Drinking from her nearly empty glass of Captain and Coke, Luna wondered what would've happened if Dean hadn't interrupted her and Sam earlier. She was lounging on the bed in one of Sam's flannel shirts and a pair of his boxers. She had since changed out of her professional wear. The more she wondered the more she wanted to find out. Perhaps the Captain was partly at fault, or was it the way that their bodies fit so perfectly together even though there was such a height difference. She thought of the way his hand fit right into the small of her back as he pulled her closer. She thought of the way they were moving together. The way his lips felt as he kissed her skin.

"And where did you say you were out of town again?" Dean's voice disrupted her foggy mind. "Uh huh, I see. Thank you very much ma'am have a good night." How many times did she have to text Sam saying not to have Dean talk into the pen? He held it way to close to his face instead of just tilting it back and forth slightly. It didn't work when you just had it pointed one way.

Luna had been hearing a lot of one sided conversations of just Dean talking to himself. And after about a half hour of that, realizing that it wasn't going to change, Luna had turned to her friend the Captain. Now the Winchesters were finishing up with the last woman that they had to interview. Luna was extremely grateful as she was starving and having a few drinks with the boys, along with some chili cheese fries sounded so good right now. She just hoped they would hurry back soon.

She was about to take the head phones out of her ears when she realized that they hadn't turned her pen off so she could still hear their conversation. Dean must've given Sam the pen, because she could hear both of them. She debated if she really wanted to listen. With the two of them it was usually about chicks, sex or Dean just being a dick, but she decided to anyways. Who was she kidding, she loved to be nosy.

"Hey Dean, do you remember the days that mom and dad died?" Sam asked hesitantly. There was a long pause before Dean finally responded.

"I try not to, but I do. With mom, Sam you were just a baby. I remember I carried you out in my arms, you were actually shorter than me at one point. I remember fire, and it being really hot. I don't think I realized what was going on until after dad told me that mom wasn't coming back. Dad's was harder though. Knowing what he did so that I could," Dean stopped talking and sighed deeply. It was still hard for him after all these years to even remember what his dad did for him.

"Hey, I know its hard Dean, we've both watched each other die helplessly. You can act tough all you want, but I get that's it hard, and sometimes I wonder if its right to just pass the dates of their deaths like it never happened, or if they should be remembered like Luna does."

"Sam, Luna's story is different, from her perspective she basically killed her whole family while she was possessed. It's not something that she is going to forget very soon, or at all. I don't think that she did what she did because she was remembering her family's deaths, I think she did it because she can't forget."

Luna sat dumbfounded on the bed, her eyes shimmering like glass, the tears threating their great escape. No one could figure out why she acted the way she did on the anniversary, but Dean had hit the nail on the head. Remembering was the worst part, and that's why she drank a whole bottle of Jameson, to forget. She didn't give Dean enough credit sometimes. She had had enough visions before starting with the Winchesters to know how much of a true honest to goodness big brother figure Dean could be. With his rough and tough exterior though, it was hard to see a lot of times. She took the headphones out of her ears to let them have the rest of their conversation in peace. In the meanwhile she needed to keep herself busy while she was waiting for their return.

It had been a little while since Luna had tried to use her powers from the Sol. She started off slowly by just relaxing and making her whole body warm since it was often the case that she would be freezing when she exerted too much of her energy source. Once she felt that she was warm enough, she moved one hand towards her captain bottle and the other towards her coke bottle and concentrating to move two items at once, she made both of them rise off the table, albeit a little wobbly and no more than two inches, but she was moving them closer to an empty glass on the table. As she moved them, it got easier to control two objects at the same time. The next step was pouring the two into the glass. She had to angle the bottles just right so they wouldn't spill all over the table. She kept all of her available concentration on the bottles and then moved her hands so that they were positioned to pour into the glass at the same time. She successfully poured herself a drink and used the Sol's power to bring the glass to her empty hands. She probably should have been using it to kill demons and angels and other monsters, but pouring herself a drink was useful too right. Luna took a sip and realized that she had made the drink way too strong for her liking. She got up and decided to pour in some more coke by hand and not using her powers.

