A Forbidden Love

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Chapter Six: What a mess

Date: Wednesday March 1st

LPOV (Elizabeth's POV)

Yesterday, once I had told Christian what Cindy had said to me I got up and ran out of the cafeteria. I don't know why, I mean I wanted the answer from him but I got the sudden feeling that I didn't want to know the answer. I already knew. Deep down, I knew they were together and if he confirmed it… Then I'd feel that much worse.

Knowing it came from Cindy gave me some hope that maybe she was lying. Maybe she wasn't telling the truth.

But then, it got me to thinking.

Why would she lie? She's one of my best friends, and even though she came off as bitchy that afternoon when she told me what happened I still knew we would always be friends. We were just stuck in some kind of rut.

We both wanted the same thing. Christian.

But she had him. Not me, and that's something I'll need to deal with. So, while I deal with my issues, I was going to avoid them like the plague.

I couldn't have them see me so hurt. They couldn't see how badly this affected me nor could they see how right Cindy was when she accused me of liking Christian.

I'd get over him eventually. It's just some stupid high school crush… Right… Right?


"That bitch!" Olivia almost screamed, I cringed at her tone of voice suddenly regretting this little girly time I had requested of her and Samara.

I'd done a good job of hiding my feelings last night, but this afternoon I couldn't stop the tears from falling. I had decided that I needed advice so I went to my sister and Samara.

"If she knew about your feelings for him why would she do that too you?"

I shrugged "Maybe she didn't know"

"Bullshit" Olivia snorted, shaking her head "You said so yourself, she told you she knew about your feelings for him. What kind of best friend does that to someone?"

I didn't have an answer to that. She had a valid point, why would Cindy do that too me? If she knew… then why? I wasn't about to ask her to find out.

"You need to make him jealous" Samara said, interrupting Olivia's rage outburst, I raised my eyebrow at her curiously, urging her to continue "Well, we know he likes you. That much is obvious, but maybe he wasn't sure of how you felt and then along comes Cindy throwing herself at him at a party so he just goes with it, right? So, we need to find you another guy… Some arm candy to make him jealous"

"That's the most ridiculous idea I have ever heard" I couldn't help the giggle that escaped my lips.

"No, she's right. That could totally work. Show him what he's missing"


That night, I went to bed in tears. The idea of making Christian jealous sounded like an alright plan and I'd do it, if only to see his reaction. But I still couldn't shake the feeling of hurt and betrayal. And I defiantly didn't think that Christian would show the reaction I was hoping for.

My mom was sitting on the edge of my bed, rubbing soothing circles on my back. She came in when I left the dinner table trying to hide my tears. Dad got all awkward then, I could tell he didn't know what to do. I didn't even go to visit grandpas grave tonight, I felt really guilty.

I spilt my guts to mom, telling her everything that happened. She didn't say anything once I was done she just let me cry. It felt good to tell her how I was feeling, like a load had been taken off of my chest, but it still didn't heal the ache I was feeling.

"I don't like feeling like this, mom" I sobbed

"I know, baby. But believe me when I say that these feelings will pass. I know it hurts right now, but you're strong."

"No I'm not, I'm a mess"

She laughed a little bit and held me close to her "One day, you'll meet someone who loves you with their whole heart. Someone you will love in return. You're only young, sweetheart"

I smiled up at her, I loved my mother. More than anything in the world "Thanks mom" I smiled

As she got up to leave, she gave me a kiss and one last hug. When she reached the door she turned around to look at me before closing it and said "Just for the record, Christian's an idiot for not choosing you"

Yes, I really did love my mom.

.:Thursday March 2nd:.

The next morning, as I stared at my reflection in the mirror I decided that I was going to make more of an effort. I wasn't going to mope around; I was going to show Christian what he is missing, even if he didn't react the way I wanted… And if I happen to get over him in the process, then so be it.

CPOV (Connor POV)

"Dude, seriously"

"What?" Chris asked, we were in my bedroom and I had been telling him how I was slowly but surely getting over Alicia, his response had been it's about bloody time, and I told you so.

I was pissed. His statements had been right, but a bit of support would be welcome as well. And he had been anything but supportive throughout this whole ordeal. This was the last straw.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?" I slammed my hand down on my desk, making Chris jump from fright "This whole time I've been trying to get some support out of you and all you can do is scoff and tell me there's more fish in the fucking sea."

