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Chapter 6: Sickness And Stormy Powers

(Saturday August 28th)

Right in the middle of the night Kaylee woke up due to the screams she heard coming from one of the beds.

"No mom, dad...Lisa get out of there...Fire..." Gabrielle mumbled before she flew up into a sitting position. "LISAAAAAAAAA."

("What the hell is she dreaming?") Kaylee thought as she saw Gabrielle slumped back to sleep.

"Don't worry." Carrie said as she sat up in her bed. "Sometimes she seems to relive when she lost her family."

"So sad." Kaylee said as she looked at Gabrielle.

"Actually that is the only sign that it is still some parts of her left inside." Carrie continued. "Else she just sits there staring at that damn picture of her family."

"Isn't there anything we can do to help her?" Kaylee said.

"We have tried everything...but in a way maybe it is better for her this way." Carrie said. "This way at least she hopefully doesn't notice to much of what they do to us...In a way she is the lucky one."

"Isn't that a bit pessimistic way to think. I know it looks dark but help is on the way."

"How do you know that?" Carrie suddenly burst out. "How do you know that so called friend of your is even out there looking?"

"Because Luna would never..."

"She doesn't even know where to look. It is cute to see how you cling to that hope. I did it to in the beginning but in the end you have to face the fact like everybody here. There is no way out of here otherwise than when then harvest you for organs. Get it." She said. "What does she have that the others doesn't?"

"She is a SeeD cadet and so am I...And just so you know she is named Leonhart."

Next morning Luna was in her room packing for the trip when she heard a knock on the door.

"Who is it?" She said.

"It is me Kieth. The breakfast is ready."

"Just a minute." She answered as she closed her bag and walked towards the door.

"Good morning Angeleye. Slept well?" Kieth said with a smile as she opened the door.

"Well not really. Nightmares as usual" Luna said with a sigh.

"It haven't been any changes in them?" Kieth asked a little worried. "Are they just as bad as they were before?"

"It is just stupid dreams...but..." Luna said looking down in the floor.

"But what Luna? Please share with me." Kieth said pleading. "I am your knight and I love you over everything else, but you must let me in."

"Aw you look so cute when you worry about me. " She said smiling before taking a deep breath eyes. "Actually the nightmares are even...worse. It feels like my powers are screaming inside me and just want to get out, and that makes the nightmares to feel even more alive...It almost feels like there is another person inside me each time I let my guard down and let the powers come out. Just like a different Luna take the control and seems very aware of how to use the powers."

"Is there something we can do ?" He asked a bit worried.

"There is something aunt Ellone told me to do."Luna said "To keep the powers and that other me from taking over and to keep me from hurting anyone by accident like I blasted Ewan as you remember, the only way is to take control over them, even the destructive ones...but I am going to need your help."

"Of course I will be there for you. For you I can go trough everything" Kieth said relieved "I am just happy that you trust me that much and letting me in on this...And of the record I still think that Ewan got what he deserved."

"Yeah, maybe...but still I don't want to hurt anyone if I can prevent it." Luna said with a smile. "Time for breakfast."

When they came down to the dining hall everyone except the twins and Jane had seated. But after just a few minutes loud giggles came from the corridor as Julia and Jane came walking, but when they noticed how everyone looked at them Julia couldn't help but to blush a little as she looked at her speechless father who didn't really know how to react, and everyone else who couldn't help but to let a giggle escape.

"Oh hush you." Jane said playfully. "I bet you wanted to be with us to when we had a good time tonight."

"Jane." Julia said a bit embarrassed. "Dad is listening."

"So what?" Jane said as she a bit nonchalantly walked into the room followed by Julia. "I bet he have already heard us a few times...And by the way sex can't be that new to him with three kids.."

"Ahem girls." Squall said barely daring to face his daughter and her girlfriend due to the awkward atmosphere that resided in the room. "Have any of you seen Raine?"

"I am here. Sorry but I overslept a bit." Raine said as she walked into the dining hall to.

"Slept badly?" Squall wondered concerned looking at his oldest daughter.

"Well not really." She said feeling everyone's eyes at her.

