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- Start -

"Reborn, will you marry me?" Midori asks, completely straight faced, down on one knee, with a diamond ring in hand. Reborn looks at his fellow arcobaleno Verde's younger sister. He smirks at her lazily, this was the 25th time she had asked him, and he still didn't know where she got the diamond rings from, and it was flattering.

"Fnnn, I'm going to have to say no Midori-chan." He replies, offering her his hand and she sighs, taking his hand and gets up. Reborn pulls her to him. The disruption radiation in the house used to interfere with the curse from his pacifier, but now the curse was broken. He had given her a show the first time he came into the house since he didn't know about it and his clothes didn't change with him.

"You know, it's not nice to give me mixed signals Reborn." She says.

"Fnnn, I just don't want to marry you, that doesn't mean I don't want to be with you." Reborn says and Midori pulls away, making Reborn frown. Normally she stayed in his arms and they would end up in the bedroom.

Midori looks at Reborn carefully. He was smart, handsome, could cook, and she liked his personality, but they had been together for 5 years and Reborn still wasn't any closer to moving in with her or moving the relationship forward even though he wasn't tutoring Tsuna as much as he used to.

"What is it?" Reborn asks, sensing trouble.

"I think you should go now Reborn. We obviously don't want the same thing." She says.

"What?" Reborn asks, frowning.

"Reborn, we've been together 5 years, and while I was joking about the marriage at first, I mean it seriously now. I'd be happy if you'd just move in, but you refuse to do that as well, or move our relationship forward in anyway. So, I think it's time to move on." Midori says and Reborn looks at her and leaves. Midori goes to her lab, and buries herself in her work.

Reborn returns the next day with his stuff. "Fnnnn, you are right." He tells Midori and she goes to hug him, but he steps back and kneels down. "I think it's about time that I popped the question. Will you marry me Midori-chan?" Reborn asks, holding up the diamond ring and a warm smile is on her face. She takes the ring and looks at it before slipping it on and then kissing him.

"You are such a male chauvinist. Yes, I'll marry you." She says and he smirks as he pulls her closer and nuzzles between her breasts.

"Fnnnn, I love you." He says and feels her long, thin fingers tangle in his hair.

"I love you to." She replies and he picks her up and carries her to their bedroom.

- End -

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