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15 years later


I feel the sun's rays start to shine through the blinds and I start to wake up. Seeing the sun is a strange occurrence in the city of Seattle. Having my eyes fully open, I look to the left and see Jasper's arms wrapped around my waist. This is a daily thing. I wake up every morning and he has his arms pulling me to him, like an anchor. I gently turn myself around so that I can look at him. When turned, I look at his sleeping face.

Jasper still looks the same other than a few things. He has formed a few wrinkles around his eyes, his hair is shorter, and his body has gone a little soft but it is still amazing. Every time I get the chance to just really look at him, I start to think about the past 15 years of our lives together.

Jasper and I got married; well technically it was a commitment ceremony because marriage for us it was still illegal. We got married the December after we graduated in a small ceremony at my parent's house in Forks. For our honeymoon, we went to London. I smile remembering one of our many steamy nights in London.

We had just spent most of the day out walking around and taking in the sights. I had just finished taking off my shoes and socks when I looked up, Jasper was coming out of the bathroom looking so delicious with a towel wrapped around his waist and water dripping down his glorious body. My mouth immediately went dry and my jean-clothed cock had sprung to attention. Jasper continued to walk into the bedroom and he went towards his drawer to pull out some pajamas. But while he was pulling his pajamas, he took a casual glance towards me and then gave a chuckle. That chuckle brought me out of my stupor.

That little sneak planned this. He loves to get me worked up.

Not wasting anymore time, I moved from the bed and strode towards him with sheer determination. I brought my hands around his body and drew his back towards my chest. I moved my mouth to his neck and started to suck and lick. Jasper dropped his pajamas back down and brought one hand to hold onto my neck and the other moved to my other hand that was gliding along his torso. He then moved his neck to side to allow me better access. I moved my unshaven cheek to his neck and dragged it up and down. With that Jasper moaned out. Moving my mouth to his ear, I brought his earlobe into my mouth and started to nibble.

I breathed into his ear, "You did that on purpose, didn't you? You like getting me all worked up?" I started to grind my erection into his towel-covered ass.

He nods in response.

"You know there are consequences when you get me worked up, don't you? Remember last time that you did that."

That last time he did something like this was when we were at my parent's house for Thanksgiving and he kept teasing, teasing, and teasing. Until finally I just snapped. We made it home, or should I say garage, then I fucked him hard against the hood and the trunk of my car. So when Jasper started to tease me in any way, I knew that he wanted and that was to be fucked…hard.

"That's what I wanted." He moaned out.

With his last statement, I ceased all movements. He groaned out in frustration. I took a step back and he turned around, and looked up and he saw the devious smirk on my face. He gulped.

I ripped the towel of his body and Jasper jumped from my action.

I said in a calm and dangerous voice, "Get on the fucking bed and get on your hands and knees." He didn't hesitate.

I turned around and there he was with his luscious ass in air and panting with need. Removing my clothing, I walked towards the bed. On the bed, I moved my way towards him on my knees and gliding my hand his ankle, his calf, his thigh, and then finally his ass.

He let out a low moan.

I brought my aching erection and flushed it with his white orbs. My breath hitched and Jasper moaned loudly. I moved my torso down and laid on top of him and brought my mouth to his ear.

"Is this what you wanted?" I breathed into his ear while grinding my pulsating member into his ass. In response, he moved his ass into me literally begging for more, but when I didn't receive a response I wanted I brought my right hand back and spanked his right ass cheek hard.

"Ahhhh!" He responded loudly.

"I said is this what you wanted?" I said more forcefully while removing my chest from his back. When he didn't respond again, I brought my hand back and gave him another spank. I knew he was teasing me once again.

"Fuck, yes!" He yelled out.

Oh, by the way, Jasper loves to be spanked!

I started to grind my dick more forcefully into his ass. I looked down at his ass and saw my bright red hand print on it. That image alone made me even more aroused.

"Seeing my hand print on your ass is so fucking sexy Jasper. Do you like it when I mark you?" I asked while dragging my tongue from the base of his spine to the middle of his shoulder blades. To emphasize my point, I took bites along the way.

