.

Beckett had left him a souvenir.

He smoothed the panties with the back of his fingers, savoring their texture, remembering the way they'd fit her, how she'd lifted her hips as he'd pulled them off. He could just picture her searching, bare ass in the air as she checked under the bed. It must irritate her no end knowing they were still in his possession. He barely tasted the whiskey, hardly feeling its burn down his throat so engrossed was he by the bit of lace.

"The possibilities."

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