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Chapter 6
Stephanie's POV

It had been about a month since Ranger and I were nearly killed in the explosion at my apartment. We'd grown closer every day that passed, although we hadn't been further, intimately, than kissing and some making out. Bobby, whose nickname was now "The Cockblocker," had been ever vigilant in making sure we knew not to do too much before we were both completely healed.

Ranger had been released by the doctor yesterday, and I knew he was anxious to know if I'd gotten the okay today. He didn't know yet because he was out with some of the guys picking up a skip, but tonight was the night. The doctor had cleared me for, well, everything.

I had big plans for the night, so I stepped into the shower and thought back to last month when Carlucci had been taken down.


"Ranger, it's been almost three hours! Why haven't we heard anything?" I cried.

He put his hand on my leg to stop it from bouncing and sighed. "Babe, we'll hear when they get finished taking him down. If something had happened, we'd have heard by now. Patience, querida," he said soothingly.

"I can't help it. I'm worried about the guys."

"I know, Babe. Trust me, though. They know what they're doing."


Ranger cut off my worries by pressing his lips to mine. By the time he pulled away, I was breathing heavily and was much calmer than I'd been.

"Better, Babe?" he asked, smiling and running a finger down my cheek softly.

I nodded. "Thanks." I smirked. "If you want to kiss me, you don't have to wait until I'm freaking out to do it, you know."

He threw his head back and laughed. "Only you, Babe."

I grabbed the remote and pressed play. Ghostbusters might help calm my nerves, and I knew it was still in the DVD player from the last time I'd watched a movie.

Nearly an hour later, the phone rang, causing me to yelp in surprise.

I paused the movie as Ranger picked the phone up from the couch beside us.


He was quiet for several minutes, making affirmative noises every so often. When he flipped his phone closed, he looked at me, blank face firmly in place.

"Well?" When he stayed quiet, I whined, "Ranger! Tell me!"

Suddenly, he grinned, the smile reaching nearly from ear to ear. "The guys are on their way back to the office."

I threw my arms around his neck and hugged him as hard as our sore bodies would allow.

"Really? They're okay?"

He nodded. "Completely."

"And Carlucci?"

Smirking, he answered, "Tank said he's a little worse for wear, but he'll live. He's all booked up at the station, screaming for his lawyer, but all his injuries can be explained by his resisting arrest and falling down several times because his blood alcohol content was nearly twice the legal limit."


Once I finished in the shower, I did a quick dry of my hair, using the comb and brush until it hung in loose curls down my back. I left my face free of makeup, save a quick swipe of mascara. Last but not least, I tossled my hair, giving it a carefully constructed messy look.

From the back of the closet, I pulled out the bag from Victoria's Secret I'd hidden when I got home. Lula, Connie, and I had gone shopping earlier today after I'd gotten the all-clear from the doctor. I'd gone simply for something special to wear tonight for Ranger.

The black, lace, flyaway babydoll had flutter straps and a tie-front and came with a matching thong panty. It cupped my breasts, making them look fantastic, and gave me more cleavage than I normally had. The babydoll came down to my upper thighs, so most of my behind was sticking out. I wasn't worried. Over the last month, I'd learned that Ranger really had a thing for my butt. Who was I kidding? Ranger had a thing for every part of my body, much to my delight.

I glanced at the clock and realized Ranger would be home any minute. He'd told me he would grab a shower downstairs before coming up to the apartment, so I suspected he was already in the building. While I waited, I walked out to the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of water. Being this nervous and excited made me extremely thirsty. It had only been six weeks since I'd had sex, but it had been nearly three years since Ranger and I had first made love. For all intents and purposes, this was going to be our second "first time."

I was sitting on the bed, waiting nervously, when I heard Ranger letting himself into the apartment. My thoughts were frantic. How should I be posed when he comes to the bedroom? Within seconds, I was standing in the bedroom doorway. One arm was resting on the door frame, while the other was bent with my hand resting on my hip. I was trying for casual sexiness, but until I saw Ranger, I wouldn't be sure if I was pulling it off or not.