"Wow, I've never heard you swear so much" He laughed.

I gave him a pointed look, that I'm sure was an angry expression. He held his hands up in surrender "Dude, I don't do emotional shit, we aren't chick's man. If it was a shoulder to cry on you wanted then you should have spoken to one of your sisters, or aunt Bella"

"I didn't ask for emotional shit or a shoulder to cry on, Chris. You only had to listen and possibly say something encouraging rather than ignore me the whole time"

"You sound like a sooky teenage girl right now" He pointed out, maybe I realised that he was right. Maybe I was a little emotional, but who gives a shit? Seriously, there's nothing wrong with being on the emotional side a little bit. And there was defiantly no harm in wanting some support from my best friend and cousin.

"You're missing my point completely" I snapped

He sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose, something I'd noticed my dad does a lot when he's frustrated, or upset.

"What was I supposed to do?" He asked "I'm no good at this shit man; I've never dealt with emotional stuff, not even from females. And I seriously feel like we're acting like a married couple right now"

I rolled my eyes at him, there was no point. He wasn't going to understand what I was talking about and I couldn't figure out how to say it in a way that he would understand.

Right that minute my dad poked his head in the door "Chris, your mom's here"

Chris jumped up off the bed and headed for the door "I'm sorry" He said.


.:Thursday March 2nd:.

My phone vibrating next to my bed woke me up earlier than usual the next morning, I smiled to myself as I read the text

How'd you sleep? – Cara

We had been texting each other a lot more then we use to when we first started talking, and each day we would talk a bit more than usual.

And when we weren't together or texting each other, I found myself wondering what she could be doing. I'd check my phone every five minutes waiting for her reply, those five minutes felt like five hours. She was now one of my best friends. Maybe she'd be better to talk to about my issues with Alicia.

Not too bad, how about you? – Connor

Pretty good, what happened to you last night? You said you would call me – Cara

I face palmed myself. I had completely forgotten that I told her I would call once we got back from the cemetery, but Chris had showed up for dinner and stayed fairly late. I went to bed not long after he left.

Oh crap, I'm so sorry! I completely forgot, Chris came over for dinner and didn't leave till 10pm I went to bed after that… Forgive me? – Connor

Well, that's alright then, I was beginning to think you were cheating on me =P Of course I forgive you, but to make it up to me, perhaps you can sing Barby girl for me? – Cara

Cheating on you, huh? Don't you need to be a couple to cheat? Lol. And there is no way in hell I am going to sing that – Connor

I won't object to that – Cara

The text completely confused me, but when I went to ask her what she meant, my text sending failed. I ran out of credit.

Just my luck.

I've never been so eager to get to school in all my life.


When I arrived at school, I saw that Cara was already there. She was talking to a bunch of guys I didn't know, my stomach twisted in a weird way.

She waved at me when she saw me, said something to the guys then skipped over to where I was standing. She smiled up at me and gave me a quick hug and a kiss on the cheek, I felt my face grow warm.

"You didn't text me back" She pouted

"I ran out of credit" I replied "What was that last message about?"

She shrugged and looked down at her feet "Nothing"

I placed a finger under her chin and lifted her face so she was looking at me "It seemed more like something rather than nothing"

"Well well, what do we have here?"

I broke my gaze from Cara; Alicia was standing next to us. Hands on hips and an eyebrow perked. She didn't look happy, still extremely beautiful but not happy.

"What's it to you?" I asked

"She's my best friend, Connor. How could you do that to me?" Her expression turned from a scowl to a frown.

"Ex best friend" I heard Cara whisper; Alicia shot a glare in her direction

"That's beside the point, you don't date your best friends… or EX best friends ex boyfriend"

"We're not dating, Lish. Cara and I are just friends, that's it" I looked down at Cara, wanting her to confirm as much… Hoping might be the wrong word though, as soon as I said it I realised how much I hoped that I was wrong, that maybe we were more than friends. That maybe we'd gone into relationship territory without even realising it.

