This story will take place a week after Two Lionesses And An Outcast Angel. Also in this story I will take up some issues that is found in the real world and this will really have a dark turn.

Final Fantasy VIII - Dark Revelations

Chapter 1: A Dangerous Mission

(Monday August 23th )

Luna and Kieth walked out from the infirmary after having removed the stitches on her forehead leaving a scar almost identical to her father' wish she hided under some bangs she let hang loose.

"Hey wi... eh Luna I mean...Sorry about that" She heard someone yell

"It is okay. So what's up?" Luna said even if she f as she turned around and saw Tiffany, Amanda and Kim whom she had begun to reconnect with. ("They try as hard as they can to hard learn not to call me witch, just as I still have some difficulties with learning to not watch my back the whole time. But I have to admit it still hurts a little bit.")

"Are you coming with us to the cafeteria?" Kim said.

"Sorry but we are going to meet up with dad." Luna said. "Actually he wanted to see you guys to."

"Okay, let's go wi...Luna." Amanda corrected herself as she almost bit of her tongue. "We can take the cafeteria later."

Raine, Julia and Jane walked around in the Training Center.

"What a week." Julia said as she stuck down a grat with her sai.

"Yeah, Luna has really adapted well with not being a target anymore." Raine said as another grat got slashed by her butterfly sword she held in her left hand due to the sling she still kept her right in and it fell down dead.

"But still she watches her back I see." Jane said as she leaned on her javelin.

"It will take a while for her to get used to it." Julia said but then saw a pained expression in her sister's face. "Raine, don't tell me your stitches did open up again."

"Okay, they didn't reopen. They just hurts like hell." Raine joked back while wincing of pain.

"This is nothing to joke about. This is the third time." Julia said as she scowled before looking at her twin. "I told you that you were to early to start training. Geez, and they call me stubborn. Let us get to the infirmary with you to restitch them."

"You are the boss." Raine said as she pressed hard on the reopened wound.

Inside the Commander's office, Luna and the others stood and awaited what Squall wanted to say with Quistis by his side.

"I know that the age limit is fifteen to do a field exam, but in the light of your accomplishes we think that we could make some exceptions. You have all been in battle and fought despite your age ." Squall said as he looked at them one by one stopping at his daughter. " And despite your age one of you have even been in close a combat and won."

"We have a request from Timber and other cites and towns to protect them and their families because it has been quite strange things going on. Reports have been of people who have abducted young girls around your age and slightly above. The idea is to have a decoy to lure them to expose themselves. As you might guess you are to be the decoys if you take the offer. I must tell you that it is a pretty dangerous mission thought."

"You can turn down the offer and come again next year's field exam if you don't feel ready to do the test just yet. If you accept it you will proceed to the classroom to do the written test. So I want your answer within an hour. You are dismissed to talk about your decision." Quistis said

"I wanna do it." Luna said as they stepped out from the office ("If I am not ready now, I guess I never will be.")

"Are you nut? Didn't you hear what your dad said. They kidnap girls and we are four girls." Tiffany terrified.

"Are you afraid Tiff?" Amanda said teasingly.

"Aren't you guys? what if they kidnap us?"

"If something like that is going to happen we will just have to fight." Kim said. "After all we are trained to become mercenaries. They wouldn't let us into this if they thought we weren't ready."

"Let us vote." Kieth said. "Where Luna goes I go."

"I feel bad for the families about loosing their daughters." Luna said with a serious frown. "Just think about how worried your families would be if they lost you. If I can help them I am going to do so."

"I am up to it." Kim said.

"I am not scared by some abductors. After all we will be under surveillance." Amanda said self confident even if you almost could see that she was just as scared to.

"Well, I guess it is four against one then and I don't want to crash the party." Tiffany said pretty anxious. "Let us tell them our decision."

"I can see that you are worried about this plan." Quistis said inside the commander's office as she looked at Squall.

"Yeah. It feels so wrong to put those young cadets in that kind of danger.".

"You mean putting Luna in that kind of danger? Don't you?" Quistis said with a meaning look. "I understand your worries."