"Are you sure?" Squall pushed carefully hoping that he wouldn't hit some nerves that made his hot tempered daughter to explode.

"Don't worry, I am fine." She answered as she gave him a warning look to back of from the subject. ("Dammit dad. I told you I want to keep it secret until I know for sure if there is any danger. I don't want to make them worry about me if it isn't necessary")

"If you say so, but if there is anything then don't hesitate to talk with us." Squall finally said giving up.

After the breakfast everyone walked out to the waiting car to get to the farm that Kieth's family owned. Outside the the car Julia leaned towards Luna whispering. "Is it just me or did Raine and dad act strange at the breakfast?"

"Yeah kind of." Luna whispered back. "And she seems to be a bit sensitive when it comes to her health. She looked really tense when dad asked her how she felt."

"Yeah, I noticed that to." Jane said. "Luckily me and Julia are planing something to get her mind on something else."

"What are you talking about back there?" Raine asked from the trunk as she laid down her bag and then adjusted her sling.

"Nothing." Julia hurried and say.

"You better not plotting anything against me." Raine said with a warning.

"Don't worry. We won't put you into any awkward situations." Jane said as she put up an innocent face.


"Bye dad." Julia and Raine said said giving their father a quick hug.

"See you tomorrow girls. Take your time to rest up during this vacation."

"See you tomorrow." Luna said giving her father a hug to.

"Well let's go. The engine is running." Kieran who was the driver yelled. "Ma are pa are awaiting us."

"Coming." Jane yelled back as she opened the door stepping in at the back seat next to Julia.

"See you then and take the opportunity to really think about how you want your life. " Squall said.

"I will. I just wished I knew how to help Kaylee to."

"Don't worry, we will come up with a plan soon." Squall said. "Enjoy your time there."

Squall stood there looking after the car that drove away and couldn't help to feel a little pain in his chest as he realized how his daughters one day would leave him to start their own families.

"Squall, can we talk?" He heard a voice behind him and saw Quistis and Seifer standing there.

"During the briefing you held some of the information back about the missing girl that was found." Quistis said. "Even if we are worried sick about Kaylee we still care about how Luna will react to all this"

"You mean that the girl had been brutally raped and seemed to have been harvested of some of her organs prior to her death?" Squall said.

"Yes that." Seifer said.

"I just didn't want Luna to know that. After all she almost got raped just a few weeks ago and you both know how close our daughters are." Squall answered. "She would demand to be a part of the rescue operation and I am afraid that it will be to much for her...I just hope she find another way in life than the way we chose."

"To be honest, we want that Kaylee would choose the same pat you hope Luna will choose." Seifer said. "But right now it is only Balamb Garden that accept her. We have talked with other schools to, but her reputation has spread as both my daughter and that she causes some ruckus."

"But...in the end I think the real problems started with that we sent her away..." Quistis said with teary eyes.

"She must have felt so abandoned and betrayed when we dropped her of at Trabia Garden." Quistis continued. "She was just ten and begged us to take her with us back but we didn't listen...We just left her there."

In the cell Carrie walked up to Kaylee.

"Well I am sorry about that tonight."

"It's okay." Kaylee answered as she picked up her bowl. "You don't know her so you don't know what she actually can do."

"Say, this Luna...Is she...?" Carrie wondered carefully

"Yes it is that Leonhart." Kaylee answered. "I am around one and a half year younger than her so we have been friends ever since we were kids. It was me, her and another girl who was as closest...but now Luna is the only one I have left, and even she will soon leave me as fast she gained her SeeD-title and goes on missions."

"Did the other girl drop out or something?" Carrie wondered.

"She died in the attack on Dollet about two weeks ago." Kaylee said as she suddenly felt that she had to struggle to not start crying.

"Oh...I heard about the attack. You see I have a friend at home in Dollet who used to be

a SeeD cadet, but she dropped out because she did something bad. I never really got the details but she said something about betraying a friend. And I guess that Dollet didn't get to damaged when after all they had one former Garden cadet and then the whole Garden came there." Carrie said. "Maybe she knew your friend then."

