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This is a small Fanfic idea that recently came up and it just won't leave me alone, so I started to write it. I'll try my best to keep updating my Kisu Yori mo Hayaku fanfic weekly though, since this is more of a secondary fanfic.
The chapters are going to vary in length because I'm still playing around with how I'm going to organize this. It is likely that they are going to get bigger once the Battle of Gettysburg actually begins.
So for now please consider this a first draft, and note that many revisions will be made. Harsh Constructive Crits are welcomed with open arms.

Also both Country and Human names are used: there is significance and a reason as to why each is used.

Disclaimer: This is just my interpretation of the event known as the bloodiest battle to take place in the U.S. Civil War i.e. The Battle of Gettysburg.
Even though I did some research for the timeline of events, there is a very good chance that I can be historically incorrect.
Also I do not own Hetalia~

Warning: Yaoi, novice-like writing~

Pairing: UK x US


~.::*::.~Turning Point: Gettysburg~.::*::.~


Part I: June 30th 1863: Arrival

Why am I even here?

England stood, still as stone, at the end of the gangplank with that one thought running through his head. He had promised himself that after he had cut all ties with…with that person, he would forget about him altogether; he would have absolutely nothing to do with him.

So why was he here again? Why was he about to step onto the soil of the very country that had pushed him back into loneliness?

One of his hands gripped the rail of the gangplank while the other reached into his pocket and pulled out a well-worn letter. England had read this letter so many times in those past few days that he had nearly committed its contents to memory. It was strange, but this letter stood out from the many that were sent to England from the same person.

This letter did not apologize like the others. It did not try to justify why he did what he did. It did not even try to convince England to give up his grudge of what had happened nearly a century ago.
Instead, the letter's unusually shaky scrawl was begging England.
Now that was what struck England as odd; the writer had, for once, thrown aside his arrogance.

Unfolding the letter slowly, England ignored the irritated comments of others who were passing by him on the gangplank to get off the ship. He needed to reconfirm the reason as to why he had returned to this godforsaken land in the first place.
Taking a deep breath, England felt his lips move slightly with the words as he read the letter once more…

(This was the first strange thing that caused England to even bother reading the letter after finding out who it was from; only a very personal letter referred to him by his human name)

I do realize that you may throw out this letter as soon as you find out who it is from, but this time, please listen to me.
(Strange thing number two: England did not even remember the last time this person had put the word "please" into a letter; that in itself was alarming enough for England to continue reading)

I want you to come here. I need you to come.
A vital battle will happen very soon and I have the feeling that this will be the worst of the war so far. This battle may as well determine the fate of my country, my people…myself.
I understand that by asking you to come here after cutting all ties with the Empire is selfish
('Well at least he admitted it,' England thought), but if I am not selfish in this very moment, I may never get to be selfish in the future.
I need to see you England. I must.
If this battle takes a turn for the worst…and my Union falls, I want nothing more than to see you before I fall apart.
England, Arthur please. I beg of you. Let me meet you at least once more before this battle begins. Before it is too late.
(Strange thing three: For once the letter had caused England to be torn between anger and worry; normally he had ripped up the letter as soon as he read anything in reference to the Revolutionary War (that and the word "please" had been used twice now.))

(And Strange thing four: Ever since the Revolution, Alfred always, always signed "America;" the last time he signed "Alfred" was before 1776.)

Although it was never stated in the letter, England could tell from the uncharacteristic quiver in America's normally clear writing (England had taught America good handwriting himself) that his former colony was terrified of this supposedly important battle that was about to take place.
England also noted that America had referred both to England and himself by their given human names. By dropping all pretenses of properness that he had infused into his initial letters after the revolution, America had purposely made this letter a personal one and therefore made it reminiscent of the messages Alfred often sent to England when he was still part of the Empire.
Now that England thought about it, this reminiscence may have been one of the reasons why he had gotten on the next ship to the Americas.

Sighing as he folded the letter up and tucking it into his pocket once again, England looked down at the ground in front of him. He could easily turn around and leave America to look after himself…but the nagging worry in the back of England's mind kept repeating the possibility that this battle could mean the end of America as England knew him. When Arthur contemplated on that possibility, he had to accept that if Alfred did not survive this Civil War, he would very much regret not seeing Alfred before Alfred left him for good.

And there was no doubt that that overwhelming regret would be the death of him (most likely literally).

So despite England's resentment that lingered due to the Revolution and the recent irritation of the Trent affair*, Arthur Kirkland could not help but step once more onto American soil—knowing full well that Alfred would know immediately that he had arrived.


Author Note:

The Trent Affair*~ Brief summary-- this was about a British ship, The Trent, that was intercepted by the North (Union) ships and the Union found that some Confederate Ambassadors/leaders were on the ship and on their way to Britain likely to try to convince Britain to ally with them. Because the British were not a part of the Civil War, they were angry at the Union, saying that the Union had no right to intercept their ship and capture the Southern leaders, whom they considered guests of the British. So to avoid conflict with Great Britain, Lincoln basically let the Southern leaders go back to the South...
eh that is basically it (I think i left out some details...), if I'm wrong please let me know, this is just what I learned from history class so...

moving on~

This fanfic will likely have really small chapters as compared to my Kisu Yori mo Hayaku fanfic, it also won't be very long.
Also, whatever was not explained in this chapter will be cleared up in the next one~~
On a side note, If I find this fanfiction interesting enough I think I just might make a few illustrations to go with it~