"I guess there is no meaning in denying it. She have been trough so much already in so short time. " Squall said as he leaned his forehead against his palm. "I mean she have just started to trust the other cadets again and it is just about a week since she took her first life...I am just afraid that it will be to much for her...that she will break."

"When I see you today and how you care about your daughters, I have it hard to remember you as the cold emotionless git you were before Rinoa. You will see she will be just fine."

Just then group of friends walked into the office again.

"We have decided to do it." Luna said as they stood in front of the commander and instructor.

"Are you absolutely sure? When you have accepted the mission there is no return." Squall said as he looked at the youths.

"We are sure." Luna said determined even if she could see the worries in his eyes and almost felt guilty for putting him trough it. But she just knew this was something she had to do. ("I am sorry dad but I have to do it. Or else even more families will get torn apart.")

"Well then. Let us proceed to the classroom. I guess you should make it pretty good on the test." Quistis said as she lead the cadets out from the office but stopped in the doorway and looked at her childhood friend and gave him an assuring nod before following out to the elevator.

When he was alone he looked at the picture of his late wife.

"Well angel. It looks like our little girl has started to grow up into a young woman." He whispered just before yet again leaning his forehead against his palm as a tear emerged from his eye. "What have I done? Please forgive me but I might have sent our youngest daughter towards her death."

Down in the classroom on the second floor Quistis instructed the five cadets.

"As you already know you just take the written test before you can take the field exam. This test will try your strategical and logical traits along with your knowledge and morally traits." Quistis said. "From the point you start the test and the first question appear on the screen you have two hours to complete the test and to pass you need to have at least fifty percent of the total score. I wish you all good luck."

Luna started the test and looked at the first question and the alternatives.

("Let see. A is not right and B isn't either correct. It must be C.") She thought as she then looked around and saw how the others struggled with their tests.

When she had done all the questions and a little of the time remained she took a deep breath before pushing the button to correct her exam. She held her breath while waiting for the result. ("Hope I will make it trough because I need this to prove myself and I want to make dad proud.")

She closed her eyes because she didn't dared to watch. She could hear the others relieved sights and understood that they had made it.

"Luna...Aren't you going to look how you made." She could hear Kieth's voice and slowly opened her eyes. She almost felt like crying when she saw the green screen.

("I...I made it.")

"I must congratulate you all for being the youngest cadets making it trough the written exam. You will have the rest of the day of." Quistis said. Before looking in Luna's direction. "Luna, can you wait a minute?"

When they were alone Quistis looked Luna in the eyes. "I have seen your answers and you had one of the highest scores in Garden's history, But some answers that concerns me when it come to the questions about priorities in battle. You seem to be eager to put others safety before your own. Always remember that there is people waiting for you to come home to."

"Yeah, I know. I will try to keep that in mind." Luna said as she once again felt a small sting of guilt.

"I know that I am not supposed to talk with you about this but your father is pretty worried about sending you on this mission." Quistis said. "He is afraid it will be to much for you. It is just a little more than a week since you killed someone. I know that it leave scars in your soul because I have been there and I was just a little older than you."

"I could see it on him when he told us that there were no turning back if we accepted it." Luna answered. "I will do what I can to come back alive. I promise."

"Okay, then you are dismissed." Quistis said with a smile.

When she walked out Kieth waited for her.

"How do you feel Angeleye?" Kieth said. "You have looked quite bothered for some time now. How do you sleep at night?"

"Actually quite bad. I have had a lot of nightmares for a time now. It started last week after I had come back." Luna said. "Even if Kiltea is dead she still haunts me in my dreams. I wake up several times screaming and then...I usually cry."

"I...I am sorry to hear that. Is there something I can do?" Kieth said a bit taken aback.

"Just hold me." Luna said as she embraced him with a stray tear rolling down her cheek as she felt his arms embracing her back and felt how the pain inside her easing a bit. "I am sorry that I am so damn weak I start crying like a little child just for some bad dreams, but I just can't help it."

"You are not weak You have had it more rough than most people our age." Kieth said as he let her rest her rest her head against his shoulder. "You know I will always be here for you."

"I am just so afraid that...that I will end up just like her if something would happen to you or someone else close to me. That I will end up to be everyone's enemy."