The look on Cara's face broke my heart, she didn't look at me. Instead opting for looking at the ground, she shuffled her feet a few times before looking up at Alicia. She was still avoiding my gaze and I wanted to tell Alicia to get lost so I could find out what I had done wrong "Right, We're just friends. That's all"

Alicia huffed at Cara then looked up at me through her eye lashes, she placed a hand on my chest "I'm sorry for being a bitch to you, Con… I made a big mistake with Harley and I... I wanted to know if maybe you wanted to try again." She looked like she had meant every word. My heart raced in my chest as I stared at her, and I couldn't stop thinking that maybe she should have made this choice a while ago, when my decision would have been easier. When I didn't reply she stepped closer, I saw a tear escape her eye and fought the urge to brush it away "I'm really sorry, I miss you" She whispered.

Cara snorted beside me and when I tore my gaze from Alicia, it was to see that Cara was running away towards the school. I completely forgot about Alicia and ran after her.

I could vaguely hear footsteps behind me. I knew Alicia was chasing after me.

I rounded the corner in time to see Cara enter the female toilets.

"Cara" I yelled, banging on the door. There was no way I was going in there after her "Come out, please"

Alicia touched my arm and pushed me back a little bit "Let me"

Before entering she stood on her tippy toes and gave me a quick peck on the mouth.

I stared after her in shock.

I missed her. That was true, but she had hurt me pretty bad and I had no idea if I could ever forgive her for that.

On the other hand, I wasn't sure that after her admission that I'd be able to stay away from her. I finally had what I had asked her for. To have her back.

But that was before I became friends with Cara…

Why the heck did it feel so wrong referring to her as 'only my friend'?

I loved talking to her; she was one of my best friends… I trusted her completely with any and all of my secrets and feelings. I hadn't even opened up that much to Alicia.

I hated any minute that went by when we weren't talking to each other, and when we were talking… I was happier than I ever remember being. I was more myself with her.

When Cara came out of the toilets with red stained cheeks, I straight away knew what was happening to me.

I had feelings for her.

I wanted more than friends.

Alicia could go to hell, she had her chance. It's my turn to be happy for a change.

I grabbed Cara's hand and pulled her to me, wrapping my arms around her waist "What's wrong?" I asked her.

She stood still in my arms, not replying nor returning the hug. So I released her, but held onto her hand.

I pulled her away from prying ears and sat under a tree near the oval. Cara still hadn't said a word to me.

"Cara" I began, she sniffed beside me and cut me off.

"I know what you're going to say, Connor" She gave me a half-hearted smile "Go be with her, it's what you want"

I frowned "What? No, I… That's not it; I wasn't going to say that"

"What were you going to say then?" She took her hand out of mine and placed it in her lap.

Deciding just to bite the bullet and not waste any time I dove straight into it "I like you, Cara… A lot and I'd re-"

She held up her hand to stop me, more tears streaming down her cheeks "Just stop" She whispered "You and Alicia are inevitable Connor. I won't put myself out there like that"

With having said that, she got up and walked away.

I saw Alicia watching us from the female toilets; she had a small smile on her face and waved at me when she noticed me looking at her.

Why was everything females said so bloody cryptic?

OPOV (Olivia's POV)

I couldn't work out why Shane's mom didn't correct me when I had called her Mrs When she had never been married. Was she really that much of a pretentious woman?

Was she really that snobby?

She certainly didn't seem like a snob when I had met her; she was actually kind of sweet, if not a little… posh.

And extremely pretty.

I swear she could be a model if she wanted to be.

I defiantly knew where Shane had gotten his looks from.

Speaking of Shane, ever since our date on Tuesday night we had been inseparable. We would message each other every night and we hung out at school during lunch and we sat next to each other during our shared classes.

Sure, it had only been two day since our first date but it felt like forever.

Tonight, Shane was coming over with his mom.

To be more exact, they would be here in five minutes.

I was nervous and excited all at the same time. It was going to be just me, mom, dad, Shane and his mom… Whose name I still didn't know.

My brothers and sister had already eaten and said they would stay in their rooms for the night.

I had spent the whole afternoon trying to find the perfect outfit. It had literally taken me two hours for that task alone. I was glad that I got an early start otherwise I wouldn't be sitting on the couch waiting for Shane right now.

I'd still be in my room trying to work out what to wear.