"Is her name May Lindsey?" Kaylee asked as she closed her feelings inside her.

"Yeah, you know her?"

"No not really. Just heard about her." Kaylee lied to keep her feelings within.

"Oh, I see. Else I thought maybe you knew what really happened that was so bad she quit."

Just then they heard the well known noise as the men came down the corridor and everyone except Alana and Gabrielle grabbed their bowls and lined up.

"Food time ladies so line up." The man said as usual as the door to the cell opened and they started serving food.

"Are you going to show some interesting today again?" He leered as Kaylee gave him her bowl

"You wish. I only did it so we at least got the normal amount of what you call food ." Kaylee said

"Still a fighter or what?" He laughed at her. "Soon you will say thank just like the others."

"Oh excuse me, where are my manners? Thank you so much for kidnapping me and let me eat this fabulous slob instead of sleeping in my own bed at home and eat normal food. " Kaylee said sarcastically. She could feel how the others looked at her, fearing that she would cause a tantrum again

"So you want to try to beat me and try to flee then?" He said mockingly.

"I am not stupid enough to fall for that. You are just trying to make me angry and fight. And you would be dead in no time if you didn't have your gorillas behind you." She said with a confident smirk

"Well bring it on brat." He said and gave her a slap. "You didn't look so tough yesterday."

"That was because you used a baton while I was unarmed. In a fair fight I would have taken you down." She said as she felt now how everyone looked at her even more afraid of the coming outburst. But she took a few deep breaths before she straightened herself up. She could still feel the burning on her cheek after the slap, but for once remained calm as she now looked at the man. "So can I get my bowl back now?

"What? No outbursts?" The man Laughed at her. "I got a little disappointed there. I almost expected another little fight."

"Don't take this as any kind of victory. One day soon you will regret that, but not now because then the others have to suffer." She said as she received her bowl back she walked back to her bed and sat down and started to eat.

When the men had gone Carrie sat down beside her.

"You never stop surprising us do you?" Carrie said as she sat down. "We were sure you would start something again and instead you chose to walk away from it."

"I simply didn't want you others to suffer, but when the time comes he will pay." She muttered bitterly. "They will regret that day they kidnapped me. Just wait until Luna gets here."

Luna and the others had just arrived to the farm owned by Kieth's family.

"Welcome everyone!" Kieth's mother greeted as they all stepped out of the car.

"Hi mum!" Kieth said as he helped Luna unload her bag.

"Hi Mrs Cornwall." Luna greeted.

"Hi Luna. Hope my son takes good care of you."

"Mum." Kieth scowled a bit embarrassed.

"Don't worry, he does." Luna giggled a little.

Then she turned turned towards the twins and Jane. "Welcome to you to. Hope not my oldest son have been to much of a flirt towards you."

"He have been quite charming actually." Julia said.

"And I think Raine agree." Jane said teasingly and saw how Raine shoot a look that could kill. "And he know that I and Julia are in a relationship because we av e known each other for a time,"

Then something hit Kieth. "Mum, do we still have those old scarecrows stored somewhere?"

"Yeah sure. We have them in the old barn. Why do you wonder?"

"Well, we should need them to practice some things." Kieth said.

"Well, you can do that after lunch.." His mother said. "Kieran, can you show the older girls to their rooms?"

"Yeah sure. Come with me." He said and turned towards Raine to grab her bag. "Let me help you with that so you don't strain your shoulder."

"Back of. I can take care of myself." Raine snapped as she grabbed the bag before he had the chance to.

"Eh, okay. Let's go then." He said

They walked up to the second floor and parted as Kieth took Luna with him to show her her room.

"Here is your room." Kieran said to Julia and Jane.

"Great room." Jane said as she walked into it along with Julia.

Then Kieran turned towards Raine. "Then it is just your room left. Follow me."

They walked down the hallway and reached two doors on the opposite sides.

"Your room is the one on the left and my room is the one on the right." Kieran said. "So if you need anything it is just to knock and I will help you get it."

"Oh great, just what I need. A damn babysitter" Raine scowled sarcastically.