"It is okay...It is okay. Just because you worry about it, you show that there is almost impossible that you would hurt someone else if it isn't to protect either yourself or someone you care about." Kieth said. "Let us met up with the others for lunch. Wouldn't that be nice?"

"Just a little longer." She said squeezing him a little harder.

Down in the cafeteria Raine, Julia and Jane walked in and saw Tiffany, Kim and Amanda.

"Hi, have you seen lil' sis?" Julia asked.

"Not since we took the written exam and Quistis wanted to talk with her." Amanda answered.

"What written exam?" Raine said. "None of you are fifteen yet."

"They made an exception because we did so well in that battle." Kim said.

"So you are going to do the field exam soon then?" Raine said.

"We are. It is to late to turn it down now." Tiffany said a bit nervous.

"Yeah, so soon we will be SeeD to." Amanda said enthusiastic.

"Do you know what the mission is about? Hope it will not be some kind of lame guard job like we got."Raine said.

"Well no. We are going to act as decoys to lure some kidnappers out." Kim said.

"WHAT? Is dad nut or what? Luna is not ready for that kind of mission." Raine almost flew up in air. "She is still cooping with everything she been trough."

"Calm down Wrench or else we have to restitch your wound yet again." Julia said. "I think dad thought everything trough before making this plan. I bet they won't be in that much danger."

"I am going to talk with him." Raine said as she turned around and walked towards the elevator with fast steps.

"Julia, aren't you going to stop her?" Jane wondered.

"You know just like me that it is no idea to try to talk with her when she is pissed."

'Squall sat and did some of the paperwork just as the doors burst open and Raine walked in notably angry.


"Do you think I made that decision easily?" Squall flew up from his chair and now stood eye to eye with his oldest daughter. "I am just as afraid as you are but that last request we got needed this kind of plan and as you know I can't give her special treatment and even if I could she would be upset if I had done it despite how much I want to. "

" I know that you still feel some guilt over that her powers got exposed, but you have to accept that this is her own decision. She want to do things just like all the others." Squall said as his voice softened.

"But she has been so much lately. What if she break during that mission and get killed?"

"I am worried sick about it to but it is her life and we can't decide for her what to do whether we like it or not." Squall said. "She was the most eager to do this and to stop her now would offend her pretty much. Despite her age her experiences makes her the most fitting one in the whole Garden."

"But it is so dangerous." Raine said as tears emerged in her eyes.

"It is okay. I am worried to." Squall said as he hugged her.

Luna and Kieth finally broke their embrace and Luna watched him into his green serene eyes with her stormy icy blue eyes.

"Thank you for being you Kieth." Luna said. "There is something I want to talk with dad about. Is it okay if I ask him myself?"

"That is okay Angeleye. I will meet up with the others down in the cafeteria." Kieth said as they parted with a kiss.

"See you down there." Luna said as she walked away.

("I just wished I could find a way to be there for her more than just comforting her.") Kieth thought as he watched as Luna left.

Julia and Jane walked into the twins dorm after they had finished their lunch.

"How come you can be that calm when Raine literately flipped out?" Jane asked.

"The thing is that I can't believe that dad would send her on some kind of really dangerous mission. He would never risk either ours or Luna's life that much." Julia answered.

"Well sometime he might have to." Jane said. "You said it yourself that you get no special treatment and we sometime get real dangerous missions."

"I know. It is just that I feel that it would be to soon for her to meet that kind of danger yet." Julia said as she stroke away a tear. "That is why I keep telling myself that it will be a quite safe mission because I can't bear the thought of that she might not come home. Just like it felt when she disappeared after the battle with that other sorceress."

"Come here." Jane said as she drew Julia closer to her in a hug. "It is okay to cry if you want to."

"I think I will do that." Julia said as she leaned her head against Jane.

When Luna came into the office she found her father and sister comforting each other.

"Is there something wrong? Has something happened?" Luna asked confused.

Raine broke the embrace with their father and walked towards Luna and lay her free left hand on her shoulder and looked her into her eyes with her own chocolate eyes who were all red from tears. "Luna, promise me that you are careful out there because if you go and out there and die on us I will kill you. Do you understand? Promise me that you will come back."