In the end, I had decided that simple was better than extravagant, and settled on a pair of white skinny jeans and a light yellow singlet with a back cardigan.

I rushed to the door as soon as I heard the knock. My dad laughed at me and I pocked my tongue out at him.

"Hey" I breathed when I look up at Shane "Hello" I said when I noticed his mom standing behind him.

She smiled sweetly at me "Thank you for having us over"

"Oh, no worries. I'm glad I can finally meet you properly"

She chuckled softly and Shane beamed at me, I motioned for them to come inside.

"Mom, dad" I called "They're here"

They both entered at the same time, but the second they looked up their smiles vanished and they both stiffened.

The air suddenly got thicker and I felt a bit awkward.

I looked behind me to see that Shane was none the wiser, but he had noticed my parent's awkward demeanour. When I looked up at his mom, she held the same pose as my parents.

What the hell?


To say I was shocked was an understatement.

She was the last person I thought I would find standing in my living room. She was also the last person I wanted standing in my living room. After everything she had done to me and Edward… And even Lizzy… Words couldn't describe how I was feeling right now.

The room was suddenly filled with a thick haze of anger that I knew was radiating off of Edward. I grabbed his hand in mine and gave it a tight squeeze. I was also trying to remind him that he needed to stay calm, for our children's sake more than anything.

The other thing that baffled me was that she had a son.

Who was the same age as Connor and Olivia.

My mind flashed back to the last time we saw her, when she had shown up at our house trying to apologise. She certainly didn't look pregnant then, but then again she was wearing a baggy t-shirt. But, on the other hand you could tell I was pregnant at that stage even if I did wear a baggy shirt… I was carrying twins though, and perhaps Tanya didn't really show much when she was pregnant. Either way, it meant that Edward had been right about him thinking she was cheating on him… Unless of course Shane was his son and Tanya had just never mentioned it. That thought made me want to vomit.

But, Shane didn't have Edward's last name and he certainly didn't look like Edward. So, I was assuming that my first thought was more accurate.

After we had all stood in awkward silence for a good two minutes I cleared my throat "Tanya"

She blinked and shook her head "Bella, Edward" She nodded.

Edward gritted his teeth, and I squeezed his hand tighter "You need to leave, right now" He hissed

Olivia chose that moment to intervene "What? No daddy, you said you wanted to meet her... Don't... Please don't throw them out. What's wrong? What's happening?" I could tell she was on the verge of tears and that it was mostly caused by Edward's reaction, I could imagine the horrifying look I would find on his face if I looked at him.

Tanya put her hand up to stop Olivia from getting any more upset; she placed a hand on her sons shoulder and looked at us "Maybe we should sit down?"

I shook my head. I didn't want to sit down with her, hell I wanted her out of my house just as much as Edward did.

But one look at Olivia's face had me crumbling. She wanted this badly, she wanted it to work for the sake of her and Shane and I only just noticed how close they had actually become.

Not that I had any idea about why we were going to sit down… I really didn't think we needed anything explained to us, we pretty much had all the answers we needed. We got them fifteen years, give or take, ago.

Regardless, I reluctantly nodded my head and dragged Edward to the sofa. I gave him a stern look when he shot me a glare, I silently begged him to just hear her out for the sake of our daughter if not for anything else.

"Olivia, go to your room please. We will come and get you once we are finished" Edward told her, without even looking in her direction. His eyes were fixed on Tanya who was sitting calmly opposite us. Olivia began to object but I gave her a pointed look, she sighed and left the room.

Shane stood awkwardly to the side, the poor kid had no idea what to do "Go get yourself something to eat or drink, if you like Shane" I told him, he gave me a small smile and disappeared into the kitchen.

"What do you want, Tanya?" I asked, the sooner this was over the sooner she would leave. Shane came back into the room in that moment and sat next to his mother; she smiled at him and patted his knee. I saw her mouth 'I'm sorry' to him before turning her attention back to us.

She sighed before talking "When Edward and I moved here I kind of had the feeling that we wouldn't last very long…"She began "I knew all about you, Bella. I knew you lived here and I knew that Edward would eventually find his way back to you. I knew I would be fighting a losing battle to keep him by my side.