"Eh, I just want you to enjoy your stay here."

"Look, the only thing I need from you is you to pick the right door and leave me alone."

"Eh, I shall keep that in mind." He said a bit afraid to anger up the girl.

"Well was it anything more? If not I am going eat some and then freshen up a bit after the travel."

"No no sorry. Feel free to use the bathroom as you wish " He said as he backed of. "This way to the kitchen"

After the lunch Kieth and Luna walked outside. "Luna, there is a thing I want to show you."

Kieth lead her to a field with an oak just by the shoreline to a pond..

"When I want to be alone I usually goes here." He said. "I have lost count of how many books I have read under that three."

"Oh my. It looks so quiet and peaceful out here." Luna said as she looked amazed over the field.

"Yeah, I know. That is why I thought that this place would be a good place for you to practice undisturbed." Kieth said. "Let's get some scarecrows so you have some targets."

"Hello Kieth, who is that girl?" Someone said cheery as a young woman emerged.

"Hi Gwen. This is Luna, Luna this is Gwen who works here to afford her studies." Kieth said as he introduced them to each other.

"Nice to meet you Luna. So where did you two meet then?" She asked as he and Luna shook hands.

"Nice to meet you to Gwen." Luna said. "We are classmates."

"So you are a garden cadet to then?"

"Yeah, my father is the commander." Luna answered.

"If you have time, could you help us with carrying some scarecrows to the field with the oak?" Kieth said. "We are going to need a lot of them."

"Well sure. To bad it is a damn waste of scarecrows though to train to fight. Me myself hate weapons." Gwen said as they walked to get what they needed.

They moved some of the scarecrows to the field and rose up a few of them.

"Then there is one thing more I need to ask you Gwen." Kieth said. "Don't tell anyone if you happen to see something strange okay?"

"You can count on me. Your secret is safe with me whatever it is. You two just have a good time." She said with a mischievous smile as she walked away.

"What do you think she thought meant?" Luna said a bit awkward.

"Beats me." Kieth said equally awkward.

"Anyway, let's start the training and then I want to try some farm jobs." Luna said. "The faster I learn to use these powers, the faster I can help Kaylee. Let's start with fire."

Luna concentrated as she looked at the first scarecrow and tried to make it burn, but nothing happened.

"Not even a little smoke" Luna said a bit disappointed. "I don't even know how to trigger the destructive side."

"Those times you have used them, how did you do it?" Kieth asked as he tried to help her. "When was the last time "

"Usually they kicks in by accident when I am panicking." Luna said. "Last time I used them was when Ewan tried to rape me."

"Maybe it might help if you try to think back how it felt when it happened?" Kieth tried. "Maybe you can find out what triggers them that way."

"I don't know. I rather leave those memories untouched."

"I know it is hard, but maybe that is the only way." Kieth said comforting. "Besides I will be here for you."

"Okay." Luna said a bit nervous as she looked at the first scarecrow as she tried to recall the feelings she have had every time her powers had triggered, every time she have been scared and panicked and focused them on the scarecrows. Suddenly a fireball shot out from each her hands and hit the scarecrow obliterating it.

"Great Luna." Kieth Yelled happy and jumped up to hug her.

"Stop Kieth, please stay away." Luna said distressed and he saw how her body shook and her hair moving due to all the energy she tried to suppress. Suddenly with a scream she started to fire beams of pure energy totally out of control burning the other scarecrows.

"I...I can't stop it." Luna yelled terrified as she now started to glow just like she did during the fight with Kiltea, as now lightnings emerged around her and the wind started to blow harder and from her back two wings began to sprout. In her head she heard the familiar voice from her dreams.

["You are just like me. Why can't you see that?"]

"Luna!" Kieth screamed over the noise.

She covered her ears desperately as she sank down on her knees as the electrical storm around her become even more powerful. "No, I am not. Please make it stop"

["Time to realize it."]

And in the end the panic took over. "...Help meeeeeeeeeeeee."