"I will do all I can to come back. " Luna said as she placed her hands calming on Raine's shoulders. "Don't worry. I will be fine."

"Last time you said that we found you beaten up into a bloody pulp." Raine said worried.

"I will be back and hopefully in one piece." Luna said with a little laughter as she tried to cheer up the mood. "If you excuse a little, but there is some questions I must ask dad."

"Okay. I leave you two alone, but remember that I will kill you if you don't make it back alive. Okay?" Raine said as she left.

"What was it you wanted to ask?" Squall wondered.

"I want to know if you know something about why they kidnap just girls?" Luna said. "It is nagging my mind to try to figure out why. To know that would make it easier to figure out how we should disguise us because I guess we won't be wearing our uniforms because then it would be pretty obvious that it is a trap."

"Actually we still really don't know yet. That is why you should disguise yourselves as regular teenage girls." Squall said a bit weary. "That also makes it harder for Tiffany to hide her weapon because it is quite big and yours would stick out to. Your gundaggers can be a bit hard to. With these fact I will later give you one last chance to back out from this mission."

"Even if I can't take my gundaggers with me I am still going to do it. If it is needed I can protect both myself and my team with my powers. Maybe I even find a way to bring them along to." Luna said determined. "There is also another reason that I wanted to talk with you alone. Can we for a moment drop that we are commander and cadet and instead talk as a father and daughter?"

"Of course. You know that you don't need to hide anything from either me or your sisters." Squall said as he leaned against his desk.

"I know how hard it is for you and that you wish that I would pull out from the mission. Quistis told me but I can see it in your eyes. You think it is to dangerous." Luna said after taking a deep breath while writing her hands nervously.

"To be honest I almost wished that you had made another choice of life than to become a SeeD. It is already to late for Julia and Raine because they have already passed and became SeeD." Squall said as he tried to find the right words.

"To know that one day I might receive a report that you have fallen in battle is almost driving me crazy very day. Many SeeD doesn't even live long enough to reach their thirties or even twenties and you have already been trough more than anyone would have to endure under a lifetime. " He continued

"But almost every day do you send people around both my own and my sister's age against a possible death." Luna said. "If I don't do this someone else daughter have to and she might be less suited for it."

"The difference is that it will be me myself then who have sent one of my children towards her demise." Squall said. "The other families can always project their anger and feelings of loss towards the Garden. That opportunity is something I don't have...It is just that I promised your mother that I would take care of you and your sisters and instead I am sending you into situations that might be your death."

"I understand that it is a though decision to send me into these situations." Luna said as she grabbed her father's hand. "But you also have to see that I am not a little child anymore, to see that I am starting to grow up and starting making my own decisions with my life and I need you to believe in me because if you don't...It is just that I am afraid that I will just end up disappointing you"

"I am proud over you whatever you do." Squall said. "...Just promise me that you don't take any stupid risks out there if it is not absolutely necessary...I know you can do it if you want to because you are so alike your mother."

"I promise you that I will do what I can to ensure that we all will come home safely. That is all I can do. I must meet up now with the rest to prepare for tomorrow and get something to eat." Luna said as she started to walk towards the door.

"Luna...When you are out there...don't forget that I love you and will be waiting for you to come home."

"I love you to dad and everything will be fine." Luna said as she stopped in the doorway before she walked out.

Down in the cafeteria Kieth sat with the rest of the team he and Luna belonged to. He ate as he sat there in deep thoughts and didn't notice how a pair of eyes watched him

"One gil for your your thoughts." Tiffany finally said while looking at him. "Don't worry. We will no longer use those things against her or anything. As you know we are still pretty ashamed for the way we treated her. Where is she by the way?"

"I am just a little worried about her, that is all." Kieth said as he looked up from his food."It was something she wanted to talk with her father about."

"Hi guys. What are you talking about?" Luna said as she took the seat next to Kieth.

"Well, not much." Kim said. "Just planing what to do after we have eaten."

