This is just an authors note.

Apology time. I never meant for this to be anything except a standalone piece, I just forgot to mark it complete. I realized that I hadn't a couple days after posting it, and decided I'd try to think of a second chapter, since so many people liked it. I could not, unfortunately. I really, really didn't mean to tease anyone, and at that point I couldn't just mark it complete, say oops, and that's it. So, I wrote short unrelated Tony/Ziva story that I've posted as a sort of compensatory offering. It's called Motek.

Read it, enjoy it, and forgive me. I will promise to be more diligent with the whole complete thing in the future.

That done, now I want to say a very big, THANK YOU!!! When I logged into my email and saw over a hundred alerts, I think my eyes came close to popping out of my head. Seriously, I've never had this many reviews on a one-chapter story. Or favorites. So, thank you all soooo much for taking the time to let me know you liked it, that means a lot to me. And, more than just thank you, I wanted to try and express that. So, bear with me a minute.

It means that when I feel like I'm not going anywhere with my current short story (non-fanfic) or novel, that when I reread my prose and decide an elementary schooler could have done better, or that when nothing in my head seems to be working…that maybe, I'm just being neurotic. That it's not as bad as it feels. That one day, I will see my fiction in actual print, not just a computer screen.

Thank you all for that little speck of hope and confidence.

And, for those of you curious about the origins of the fire--there's no fowl play, just someone had a really unfortunate accident.