NCIS 'Conference Room'. Monday Afternoon.

"You must have seen something Tobias. You were standing right there."
"No, Jethro I did not."
"What don't they teach the FBI observation skills these days?" Gibbs glares at him.
"That hurts Gibbs. We see what we need to see and I did not need to see that."
"It's need to know Gibbs and you do not need to know." Fornell grins.
"But I am going to find out." Gibbs flicks the switch to start the elevator moving.

NCIS Squad Room. Tuesday Evening.

"Yes Boss?"
"Do you know what has been happening?"
" relation to what Boss?" Gibbs glares at him.
"I know nothing Boss. Nothing at all." He did not like lying to Gibbs and he knew the Boss could probably tell he was but the orders had come from someone he was much more scared of.
"You know I hate to agree with the probie Boss but we are not involved in this."
Gibbs glares at them both. "Get back to work."
"On it Boss." They respond simultaneously and start to type furiously at their keyboards avoiding his eyes.

Abby's Lab. Wednesday Morning.

Gibbs walks in and turns off Abby's stereo.
"This must be serious Bossman. What's up?" She turns from her computer to smile at him.
"I think you know Abby." He replies unsmiling.
"No, truly Gibbs I don't."
"If I find out you've been lying to me Abs...."
"I'll be very disappointed." He stares at her a moment.
"I'm admitting nothing but hypothetically o wise one if say some of your team were keeping something from you do you not think that they are so loyal to you that to keep a secret, any sort of secret, the reason must their minds at least...a really good one?"
"You need to speak to the Director Gibbs. That is all I can say." She turns back to her computer as he storms out.

Director's Office. Thursday Evening.

"Madam Director."
"Gibbs. To what do I owe the pleasure?"
"I think you know."
"Oh. Look Jethro some things are need to know and you did not need to know."
"Jenny. Do you not think I had a right to know?"
"And what would you have done if you did?" She smiles at him.
"Exactly! I decided that action needed to be taken and arranged that it was. As Director I am allowed to do that."
"And you used my team to do so!"

"Yes." It was not often in the course of her official duties that she had a chance to control his actions and she had enjoyed this chance to do so. "You might like to know that they were all most reluctant to lie to you. I even had to get Abby to talk to Agent McGee."
"Good. You went too far this time Jen." He glares at her.
"Maybe I did Jethro but do you know why I did?"
"Because you like twisting my tail Madam Director?" He grins slyly.

"No, Agent Gibbs because I like having you around to twist mine." She smiles at him.
He stares at her a minute surprised and pleased at her admission. "O.K. then but from now on my coffee is off limits is that understood?"
"Yes, Jethro I understand. Good night."
"Good night Jen." He leaves. Jenny sighs. After Ducky's annual medical report had recommended that Gibbs really needed to cut back on the caffeine she had arranged for his team to replace all his drinks with ones using either decaff or a caffeine substitute the idea being that he would not be able to tell the difference. She had known he would not be fooled for long but had yet to come up with a better plan. She starts to think. Leroy Jethro Gibbs might be an insubordinate, rule breaking, head slapping, basement dwelling, bourbon drinking, law-unto-himself pain in the ass but he was her pain in the ass and she did like having him around. She picks up her phone and dials. "Ducky we need a plan B."