I heard him kick off his boots by the door and then silence. The moment Ranger rounded the corner into the hall, I knew I was a goner. He came to a standstill, quietly watching me from the other end of the fifteen foot hallway. His eyes raked from my head to my toes and back up again, pausing as they came to my lace-covered breasts. I moved my hand from my hip slowly up my side until I reached my breast and teasingly traced my fingers lightly across the cups of the lingerie.

"It's new. You like?"

"Oh, Babe," he growled softly. "You have no idea."

He began to stalk forward slowly, and I felt a little like I was his prey. That thought sent shivers of excitement down my spine. Yes, please, run me down and make me yours!

He stopped within inches of me, snaked an arm around my waist, and pulled me tight against him before whispering, "Don't worry, Babe. Before the night is through, there will be no doubt about you being mine."

I arched my back, rubbing my breasts along his chest, and wrapped my arms around his neck. "So guess what the doctor told me today?" I grinned.

His free hand moved to cup my ass, angling my lower body until I was pressed more firmly against him. "I'm hoping you got released for full duty." He smirked, grinding his hips against mine. "Otherwise, you're in big trouble for being a little tease."

I could feel his erection pressing against me through his sweatpants, the only real barrier separating our lower halves. My thong was so damp from his looks alone that it might as well have not even been there. It served no purpose at the moment other than to tease Ranger with what was underneath the lace.

Moving up to my tiptoes, I brushed my lips across his before whispering, "Make love to me, Ranger."

I gasped when he suddenly scooped me into his arms. He took the small handful of steps to the bed and gently deposited me in the middle of the mattress. Backing off to stand facing me, he swallowed once before speaking.

"Dios, Babe. You are so unbelievably sexy."

I squirmed under his intense gaze, his dark, glittering eyes piercing my soul. "Please, Ranger," I begged.

Without a word, he pulled his T-shirt off over his head and stooped to remove his sweatpants, stepping out of them with ease. When he stood back up straight, I let my eyes roam down his perfectly sculpted chest and stomach to the vee between his hips. His erection jutted from his body, saluting proudly like a good soldier. I licked my lips at the sight, earning a groan from Ranger.

"Maybe later, Babe," he teased. "Right now, I need to be inside you. It's been far too long."

I nodded and reached for him.

He came to me eagerly, covering my body completely with his own. When his hand moved to the juncture of my thighs to test my wetness, I nipped his jaw.

"I'm ready, Ranger. Please, I need yo—"

My words faded away. A long moan rumbled from deep in my chest as he used his slick fingers to open me to him. We both hissed in pleasure as he slid completely inside me in one long stroke. When he was in as far as he could possibly be, he paused to let my body adjust to his size.

I began moving my hips in gentle circles, showing him without words that I was more than ready for whatever he could give me. He leaned down to kiss me, the slow, steady movements of his lips and tongue matching every thrust of his hips. My nails scratched lightly from his shoulders, down his back, to cup his firm, round ass and pull him harder against me.

"Babe," he growled, thrusting deeper in response.

"Harder, Ranger! Please!" I wanted to feel him lose that cool calm he always seemed to have.

I wrapped my legs around him and moved my hands to his chest. Running my nails across his dark nipples, I flicked them as they tightened into little hard points. When he pulled away enough to give himself more room to fuck me, I leaned up and captured one of the hardened nubs with my teeth, biting gently.

"Fuck!" he cried.

He leaned back down, and the angle changed just enough to rub against my g-spot with every thrust. When he reached between our bodies and found my clit, I shuddered, my body right on the edge of the mother of all orgasms. He bent his head and sucked hard at the skin at the base of my neck and shoulder. When I felt his stinging bite, I went over, heat racing through my veins as my orgasm exploded through me.

Ranger gave one last thrust and then I felt the warmth of his release spread through me. After a moment, he tried to pull away, but I kept my legs locked around him and used my hands on his shoulders to help stop his movement.

"Stay, please," I whispered, my breathing still ragged. "I just want to feel you like this for another minute."

He looked down into my eyes and kissed me tenderly. "I'll always stay, Babe. I love you." He smiled softly.

I felt tears prick my eyelids, and I blinked to keep them away. "I love you, too, Ranger. Always."

The End