Hey guys!!!

Been a while hey? Lol.

Ok, so here are the details for the sequel. Character ages, birthdates, appearances etc. I must say, though it will be a BIG spoiler if you read these. There will be things written below that will make you think "wow". And I know a couple of you may be disappointed that you didn't get to read what happened or how it happened – I'm probably confusing the shit out of you lol.

Anyway, if there is anything that you want me to write about or do a flashback for, let me know and I'll see where I can squeeze it in =D

Allot of things that didn't happen in "Gone and Back again" will be happening in this sequel! Remember though, it's a 14 YEAR GAP from where the story left of, so there will be allot to catch up on.



The 'Cullens'

Edward – 35 (September 1st)

Bella – 35 (September 13th)

Elizabeth – 17 (April 14th)

Olivia – 14.5 (January 1st)

Connor – 14.5 (January 1st)

Kaiden – 8 (July 5th)

The 'Swans'

Charlie – 58 (March 7th)

Sue – 55 (February 14th)

Tommy – 12 (November 8th)

The 'Hales'

Jasper – 36 (June 18th)

Alice – 35 (August 21st)

Chris – 15 (August 2nd)

Brenton – 4 (July 12th)

The other 'Cullens'

Emmett – 36 (October 2nd)

Rose – 36 (December 3rd)

Samara – 13 (May 9th)


Elizabeth – Bronze hair, green eyes, Short (5"4), Skinny

Olivia – Dark brown hair with natural bronze highlights, greeny brown eyes, Medium height (5"6), Curvy body/Skinny

Connor – Tall (5"9.5) and built, messy dark brown hair with natural bronze highlights, greeny brown eyes.

Kaiden – Bronze wavy hair, brown eyes.

Chris – Black hair, blue eyes, Tall (5"9)

Brenton – Light brown hair, light green eyes.

Samara – Long sandy blonde hair, blue eyes.

Tommy – Dark brown hair, brown eyes.


Now, the main focus of this story is going to be the kids and their lives. There will still be Edward/Bella, Rose/Emmett and Alice/Jasper action! So don't panic =D

The reason I wanted to post the information above was so that if you ever need to refer back to it for anything, it's there!

I want everyone to give me some ideas for this story, I have had a couple and written down a heap of my own, but I think that we need more!! Let's make it super doper interesting, I want to give you guys what you want!!!

Now I don't think I have left anything out, if you have questions or anything just ask!

The first official chapter will be up ASAP!