When she put the coke bottle down and went to take a sip, she noticed a moment outside of the window. The blinds and curtains were drawn so no one could see in, only shadows because she had a light on. It was probably nothing Luna figured, but she was still on edge, especially after what had happened with Chuck and Anna. She moved carefully around the edges of the room as not to cast a shadow against the curtain and peeked through the eyehole in the door. She didn't see anybody or anything. She sighed and turned around to go back to laying on the bed. When she turned around there was someone else in the room with her. Someone whom she had never seen before. He was scary and beautiful all in one. Of course Luna hadn't seen him for the human shell he wore like a bathrobe; she saw him for the honest being that he was.

Luna's heart skipped a beat as she realized who he was. A soft whisper escaped her already gaping lips "Lucifer."

The being chuckled with amusement. "Oh darling how nice it is to be recognized without having to introduce myself. Hello Sister, I see father sent you to clean up your younger brothers' mess again. How he must love to see his children fight for the land and the toys he so desperately wanted to play with, but won't fight for."

"What do you want?" Luna growled, feeling all the hair on her body stand on end. Lucifer started to approach Luna and in doing so he set off Luna's power source as she could feel it brewing inside of her. Lucifer stopped as soon as he felt the shift in the air. He could feel the current radiating off of her. He wasn't stupid. He knew very well that she was the most dangerous creature ever created by Father. She was the oldest. The brothers thought that she was the one to blame for Adam and Eve and all the rest that followed. She gave the creatures compassion and love, weaknesses. The same weakness that she had and had to bare. Lucifer knew that the Sol would fight for the humans, but he just needed her to stay out of the fight with him and Michael. That's why he was here.

"Can't siblings just have a chat every once and a while?" Lucifer charmed. It wouldn't work on Luna. She had no memories of the Sol, only her own. She glared at him and felt her power grow. "Alright, alright. No harm feelings okay? I know you like to keep your human pets safe and sound and I know that last time you took Michael's side with things, but just hear me out this time. Michael isn't going to leave them off the hook. You'll have flying monkeys running the earth. You know they are almost as bad as the demons. At least mine won't trick you, we tell it straight up. Just think about that Sister. Just let your younger brothers have the fun and you can clean up the mess afterwards with whoever wins. I just want one day to gloat."

"Out Lucy. Get out now!" a voice from within the power arose and reverberated the walls in the hotel room. And like that all traces of Lucifer were gone. Confusion and fear over took the power burning in Luna's core. She let it all out. It suspended her in midair and swirled around her like a windstorm of colors. Was there another being inside of her? Or did she actually say those words?

The doorknob jiggled and turned. This snapped Luna's attention, and thus all her power source on her new intruders. She landed on her feet from her midair suspension and like a seesaw the newcomers went up into the air paralyzed. It took Luna a few moments to realize it was only Sam and Dean and she dropped them instantly, not caring to put them down gently.

"What the hell?" Dean was the first to react. He had landed straight on the floor on his ass, whereas Sam was lucky enough to have bellyflopped on the bed.

Luna stood visibly shaken. Her hands were shaking, her whole body was and she was taking quick shallow breaths. Sam rushed over to her and made her sit on the bed. She wouldn't look at them.

"Luna, Luna, What happened?" Sam asked with his voice laced with panic. Dean, realizing that something had occurred and Luna wouldn't normally act like this, drew his gun and started inspecting the hotel room.

"Sam I told you I smelled sulfur when we were walking back from the car," Dean scrutinized. Sam brushed it off. His attention was focused on Luna. He pulled her face towards him to make her look at him.

"Luna! Calm down!" Sam nearly yelled at trying to get her to snap out of it. She looked shocked as if she just realized that they were there. Luna flung her arms around Sam's neck and buried her head into the crook of his neck. He felt the warm damp feeling of tears in seconds flat. Sam rubbed her back to try and control her sobs. He gave Dean a confused look which Dean matched.

"Luna, what happened? Are we in danger?" Sam brought up the more pressing issue at hand. Luna a few deep breaths and in between sobs she managed to get out "no," hiccup, "Lucifer," breath, "was here."

