"Whips? You surprise me McGee. I did not think that would be your type of scene."
"Why are we talking about hinky sex anyway? I would expect this from Tony not you."
Hearing Ziva's voice pose this question DiNozzo pauses in the shadows by the back elevator from which he's just stepped.
"I mean I am quite happy experimenting in this area and pain has its place but..."
"Ziva!" Tony recognizes the tone of a probie nearing the end of his patience. "It has nothing to do with sex, hinky or otherwise."
"It does not? From what I've observed these people seem obsessed with it." She sounds disappointed. "Then I am still confused. Is it to do with animal cruelty? I do not understand this at all."
Tony walks out into the room. "What are you guys talking about?"
"Whips?" He has no idea where she's going with this.
"And an obsession with sex of course." She smiles suggestively at him. His eyes widen.
"We were not talking about sex Ziva." McGee interrupts their eye messages. "Since Abby showed her those websites Ziva's been taking an interest in some Gemcity fan fic."
"Re-ah-lly?" His eyebrows raise in astonishment.
"Yes." She glares at him. "I think it is nice people care enough about the characters in McGee's books to write more about them. You know I like to read and some of these are most amusing."
"So where do the whips come into it?"
"Trust you to focus on that."
"I was just explaining some fan fic terms to Ziva."
"It seems to me that in this area almost everything has a different meaning. Slash has nothing to do with an injury, canon is not a weapon, crack is not the drug, a ship has nothing to with what's in Gibbs' basement and then there's the whips which you still have not explained." She glares at Tim.
"It is not whip Ziva it is wip,w-i-p and it means writing-in-progress."
"Then why do they not just say that?"
"I guess it's all just part of the mystery of the hobby." Tim muses.
"Mystery shmystery. Your fans just need to get out in daylight more McWriter and so do you. Let's go."
They gather up their things and head towards the elevator. "And what exactly would a Tisa be?"
Tim and Tony exchange a look. "Ah. That's advanced fan fic knowledge Ziva. I don't think you're quite ready for that yet." McGee responds as the doors to the elevator open and he steps in with Ziva following.
"Is anyone ready for that?" Is DiNozzo's comment as he follows them and the bullpen falls silent once more.

A/N - The story of Ziva's introduction to fan fiction is in this series and titled Fan Fiction Addiction.