"Okay. I think we should prepare for the mission as good as we can. Our commander Leonhart or instructor Trepe Almasy is going to brief us more but I have some information about the mission tomorrow." Luna said but then looked around a little weary. "But I think we should take that in private rather than here. To be really honest, I still feel a little uncomfortable to sit so openly among the others as a target. It is just like I am just waiting for someone to pull a prank or something. But I am working on it."

"Sounds great." Amanda said.

After they had ate, they moved towards Luna's dorm because the others shared dorms with others who didn't have anything with the mission to do.

"Wow, what a room. You even have an own bathroom." Tiffany said as she stepped into the room. "Oh what a cute little shrine you have made."

"Yeah, I know. It is nice to have somewhere you can be alone with your thoughts. That shrine is in honor of Moonbeam." Luna said.

"Oh sorry. I know how heartbroken you got when she died." Tiffany said. "We are still ashamed that we didn't do anything to stop him back then."

"It is okay. That is in the past now." Luna said. "I just want to focus on the presence and future right now."

"Since when did you start to paint?" Kim asked as she noticed the artist equipment in a corner.

"I started with that after that fight with Kiltea when I almost froze to death to project my feelings more than just trough music." Luna answered a bit uncomfortable. "So let us go trough what I have gotten to know."

They all sat down on the floor and started to talk.

"We are going to disguise ourselves as normal girls. Kieth, I don't know what your part in the mission is yet." Luna said. "But that also mean that me and Tiffany isn't going to take our weapons with us because they are to hard to hide, but we will be under surveillance by SeeD who will capture those abductors as fast as they make themselves recognized.."

"WHAT? Do you mean that you and me will maybe be unarmed?" Tiffany immediately yelled.

"Yes, that is a possibility even if I am working on a plan to get our weapons with us." Luna said. "You shall see that it will be fine. We still have the Guardian Forces junctioned along with some magic if we don't come up with an idea."

"I hope so because I don't want to just be a sitting duck." Tiffany said in a low mood.

"Chicken." Amanda said with a little smile.

"Hey, try yourself to find the motivation to do this without your guns," Tiffany snapped at her.

"Why not?" I am not as scared as you are." Amanda snapped back. "Chicken."

"Why you?" Tiffany said as she threw herself towards Amanda as they started rolling around on the floor fighting.

"Hey hey. Remember that we are supposed to be a team right." Luna said as she placed herself between them as Kim and Kieth pulled them apart. "I understand that you feel uneasy to be out there without your mace and I might have gotten an idea how we might bring with us our weapons either way. There is no meaning for us to fight each other. Now shake hand with each other and say that you are sorry because I won't tolerate these kind of fights within the squad."

"I am sorry. I shouldn't have teased you." Amanda said as she put her hand towards Tiffany.

"Yeah, I am sorry to. I shouldn't have lost my temper that badly." Tiffany said as she took her hand.

"Good." Luna said satisfied. "Now let us keep planing. My idea is trench coats for me and Tiffany because those are long enough for me to hide the Silverwings and Tiffany to hide her mace. That also makes us easier to be recognized without planting to much suspicion."

"That sounds great." Tiffany exclaimed delighted over that she didn't have to be unarmed..

"So then I say that we are pretty sure about what to do until we get more information from our superiors." Luna said.

"Yeah. We shall look trough our dressers for fitting clothes tomorrow." Amanda said as she walked towards the door. "See you tomorrow then. I see forward to it."

"Yeah." Kim followed as she and Tiffany walked out to. "I barely can't wait until tomorrow. This time tomorrow we may be SeeD."

Just when Kieth was about to go, Luna stopped him by tugging his arm. "Kieth, I want to show you something."

"Sure Angeleye." Kieth said. "I am here for you and want to help you with whatever that is troubling you."

"This is one of the paintings I have done." Luna said as she pulled out something from under her bed. "This is what I see in my dreams."

Kieth looked at it as he almost failed to hide the shock he got by looking at the picture. On the picture it was an angel with her wings spread as she was holding a sword covered in blood. On the ground before her feet lie a girl with a wound in her abdomen.

"I understand that you have hard to sleep." Kieth said lightly shaken. "But they are just dreams right. I know that you should never kill anyone innocent."