Kieth ran towards her Shielding himself from the lightnings and then embraced her where she stood on her knees. "Luna, I am here for you but you have to fight it back"

"I..I can't. Kieth, I am scared" Luna whimpered looking into his eyes as the storm around them grew in strength.

"I am here for you. There is nothing to be afraid of. I will protect you." He said soothing as he stroke her cheek and with that a pillar of light shot out from her body.

When she opened her eyes everything had gone back to normal, but around her the ground was scorched.

"I am sorry. I am so sorry for all damage I caused...I am so sorry. I am sorry Kaylee gbut I can't help you." Luna sobbed while shaking from the chock against his shoulder as they sat there.

"There is nothing to be sorry of. I am sorry for even ask you to bring up those memories again." Kieth said as he tried to comfort her.

In the cell the men came to get those girls who was going out on the streets.

"My advice is that you keep in the background now." Carrie whispered to Kaylee.

"Okay, today we want Anna, Linda, and Alana." The man said.

"Then you...have to help...me up." Alana struggled to say.

Kaylee stood there just looking with distaste as some of the men almost ripped Alana from her bed. She just wanted to try to stop them. When they had left Carrie walked up to her.

"I am impressed you succeeded to keep your temper."

"I may be hotheaded but I am not dumb. When the time comes they will regret this." Kaylee said.

"Well good at lest you wait until you get out from here...if you get out." Carrie said as she walked away to her bed.

Back at the farm Kieran opened the door to Raine's room without knocking due to the fact he had his hands busy. "Sorry to barge in like this but I am here with some clean towels. By the way there was a strange storm just a few minutes ago."

"WHAT THE HELL YOU DAMN PERWERT? DO YOU HAVE A DEATHWISH?" Raine yelled as she tried to shield her body as she stood there in just panties and her sling red of anger.

"Oh sorry, sorry. I didn't mean to peak " Kieran said as he looked down into the floor red of embarrassment. "I just thought you needed some towels."

"AND THAT MAKES IT OKAY TO JUST WALK IN HERE WITHOUT KNOCKING?" Raine screamed at him as she threw a large book at him. "GET IDIOT."

Raine had just closed the door after Kieran almost had fled for his life and turned around to dress herself when she heard a knock.

"What now?" She said irritated.

"It is me Julia. I heard loud noises and screams from here. Are you okay?"

"You can come in." Raine said after she had gotten her bra and tshirt on.

"So what happened?" Julia wondered.

"Just that jackass Kieran walked in here without knocking and saw me half naked" Raine hissed. "Next time he will be lucky if I just throw a book."

"Did he do it on purpose?" Julia asked.

"How the hell should I know? He said he wanted to leave some towels but I wonder." Raine said as she buttoned her jeans.

"Sounds to me he just wanted to be nice." Julia said concerned. "By the way he seems to like you and you can't push people away just because of what Ewan did. It is not healthy. And when it comes to health you seem to have become quite touchy about it since those tests."

With those words Raine stiffened. and fought to hold her composure..

"Raine...are you crying?" Julia asked.

"No." Raine as she wiped away the tears. ("I am not going to cry, I am not going to cry:)"

"What have happened?"

"Dammit, I didn't want either you or Luna to know." Raine sniffed as she sat down on her bed. "The leukemia might...have come back...There were some abnormalities in the test results they wanted to double check"

"Why didn't you tell me sooner." Julia said as she sat down beside her sister.

"Because...you have already sacrificed so much for me when you let Jane wait...Thanks for me you let Jane wait two whole years." Raine said as another tear trailed down her cheek and hurried to wipe it away. "Oh this is so not me to cry like this."

"That doesn't matter. What's matters is that you are honest towards us. Isn't that what we have told lil' sis?"

"Luna shall not know anything about this." Raine exclaimed as she looked Julia in the eyes. "She made the biggest sacrifices and now fights to find back to her old place and on top of that Kaylee comes back and makes her life even more complicated."

"And how do you plan to hide it if you need to start with the chemo again?" Julia asked.

"I don't know." Raine said irritated as she rose up. "It just feels like...when things finally brightens up something happens and screws everything up...And it isn't just for your sake I wanted to keep it secret...I don't want to think about those damn medicines ever again."