He nods and breathing out a yeah. I reached over towards the nightstand and grabbed a bottle of lube. I moved back some so I could get started on preparing him. He let a whimper.

I smacked his ass in response. "This is what you wanted…remember?"

I continued to prepare him, starting off with one finger then two, and then lastly three. By the end of it, Jasper was begging for me to fuck him and to prove his point he kept trying to fuck my hand. When he would try this, I would cease all movement and wait for him to stop before I started up again.

"Fuck, Edward. Please…please fuck me!"

I then poured a generous amount of lube on my cock and prepared myself. Throwing the lube onto the floor, I moved to where my dick was barely touching his puckered hole. I bent over and placed a gentle kiss in between his shoulder blades, but Jasper kept whispering please continuously.

"Prepare yourself." I whispered.

With as much force as I could manage, I sheathed myself in Jasper's tight heat. He cried out, while I screamed Fuck. Bringing my hands to hold onto his hips, I brought myself back where only my head was still in and repeated the same action with the same determination. I kept repeating my same action and Jasper was meeting me with the same enthusiasm.

I spanked him again. "You like getting fucked, don't you Jasper?"

He moaned out with the spank. "Fuck yeah."

Feeling the sweat dripping down my chest, I moved my hands down his back and pushed him to where his face was flushed with the pillow. From the new angle it was even tighter, and Jasper could certainly feel the effects of the new change.

Jasper turned his head and looked back at me, panting. "Ahh, yeah. Fuck…don't stop"

"Don't plan on stopping, baby." I replied with a cocky smirk.

I then dragged my nails back along his back. The red markings came up immediately. Jasper closed his eyes and let out a loud hiss in response.

I continued to pump in and out of him with a wild abandon, his body responding beautifully to my actions. Suddenly, I stopped my movements. Jasper looked up at me question burning in his eyes.

I leaned over him again and flushed my body with his, and wrapped my arms around his torso. I moved back to where I was sitting on my haunches and he was sitting on my lap. In this position, I could go even deeper and Jasper yelled out when he settled on my lap. With him in this position, I am hitting his prostate spot on. I had Jasper glide up and down on my cock, continuously hitting his prostate. I then started to move with him. My arms stilled wrapped around him, I caressed his torso lightly.

"Baby, I gonna cum." Jasper whimpered.

I moved my mouth to the base of his neck and I took a long lick up to his ear. He moaned out. The mixture of his sweat and his natural taste of his body was divine. Taking his earlobe into mouth I started to nibble. Jasper started to move up and down my cock erratically, trying to cum.

I breathed into his ear, "Remember you can't cum until I tell you to. This is your punishment for teasing me."

"Fuck." He whimpered.

Bringing my nails up his torso, Jasper's abs flexed. With the new sensation on his torso, he let out another moan.

I placed open, wet kisses along his neck and whispered, and "You're mine now, Jasper. No one else's. We get to do this for the rest of our lives." I brought him even tighter to me.

"Yours, baby. Always yours."

I started to feel my orgasm coming. My balls began to tighten; I started pulling Jasper down even harder.

"Mine." I began to chant.

Totally forgetting about the punishment, I felt Jasper's ass spasm.

"Ahhh, fuck." He cried out while shooting hot cum onto the bedspread.

Still continuing my erratic pumping into his tight ass, but only after about fifth pump I felt myself shoot into oblivion.

"Jasper," I yelled out while I released my cum into his awaiting hole.

When my orgasm was complete, I placed a kiss in the crook of Jasper's neck. I then whispered, "I love you, husband."

He turned his head and brought his hand and placed at the nape of my neck. He then proceeded to give me a kiss. "I love you too, husband." He whispered against my lips. He eased himself off of my cock, and I immediately missed his warmth wrapped around me. I then get to go get him a towel to help him clean up. Once finished with that, we both eased into bed with me spooning Jasper.

I planted a kiss behind his ear, "Just so you know, you are still going to be punished. You came without permission." We both chuckled.

" I know." He exhaled. "But…I sure do love it when you punish me."