"But still the possibility that I might get corrupted by my powers someday is there." Luna said as once again a couple of tears made their way down her cheek. "I still have the grief since May died .I am so afraid that loosing you or anyone else close to me will push me over the edge and I will become everyone's enemy... And if that happens it is up to you as my knight to stop me."

"Stop you? How?" Kieth asked uncertain if he wanted to hear the answer.

"If...if that ever happens it is kill me." Luna said as she sat down on her bed as the tears now streamed freely. "Please promise me that it is you that will do it if it ever get necessary before I get to hurt anyone innocent. Please promise me that because I don't want to be abandoned and alone again. I rather die than feeling abandoned again."

"Luna...I will be by your side despite what happens. You are the brightest light in my life and I will assure you that as long as I live you will never be alone." Kieth said as he embraced her once again close.

"Kieth. If...if that ever happens I want it to be you who stop me...because then I know it is with love that my heart will be pierced by a blade instead of hate." Luna said as she squeezed him a little harder. "I can't stand being hated and shunned again. I just can't."

"You shall see that everything will be okay."

They sat there for almost an hour while he held her in his arms supporting her and let her shed the tears she needed.

"Thank you. I needed that." Luna said. "I am almost a little afraid that I may become a burden for you."

"Don't worry about it. I am just glad that you trust me with your feelings." Kieth said with a soft smile. "See you around dinnertime then Angeleye."

"See you later Kieth." Luna said as he walked out.

Kieth walked out from the dormitory area and set course towards the Squad to think. He leaned over the railing as he looked out over the world. He let a few tears that he held in come out as the thoughts rotated in his head. ("How am I supposed to kill someone I love so deeply? I don't even know how to help her to ease the pain she is carrying right know. Just what a great knight I am.")

Suddenly he heard a voice behind him.

"I see that you to have quite much on your mind."

"Oh, commander. I didn't hear you come." Kieth said as he hurried to dry his eyes and made the SeeD salute.

"At ease. Right now it is Squall." Squall said as he gave a little chuckle at the boy's tense stature. "I guess I know what is troubling you. It is about Luna. Right?"

"Yeah. She is pretty worried that she will lose her control over her powers." Kieth said. "And she asked me that if that ever happened that I...that I."

"Would kill her?" Squall asked. "I know because her mother asked me the same thing right after she had become a sorceress.. "

"Yeah. But I don't think I can do that if it would come to that. I love her so much that I even would trade my own life for her's."

"Yes I understand. As you know I was her mother's knight." Squall said. "That kind of love is necessary to be a knight. But I wouldn't trade it for anything in the whole world because that kind of love is the most beautiful thing in the world. Just one thing...You haven't done it yet?"

"No not yet. We haven't gone that far. We are waiting until we are ready for it." Kieth blushed.

"The reason why I wonder not only as a protective father but also because when you will lose her control. Not like she did when Ewan tried to abuse her but in a way that your souls will mold together under the act and it is very beautiful but at the same time you must be ready because it is a very intense moment and it is only something that you do if you are truly in love with the girl. because otherwise it will crush her if it is just a game. Afterward if your feelings change you can choose to break up but during the time you must have true feelings for her just like she must have for you.."

"I...think I understand sir. Don't worry. We are going to wait until the time is right."

"If it is anything around being a knight or so, you know that you can ask me for advice because I am an ex-knight myself." Squall said.

"Yeah, I know. Thank you sir. It is good to have talked with someone about it."

"I have some meetings to attend to right know. Hope that what I said at least helps a little bit." Squall said before he started to leave.

"It helped a lot. Thank you once again sir."

Raine walked into their shared dorm. On their table she found a pair of lingerie lying.

("This is not like Julia to spread things around her like that. Especially not her undergarments")

"Julia. Are you here?" Raine said as she walked to the doorway and looked into Julia's bedroom, but fast turned around embarrassed with red cheeks. "Oh shit. Sorry about that. I didn't mean to interrupt."

"Oh Hyne, Raine. I didn't hear you walked in." Julia said stressed as she covered her chest as she lay there with Jane under the sheets together with Jane and clothes spread over the whole room..

"Don't...don't worry. I didn't see anything. And even if I had I have nothing against it" Raine said equally stressed, still with her back turned towards her sister.