The Winchesters shared a concerned look. Sam feared that Lucifer was poking around to try and find him for his vessel. Dean worried the same for Sam. Dean handed Luna a new glass of captain and coke, hoping that the alcohol might calm her down.

"Luna, we need to know what happened. You know what Sam and I are susceptible to," Dean tried to calmly talk to her. Luna nodded.

"Can I talk to Cas?" Luna asked in a barely audible whisper. Dean nodded and got his cell phone out to call Cas. "Sam, I'm sorry I got your suit a mess with my tears."

"Luna, you don't have to apologize. I know that something upset you very much, and I'm glad that you trust me enough to comfort you," Sam honestly told her. He sat down on the bed and pulled her into his lap and put his arms around her. She nuzzled into his chest, letting her head rest just under his chin. Dean came back into the room with Cas tailing behind him.

"Alright, Cas is here, can you tell us what happened now please?" Dean tried to be calm, but Luna knew that he was anxious and worried about things to come. Luna picked her head up of Sam's chest, but stayed on his lap. His arms still held her secure around her waist. She started to explain listening to the interviews and pouring the captain and coke.

"And when I turned around Lucifer was standing there. I don't think that he was going to try to hurt me but Cas, he kept calling me Sister, why?" Luna asked looking directly at the angel. She could see him in his human form, but his grace shown through in places. He looked at her with a seemingly blank stare, but she noticed the shift in his character. "What is it Cas, you have to tell me."

"Well, there has been some talk that the Sol is the eldest angel. She would be the eldest of all the archangels. The Sol may have also helped Michael cast down Lucifer," Cas relayed his information.

"Why are the angels trying to kill her then?" Sam asked.

"After Lucifer fell, he created demons to trick humans and Michael and the rest of them did nothing to stop him. So the Sol stormed through heaven tearing it to shreds until one day she vanished. That was a very long time ago," Cas explained him.

"So the dickheads think that she's going to take Lucifer's side because they didn't help her?" Dean summed it up and Cas nodded in agreement. "Well, at least he wasn't looking for Sam. Does he know that we are traveling with her?"

"I don't know Dean. I would guess not or else he would have stuck around," Cas tried to comfort Dean with the little information he had.

"Cas," Luna said, "one more question, can the Sol use a person as a meat suit or is the Sol just a person? Like am I being used as vessel without me knowledge right now?"

"I don't know Luna," Cas sighed, "The Sol had only been a legend until you showed up, she had been gone that long."

Luna nodded in acknowledgement. It wasn't the answer that she wanted to hear, but it wasn't the one she didn't want to hear so that was good. After a little while of discussing the angel radio and the plans that were supposed to take place, Cas took off, as he didn't want to attract attention to the trio. Sam, Dean and Luna went back to discussing the case to take all of their minds off of the previous situation.

"Alright, so since Dean doesn't know how to work microphone pens, do you guys care to fill me in on what happened?" Luna asked. Sam handed her his scribbled notes. His hand writing was better than expected, but god it was still awful.

"Basically, all three women were out of town, in the same town, the days of the incidents. They were all pretty general of their whereabouts though. Out to dinner then back to the hotel room," Dean generalized for her. Luna grabbed her laptop and brought up her database again.

"If I was going out for the weekend, or an overnight, I wouldn't usually pay in cash. Let's see if I can find a credit card trail." She typed the first woman's name and information into the date base and brought up all her credit card transactions and did that with the next two women. She then cross referenced the three's transactions. Only two shared a common place of transaction, Wild Things. "I think I found our connection to the three women. Two for sure visited a strip club called Wild Things and the other one used an ATM not even a block away from the place."

"Alright, we'll all go there first thing tomorrow night," Dean declared and left to go into his hotel room. Luna shut her laptop and put it on the table. Sam took off his suit so that he was just in his boxers. Luna blushed thinking of her thoughts from earlier that night, but she crawled under the covers. She had had enough excitement for one night. They said their goodnights and curled up next to each other to get some sleep. Tomorrow they had a strip club to visit. It was bound to be a weird day.