The sound of Jasper's light snore breaking me out of my reverie, I could feel my morning wood pulsating a little bit more. Trying to will my aroused state, I thought my life in the past 15 years.

With Jasper's work, he stayed at the high school for a little bit, maybe two or three years, but he decided that he wanted to go back to school to get his masters and eventually his Ph D. He loved to play doctor. So now, he works at the University of Washington in the history department. Unfortunately, those college girls could not take a hint. So, at least once a semester I would make a habit of visiting him during a class and mark my territory.

Yeah, I am a little possessive!

As for myself, I loved working with the kids. I have moved schools a few times through the years, but I loved teaching them.

When were both at the age of twenty eight, we decided that we wanted to start trying to have children. Luckily for us, we didn't really have to search because Bella had offered us to use her as a surrogate.

Bella and Emmett married right after graduation. They immediately started their family. By the time they offered to be our surrogate they already had two kids...two boys. Emmett went into business and Bella decided to be a stay at home mom.

We decided that I was going to donate first and then Jasper would go second. We didn't have any trouble getting pregnant. Over the next eight and half months were filled with shopping for our two boys and doctor visits. The day arrived about a week after my birthday, when our sons joined the world, Max James Cullen and Anthony Hale Cullen. They both were exactly like me; they had my crazy bronze hair and green eyes. They were absolutely perfect.

Before our wedding, Jasper had decided that he would take my last name since he had a brother that could pass along the family name.

Since having our children, Bella and Emmett continued on having more children. Has of now they have five boys. Emmett likes to joke saying that Bella is a boy maker.

Having the babies was such a huge transition for us. We moved into a different home and out our apartment. I decided after we had them that I would take some time off to raise them, and that was one of best decisions ever.

Max and Tony (Anthony) have such different personalities, but they are two peas in a pod. Max is very introverted and shy, but Tony…he can take up all of the attention if he wanted. Both of them are very musically inclined. They have this uncanny ability to play off each other when they are playing the piano. It is truly rather remarkable.

When the boys were at the age of four, we decided to have another child. Jasper had kept up with his friendship with Alice and she offered her services to us as well. After graduation, Alice decided to travel. She went all over the world, but she never did settle down. She now works in fashion merchandizing here in Seattle, but she still travels for work. When Jasper was talking with her about us having another child, she offered. Unluckily, getting pregnant wasn't as easy as the last time. It took three attempts for us to get pregnant, and then Alice had to spend most of her pregnancy on bed rest. I think after what happened this last time we decided that we didn't want anymore children, and I also believed that Alice didn't want any kids either.

So on one cold December day, our daughter Elise Isabeau Cullen was born. She had Alice's dark hair and Jasper's blue eyes. She was simply beautiful. She is also a wild one. We can never get her to sit down and she is the biggest tomboy. She is always getting into mud.

Shortly after the twins were born my parents decided to move to Seattle to be closer to their grandchildren. Both of my have since retired and just enjoy their time together and with the grandkids.

Rosalie gave birth to a little girl a few months after my graduation and she has become a much better person. The girl that I grew up with my whole life is no longer there, in her place is a loving and sweet person. It was such a change after her daughter was born that it was hard to believe at first. But as time went on, she stayed nurturing and sweet. She did get her happy ending though. About ten years ago, she met her a sweet man, Jacob Black, at the garage that they were both working at. They were instantly smitten. They were married in less than a year. They now have a son and daughter, and own a garage.

Looking back at my sleeping husband and I still see the man that made all of my dreams come true. I feel so much love for this man. Overflowing with emotion, I lean in and give him sweet and reverent kiss. He doesn't respond at first, but he eventually does. He rolls us over where he is leaning over me. He pulls back and smiles down at me.

"What was that for?"

"I just wanted to kiss my husband because he makes me so deliriously happy."

He leans down and kisses me passionately. Pulling up again and looking at the clock on our nightstand, he brings his mouth to my ear.

"How about we have some fun before the kids need to get up?" He stated while grinding his morning wood with my awakening cock.

I wrap my arms around his torso and flush his body with my own. I bring my mouth to his ear and whisper, "Fuck me."

The End

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