"Just wait a minute while we will get dressed." Julia said.

"No don't bother for my sake. I just wondered if you were hungry for dinner."

"Is it that time already?" Jane said as she looked at her wristwatch. "Oh my. We have lied in bed. for two whole hours."

"Well, at least you had a good time." Raine said still with her back towards them in a attempt to make the whole situation a bit lesser awkward.

"We will be up in a minute." Julia said fast as she and Jane started to look for their clothes. "Where the hell are my panties?"

"I think it is those that is lying on the table." Raine said with a smile as she took them up and held them towards her sister. "I see it got kinda rough."

"Oh hush you." Julia said annoyed as she grabbed the panties.

A little while later they walked into the cafeteria where they met up with Tessa and Chris.

"You are late." Tessa said.

"Yeah what took you so long? This late haven't you been since you had to protect your little sister." Chris said. "I almost missed the hotdogs."

"Well, it took a while for Julia and Jane to let's say...find the proper clothes." Raine said with a teasing smile towards her sister who shot her a warning glare. "I even had to help a little with it."

"It is just regular dinner." Tessa said. "What is that to dress up for? And besides you have your regular outfit on you so I don't really see the problem."

"Let just say that it looked like a tornado had spread things around pretty much in our dorm and thus making even the easiest things to be hard to find, including some delicate things like underwear and such."

"Raine it is enough." Julia hissed between her clenched teeth as her's and Jane's cheeks got red while sending her twin sister a death glare.

"But as nice I am I gladly helped her to find what she needed." Raine continued.

"Raine stop it." Julia yelled as she smacked her sister in the back of her head.

"Hey, there you have it for each time you teased me about dresses." Raine said with a chuckle as she rubbed the back of her head.

"We should order our meals." Jane said a bit uncomfortable as to change the subject.

"That sounds great." Chris said delighted."I am starving."

Just a few minutes after had they seated and talked about various things.

"Oh so adorable you two look." Tessa said looking at Jane and Julia. "I think I can guess what Raine meant when she teased you."

"Uhu, is it that obvious?" Julia said as her cheeks turned red.

"Well, the only way to make it more obvious with that hair would be to carry a sign." Raine teased and fast shielded her head with her hands playfully.

"Maybe we should have combed our hair before we went here." Jane said equally red.

"I just think it is cute." Tessa said happy but then turned serious. "How much do you know about that operation tomorrow?"

"Just that Luna's team is going to play a real big part in it." Raine said dully. "All we can do is hope that everything will be okay."

A little further away Luna and Kieth sat together alone as they ate because they felt that they wanted some time alone with each other.

"You know. I really appreciate being with you Kieth. I feel so secure in your presence." Luna said as they looked at each other with shared affection. "Just two weeks ago, I never could guess that I would find such love."

"When I transferred here I never thought that I should meet a such wonderful girl like you. Most the girls I know are quite vane and self centered, while you always seems to put others ahead of yourself." Kieth said as he took her hand in his. "From the first time I saw you, I knew that you were something special. For you I can do anything."

"Well, just don't tell Raine that she is vane or she will explode." Luna chuckled but then looked at him again. "The day we did meet is one of the most happy days of my life."

The evening continued as they ate and then he followed her to her dorm.

"Good night Angeleye. You shall see that it will work out okay tomorrow." Kieth said

"Good night Kieth." Luna said before she walked into her room , but she stopped in the doorway and turned towards him. "Kieth...I am sorry that I asked that of you know about that if it...would happen that I loose control. You are the only one I feel I can talk about that."

"It is okay. If it happens we will have to deal with that then." Kieth said as he once again took her hands in his. "And despite what happens I will always be there for you."

"I know and I am glad that I have you. Well it is getting late and it is a real important day tomorrow." Luna said as he gave him a kiss. "Good night Kieth."

"Good night Luna."

I know that Luna have gotten a bit darker in her personality, but after all she is just fourteen and have gone trough everything as she have. Also have I added some more authentic sister-relation between Julia and Raine because now they don't have to protect their little sister anymore. Also have Raine started to get more comfortable at showing other feelings than anger, Even if she still will have a very short temper.