The 6 princes sat at the dining room table eating dinner and talking. They all looked up when Yuzuru walked in. He brushed his hands off on his pant legs and sat down at one end of the table as Yoshio walked in and sat at the other end. They ate in silence for about 30 seconds before Tamaki and the twins burst out and started asking questions. "Dad, What was that thing?" Tamaki asked. "Yeah, was it a dead dog?" The twins asked in unison. Hani gasped and Mori turned to him and patted his back. "Boys, quiet down please." Yoshio said. Kyouya looked at him and waited for him to speak. "It wasn't a dog it was a girl. She's injured and most likely orphaned." Yoshio explained. "Ohh..." Every one said except Kyouya and Mori. "Father, why did you guys bring her here? Why didn't you just leave her where she was?" Kyouya asked. "And leave her to die!!!! Why would they do that." Tamaki shouted. "Calm down, son." Yuzuru yelled over his sons ranting. Tamaki sulked in a corner growing mushrooms. "Can we see her when were done eating?" Hani asked. "Sure why not." Yoshio replied. "Yay!" all the princes yelled except for Kyouya and Mori.


The princes walked into the girl's room and looked at her. She had short brown hair and was very small. Her arms and legs were covered in bandages. To the princes she looked so fragile. "Kaoru, she looks like she could just break." Hikaru said. "You're right, Hikaru." Kaoru replied. The girl moved in her sleep and her eyes slowly opened.


Haruhi opened her eyes and looked around. This was not her room, and she defiantly does not remember the 6 boys who were standing over her. She sat up quickly. "Where am I?! Who are you guys?" She asked. "You are at the castle my dear and we are these 6 princes in line for the throne." Said Yuzuru walking in. "Why am I here?" Haruhi asked then winced in pain. "Well, King Yoshio and I found you an alley way. You were beaten up pretty badly my dear." Yuzuru replied. "Oh." Haruhi replied. "Anyways child what is your name child and why were you disguised as a boy?" Yoshio asked as he walked in. "Umm, my name is Haruhi and…how do I put this…You see your kingdom isn't as safe as you think it is. If women are walking around by them selves its very dangerous…plus my fathers dying wish was for me to dress as a boy and leave my old life behind. I have no family, and its easier to get a job dressed as a boy." Haruhi explained. "Oh that's horrible…poor Haru-chan. Isn't sad Takashi?" Hani asked. "Ah" Mori replied. "Well we'll be on our way now. Yuzuru and I have important business to take care of." Yoshio said as he and Yuzuru walked out of the room. The princes turned back to Haruhi and smiled. "Haru-chan my name is Hani and that's Mori." Hani said jumping on Haruhi's and pointing to Mori. The twins jumped up there too. "We're Hikaru and Kaoru." They said in unison. "I am Tamaki and you can just call me daddy." Tamaki said holding Haruhi's hands in his own. "I am Kyouya." Kyouya said. "Umm…I guess its nice to meet you guys." Haruhi said. They grinned at her.

~*~* ~*~

"Haruhi's such a nice girl." Yuzuru said. "Yes she would make an excellent bride for Kyouya." Yoshio said. "No she's going to marry Tamaki." Yuzuru said. "Well you want to make a little game out of this." Yoshio said. "Sure which ever son gets Haruhi to fall in love with them is the one she gets to marry." Yuzuru said. "Yes it's a game." Yoshio said with a smirk. They kept walking down to throne room to work.