A/N: My Charlie-centric story, with Charian as the main pairing. Now, before you all yell at me, I LOVE Marold. It is my favorite pairing of all time! However, it's the ONLY pairing on this site, practically and no one has written Charian, so I took it upon myself to write this high school fic.

High school. Golden experiences. The best years of your life. Yeah, not for me. For every person who enjoys high school, there's someone who has to go through hell for them to be happy. And, unfortunately for me, I was that guy.

Really, all my life he's always gotten the best of the best, but it didn't really bother me until the incident in freshman year that will never be spoken of again. In fact, before then, he was one of my best friends. Him and that other guy he still hangs out with, but after that, I became a loner and they went on with their lives as if I were never a part of them.

But he still continued ruining things for me, just like when we had been friends.

I have a pile of stories of things he screwed up for me and I could list them off the top of my head on a moment's notice, exactly how they happened. It had all happened when we first became friends, way back in day careā€¦

I was three years old. Yes, he began ruining my life when I was three. All right, anyway, u was three years old and was sweeter than I am now. I was so excited about finally getting to be with other kids my age, because I had never really gotten to play with very many people before.

At that age, your best friend is usually the first person who talks to you. Well, it was just my luck that it happened to be him.

"Hi!" he had chirped. He had been so innocent and friendly then, just like me.

"Hi," I had responded almost shyly. "My name is Charlie Cowell."

"My name's Harold Hill and this is Marcellus Washburn!" He grabbed another boy out of the crowd of three year olds and thus we became best friends.

Things were going great until it was playtime, and then things went from good to bad. Marcellus and a girl named Ethel decided they were married and were playing with toy cars, while Harold and I stacked some blocks. Suddenly, Ethel picked up a red truck and Harold hopped up and stormed over to her, saying, "That's mine!"

Ethel merely stuck out her tongue and Harold glared, crossing his arms. "Give to me!" She shook her head furiously and he glared even harder. "Give it!"


"Charlie!" My head snapped up. "Go get the truck for me!" At that time, I was so innocent that I thought since my friend told me to do it, I would be a bad friend if I didn't. So, I got up, marched over, and yanked the red truck right out of Ethel Tofflemier's hands.

Her innocent brown eyes grew wide and filled with tears, a truly heartbreaking expression. I instantly felt guilty and felt even worse when she started wailing. One of the teachers ran over and asked what was wrong.

She pointed to me and cried, "He took the truck from me!"

"Charlie, we need to learn how to share! Please sit in the corner until you've learned your lesson!"

Humiliated, I ambled to the corner, and sat down, catching site of Ethel sticking her tongue out at me and Marcellus looking confused (it wouldn't be the only time I saw him look like that).

So that was where it all started and it only got worse from there on out. Stealing my snack in kindergarten, making me look guilty for mischief that was made when we were supposed to be taking naps, getting picked for all the teams because he told them all he was much better than me, copying my homework and somehow making me end up the one guilty of cheating, and many other things that really just plain ruined my childhood.

Plus, the incident in freshman year that we will never speak of again.

But now it was my junior year and things were no better for me. I was still playing second fiddle to him, but I wasn't innocent enough to see him all I friend, so I mostly kept to myself, constantly making revenge plots that I would probably never carry out.

Enter the one person who would change all of that.

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