A/N: This is a continuation to Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, and is written for entertainment purposes only. It begins after Alice tells Hamish (hell) no, and fadderwackens. lol Priceless!

After regretting her sudden departure, Alice finds herself back in Wonderland, or rather Underland, and must help the White Queen stop another corrupt monarch who not only wants to conquer all of Underland, but destroy Alice and everyone she loves, including the Hatter. How will Alice handle these new things in her life: royalty, betrayal, and love? Read and find out what this topsy turvy world has to offer the curiously determined Alice Kingsley. Rated T for violence and some language.

I'm naming the chapters after song titles from the "Almost Alice" soundtrack, songs inspired by Alice in Wonderland. I like it very much, and recommend you to check it out. Just make sure you get the Hot Topic version because it includes three amazing bonus tracks that you can't find anywhere else.

Chapter 1: Fell Down a Hole

It was as if time flew by: with the shocking gasps of the party goers to the obnoxious laugh of Hamish, to the rush of Alice's feet as she fled to escape society. As she ran, she observed how the world around her didn't make sense--well not after spending the past few days in a world that ignored such things as sense. When she looked about the moor, with the vast field of open green grass, she longed to see brightly colored mushrooms, standing 10 ft high, and talking flowers waving their leafy greens with snidest. Without the weird and wonder around her, Alice felt very empty and alone, and found herself regretting her decision to leave Wonderland, or properly, Underland.

But Alice found that it wasn't just the place that she left behind to be the source of her sorrow; it was the people, or rather a certain someone. Hatter was nowhere near the man that Alice had ever imagined to consider to adore. He had erratic fiery orange hair, which was strewn beneath his velvety purple ten gallon top hat, and his gapped tooth and his yellow-green eyes, or the way he spoke in riddles that were impossible to solve that he himself knew not the answers to. But he was such a noble friend—loyal and caring to the very end. And when he was happy, a glow about his eyes enchanted Alice in the most delightful way that it brought the corners of her mouth were forced into a grin instantly.

It was quite uncertain as to why Alice's mind circled the idea of returning to Wonderland and Hatter when she knew she had to remain here--in Otherland. While running through her thoughts, Alice realized that now that all her questions were answered, there really wasn't a reason why staying here was the best. Of course shed miss her dear mother, and lovely sister, and oh precious Dinah, her poor cat that had seen her through the madness of her youth and now her present issues. But could Alice put all of them aside to live in a world that she knew she didn't belong? She never felt as if she belonged here in Otherland, but he outlandish colorful places and people of Wonderland seemed to fit her odd and curious perspective. Maybe she made the wrong choice...

Out of breath from her run; Alice stopped to lean by a great oak tree, and gave herself a moment of rest to clear her mind and lungs. She patted her dress's hidden pockets for her handkerchief, and felt something else. It was a small glass vial that was once filled with the Jabberwocky's purple blood. She remembered how much effort it took to slay the beast and marveled once more at her own bravery. "Only in Wonderland I suppose" she whispered to herself, then murmured allowed the saying "talking to you is the first sign of madness".

"What's wrong with being mad?" a voice behind Alice spoke, one that Alice had known all too well. Instantly, she jumped to her feet and looked around, yet there was no sign of anyone. Alice was sure she was going mad because now she was hearing voices until she walked over to the other side of the tree and found the rabbit's hole. She peered down the hole, but saw nothing except complete darkness.

"Hello!? Hatter, is that you?" she yelled down the hole, hoping to get her desired response, however, there was none. Alice tried a few times more to call the Hatter, or anyone from Wonderland, yet the hole remained silent. Alice sat next to the hole with tears welling in her eyes; she had no idea what to do. Should she go into the hole and leave this world altogether, or stay here and be completely unhappy? She didn't know I she could return to this place ever, but would it be with it?

"Oh! How is it that I always put myself in these queer circumstances! I had always wished for a world of my own, one in which nothing is what it is, and what it is, it isn't, but now I just don't know anymore!" and immediately she began to cry, feeling more like her once youthful curious self. She wiped her blue eyes with the trimmings of her pale blue dress, when suddenly; she heard a particular laugh coming from the rabbit's hole. She abruptly stopped her weeping and peered into the dark empty hole and saw two large green eyes stare back at her and with a grin as long and strange to only come from a Cheshire cat.

"Oh, my dear Alice, crying never helped you in sad situation, now has it?" he grinned a mile wide.

"Chessur! You're back! Oh my I've missed you!" Alice cried as she reached down into the hole to pet the cat's invisible head when she found herself falling down into the long dark hole once more.

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