"But if you ask Luna, she maybe can see if that is the case?"

"And what do you think she will do if it has come back?" Raine said. "I don't want her to go trough all that again. Not only the risk she gets frozen out again but also the pain she get every time she heal someone...Last time she healed me she almost blacked out."

"Yeah I know. She slept half a day and when she finally came out from her room she was met with harassment...And now everything with Kaylee doesn't exactly helps her either." Julia said. "I think the dinner is on it's way soon so maybe we could help with the arrangement."

Kieran walked towards the barn where he found his brother standing doorway in deep thoughts.

"Hi Kieth. What are you doing?."

"I am just thinking about some things." Kieth answered looking at the girl who was milking.

"I see you love her." He heard Kieran say.

"Yeah, I love her even more than my own life...That why it hurts to not know how to help her without ...hurting her." Kieth said.

"I hear I am not the only one with love troubles." Kieran sighted. "I am trying to get close to Raine but she seems to despise me more and more each time I try."

"She is pretty fierce and have pretty short temper. How have you tried?" Kieth asked.

"I asked what she had done with her shoulder and she told me that she got injured when you fought that sorceress."

"And what did you say after that?" Kieth asked warily. "About sorceresses I mean."

"I told her that they are a real pain in the ass and with that she just slapped me. An more or less to go to a pretty warm place."

"Do you believe in those words?"

"You know I don't do that. I just tried to start a conversation. After all Jane's mother is one and thanks to a sorceress both Jenna and Jason is still alive."

"Those three are very protective about their family." Kieth said. "You see...their mother was a sorceress and not any sorceress but lady Rinoa...and when she died one of Raine's sisters got her powers."

"Julia is a sorceress?" Kieran blurted out.

"No it is not Julia." Kieth said before taking a deep sight looking once again at the girl he loved. "Seeing her this peaceful it is hard to believe what burden she carries."

"Is it her?" Kieran said chocked as he tried to comprehend what his little brother just said. "But...she seems so fragile."

"She have paid a heavy price for it...ever since she saved her sister she got bullied and when she couldn't save her best friend in Dollet she finally broke down really bad. And now her other best friend is kidnapped." Kieth said. "...And I think I just made it even worse by being the reason she lost control over her powers just an hour ago...I just don't know how I can make up to her."

"How do you mean she saved her sister?"

"Raine was dying in leukemia and Luna healed her and after that everyone knew she was a sorceress." Kieth said. "She is a real hero. It was her who saved our siblings to and every time she did it she got treated like crap."

"So that's why she became furious when I said that." Kieran said thoughtfully. "I think I have some things to apologize and explain "

"Just be careful because Raine have had pretty bad conscience for Luna's situations and especially since her former boyfriend forced her to choose between him and Luna...and when she chose her he tried to rape Luna in some kind of sick revenge. That in combination with her friend's death Luna crashed into a so deep depression she almost committed suicide." Kieth said.

"It hurts so bad to know that if I had just been a few damn minutes later I would have lost her before I even had the chance telling her my feelings...and it still hurts to see how now when the bullying have stopped how she struggles to find her place again without knowing how to help her. She tries to carry everything on her shoulders due to her place as squad leader and she takes it very hard if she fail helping someone. She want to take care of everyone that bad she forget herself. " Kieth continued. "And with another of her friends kidnapped it just getting harder for her...I am just so afraid of losing her."

Luna sat there milking as she sang while thoughts spun in her head.

#Things seems to come down on me#

("I almost destroyed the farm...I totally lost control...And that voice again.")

#Again and again I try to keep things close#

("Kieth must be pretty angry at me for all the damage.")

#Only to falling down hitting the bottom hard#

("He have been standing there looking at me pretty long now. I don't know if he know that I noticed him, but I understand why he prefer to keep his distance after what happened.") She thought as she stopped milking just so she could stroke away a few tears.

#I feel so afraid to be left alone that I start to cry#

"Luna?" A voice was heard as a girl entered the barn.