What I did wasn't intentional, but I couldn't help it… It's a pathetic excuse, I know but the feelings I felt when I saw Bella with a daughter who was a spitting image of Edward… No words can describe that. I knew then that I had lost him. I have… Or I had a friend that lived in Seattle; I had known him for years. One day I went to visit him, and well one thing led to another and I…"

"Cheated on me?" Edward offered

Tanya flinched at the harshness in his voice and nodded her head, Shane was looking at her with a shocked expression and I could tell that Tanya was avoiding his gaze.

"I was so angry at both of you" She explained, shaking her head "I was hurt and upset and I know it's not much of an excuse but he was there for me. He comforted me and tried to get me to understand that I needed to let you go, Edward. But I couldn't, because this rage and hatred had built up in me… You've got no idea how much I detested you both. How much I hated you for wanting to move back here." She quickly wiped a tear that had fallen onto her check before letting out a shaky breath "And then it happened, you left me for her and I hit rock bottom. I was still seeing this guy on the side but when I wasn't with him I was keeping a close eye on both of you. I saw your run in with Jake, Bella; I saw the way he looked at you. And then I saw the run in you had with him at the supermarket. After that I approached him I told him who I was and how I knew you, I asked how he knew you… And he told me" She held my gaze for a long while.

She obviously knew that I had no idea, still to this day how I knew Jake. I just had a feeling that I knew him from somewhere.

"Jake is Billy Blacks son" She looked at me knowingly and I vaguely remembered playing with a little boy who looked a lot like Jacob when I was younger. But when he got a bit older he had abandoned his father, not wanting the responsibility of looking after a quadriplegic. The story I had heard was that He had moved to England to live with his mother and Billy hadn't heard from him since.

Once Tanya was sure that I had pieced the bits of puzzle together she continued "He told me that he had, had a crush on you when he was younger, and that you were the hardest thing to leave behind when he left. When you ran into him at the mall he had been upset that you didn't notice him, that you didn't recognise him. I could tell he was angry and vulnerable so I took advantage of it. He wanted Bella, I wanted Edward… It was easy, I didn't even have to influence him much. I'll admit, though, that I had become an alcoholic, I even took drugs on occasion" she looked at her son who was shaking his head, he may not know the whole story but he could piece together that his mother had done a bad thing. "I got out of prison based on mental instability. I was charged a large sum of money and admitted into a rehabilitation Clinic. I was allowed out on Tuesday and Thursday for a couple of hours.

I found out I was pregnant while I was in Jail, can you imagine what it's like knowing all the bad things you've done, like drugs, just to find out you've been pregnant while doing it? It broke my heart thinking about what I was doing to my un-born child. He gave me the edge I needed to get over my addictions, and I quickly realised how… psychotic I was that night" I already knew what night she was referring too, she didn't need to clarify it anymore then she had already done.

I still wasn't convinced and I still didn't know if I wanted my daughter dating her son.

"You were pregnant when you came over?" I Clarified, Tanya nodded her head, wiping away more tears "He's not Edwards, is he?" I asked, I couldn't help myself.

Even though he looks nothing like Edward I needed to hear it from her. I felt Edward stiffen beside me.

"The timing doesn't add up, love" He whispered.

He was right. I knew that, but it didn't change the fact that I wanted to hear it from her.

"No, Bella. Shane's fathers name is Clint. Clint Hendricks. He was the friend I mentioned earlier, when Shane was born, we were both so happy. It was like we were one happy family, that's what I had hoped for. That maybe he would make it official. I mean, we loved each other and we had a gorgeous baby boy. I just didn't realise how much he hated me for all the wrong I had done. We lasted a few years before he packed his bags and left in the middle of the night. He left you a note, Shane. I'll give it to you when we get home"

"Then why... what… You use his last name" Shane whispered.

Tanya nodded "People just assumed, honey. And I didn't think that it was any of their business whether they were correct or not. My real last name is Denali"

I still didn't like Tanya after hearing her story, but I did hate her a little less.

Shane seemed like a good kid, and maybe he would be good for and to Olivia. I still wouldn't trust Tanya as far as I could throw her; she had a while to go in that department.

One glance at Edward told me that he didn't accept any of this. He still hated her.

And I Knew he was going to destroy our daughter's life by banning her from seeing Shane.

To him, it was a forbidden love.


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