"Oh Jane. I didn't hear you coming." Luna said a little startled as she quit singing

"No wonder. You have a tendency to wander of in your thoughts every time something bothers you." Jane said. "Wanna talk about it?"

"Well it is nothing really." Luna said as she continued to milk.

"Doesn't seems like nothing with all those tears. Your eyes are all red" Jane said. As she sat down beside Luna. "Your sisters are worried about you, especially Julia."

"I almost destroyed the farm today when me and Kieth was training." Luna finally said. "Kieth must be furious at me even if he doesn't say anything."

"Have you tried to talk since then?" Jane wondered.

"No not yet...It feels like he is avoiding me and who can blame him?"

"I think the bond between you is stronger than that. It has to be due to the fact he even offered himself to be your knight and after seeing mom and dad I know pretty much about these things." Jane said comforting.

"Hope you are right because I don't know if I can handle everything on my own, He have supported me so much trough my failures as a leader.. He is also the reason why I am still here after May died and Ewan tried to abuse me." Luna said wiping away a few tears. "It is thanks to him I am still alive. Thanks to him I haven't yet turned into a broken mess after Kaylee's kidnapping and I just keep on burdening him with myself. How can he even stand me for burdening him like this?"

"I think he doesn't see it as a burden for him. I think he is just happy to be able to help you." Jane said. "I think it is a good idea to take the milk to the kitchen,"

In the cell it was time for dinner and as usual the girls lined up. Each one thanking as they got the food not even daring to look up except Kaylee.

"You start to get quite tiresome with this attitude. A little thank you and please would be nice." The man said as he took Kaylee's bowl an filled it with food.

"I am going to play it easy right now but I am not going to say thank you...ever." Kaylee said as she stretched out her hand. "can I get my bowl now?"

"Well because you ask so nice." The man leered and stretched the bowl towards her but just before she had the time to grab it he dropped it onto the floor as she tried to catch it but in vain. "Wops, so clumsy of me."

"What the hell was that good for?" Kaylee yelled at him from where she sat on the floor trying to save what she could only to receive a kick in the face.

"Now you maybe will be a bit more grateful brat." He said before turning to the other men. "Let's see f a night in the box will learn her to behave."

Kaylee groggy after the kick struggled against them but didn't even have a chance against them as they carried her to a room and closed and before she knew it a loud piercing noise started so bad she had to cover her ears as the light started to to turn on and off.

"Make it stop, make it stop MAKE IT STOP ." She yelled but no one came. ("Please Luna hurry.")

The night had come to the farm and Julia and Jane had just gone to bed.

"What do you think about?" Jane asked.

"I just worried about Raine." Julia answered. "She may be sick again. That is why she seem to be a bit more tense and easier to lose her temper...even for her."

"Yeah. And Luna and Kieth have troubles to." Jane said. "She lost her control earlier today and that caused some damage so right now she think Kieth is angry at her."

"Hope those two work it out because everyone can see how they need each other...especially Luna." Julia said. "And how to help Raine is not to easy either. In a way it feels a little wrong to be plotting against her to get together with Kieran...but in a way it would be good for her to get back on track and get something else to think about."

"Right now I think there is someone else that needs something else to think about." Jane said with mischievous look. "You shall see everything will work out fine in the end."

"Yeah I think that to." Julia said looking back at Jane and with that they kissed each other.

Kieran was out walking when he saw light coming from behind the barn and found Raine there planting flowers with some sniffing sobs. Their eyes met but Raine turned away fast.

"So you are spying at me to now?" Raine said a bit bitter over that she had been spotted during one of her rare weak moments.

"No I was out looking that all animals was locked in and saw the light." He said defending. "You...I am sorry for what I said earlier...You know about sorceresses. I didn't know about your little sister and your mother. I also know that your little sister saved you and got bullied after. My brother told me."

"Well now you know." Raine said sternly.

"The reason I said that is because not to many people like sorceresses and you got even injured by one and as an estharian people take for granted I think the same." Kieran said. "I really like you."

"I am going to bed." Raine as she rose up to leave.

"I am not like your ex boyfriend." He called after her. "My brother also told me what he did to your little sister. I am trying to apologize for the wrongs I did but you still treat me like I am a plague. At least give me a chance."

Raine stopped and walked back to him. "Leave..me...alone."

He grabbed her arm as she was on her way to leave again. "Tell me while looking me in the eyes you don't want anything with me to do because I am crazy about you. I have never felt like this for anyone."

"Let me go jerk." Raine yelled as she slapped him hard across the face.

There they stood looking at each other, Kieran stroking his face where he just had gotten slapped and Raine panting heavily. Suddenly Raine started to cry,

"Why are you crying?" Ewan said as he laid his hand on her shoulder.

"Dammit. This is not what I wanted to do." She said hulking. "Everything is just so fucking complicated."

"What do you mean?" Kieran wondered.

"I...I might be sick again and I don't want more people than I already around me that I might need to say good bye to and I don't want to be hurt and cheated on again...and I don't want to be forced to choose between you and my sister...I want nothing of that ever again." She said as she crumbled down on her knees. "What is happening to me? I usually don't open up like this."

"You won't. And in a way I am in dept to your sister because she saved my siblings...and I may act like a player but I have never hurt a girl. In fact I haven't even had a girlfriend yet because I haven't found the right yet." He said as he sat down next to her. "I will be there for you if you just let me...if you just give me a chance to prove it."

"I don't know." She said looking away. ("What is happening to me?")

"Please. Just one chance is all I ask." He begged putting on his best puppy eyes "Please."

"If you hurt me or my sisters I swear you will regret it." She finally said.

"You don't have to worry." He said eased. "If I hurt you in anyway I promise you that you are free to even roast me over open fire alive."

"Then it is a deal." She said before pressing her lips against his before he even had time ti think.

Luna sat by the pond right under the oak looking at the stars as tears ran down her cheeks.

("What shall I do now?") She thought. ("I don't even know how I can make it good between us...if it even possible after I almost destroyed his home.")

She could hear steps coming closer and when she looked she saw Kieth standing there.

"I am sorry, This is your special place to think so I will go." Luna said as she rose up.

"Luna...I am sorry." Kieth said.

"Excuse me?" Luna said confused. "Sorry for what?"

"I am sorry for bringing up those memories...It was my fault that you lost control. I understand if you are mad at me." Kieth said but when he looked up he saw Luna stood there trying to hold the giggles in.. "Hey, what is so funny?"

"I am sorry but I thought you was mad at me." She finally cracked up but just then stumbled on a root and fell into the pond.

"Luna." Kieth yelled as he ran to the pond and when she saw that she was okay he couldn't help it but started laughing at her.

"Hey this is not funny." Luna pouted as she moved her arms and legs to float."Help me up instead ."

"Wait I will help you up." He said chuckling, but just as he grabbed her hand she yanked hard and he to fell into the water.

"Now I see what is so funny." She laughed but then swam to him and embraced him while looking him into his eyes.. "I am so lucky I have you."

"I am glad to have you to Angeleye."

The two lovers got up and one piece after another they lost parts of their clothes. Kieth halted a little.

"Angeleye...are you sure you want this?" He asked carefully at they now was in their undergarments.

"More than anything." Luna said. "But are you? It will be intense. My father and Jane's mother have already told me that when we...unite we will not only unite on a physical plane but also our souls during that time. You will know every fear I have."

"I am. I am not afraid. Your father told me this so I am ready." He said kissing her.

In just a minute the last fabric of clothes lay on the ground. She could feel a strange mixture of pain and pleasure at the same time as he entered her.. She struggled her best to keep control of her senses but in the end she couldn't resist and her powers went their own ways. They could feel how they merged down to the very core sharing all the pain and joy they had.. Kieth experienced Luna's dreams along with all the pressure she felt from being the team leader and Luna experienced Kieth's feelings and worries over her. And there they now where together there at the pond.

So. now that is the end of the sixth chapter. Hope you enjoyed it so far. I recommend that you read all old chapters of this story and also the story that comes before this. Also I want to say to those who maybe wanted Luna to be the eternal virgin that this happening does have some meaning in her development.