Characters: Gui Gui, Wang Zi, Ya Tou, Xiao Jie. (Other minors might be added as the story progresses.)

Once upon a time in the heavenly Land of Fantaisie, there dwell an ever growing population of Cupids. They are grouped according to their different duties and ranks. The more capable ones are granted permissions to make use of the land's greatest treasures - its everlasting supplies of unique bows and arrows. Other than such, they also play out their role in guarding and securing earthly humans' love relationships, etc.

During a particular significant cupids' season of promotion to higher ranks, the heavy traffic all around, coupled with the rising demands for everyone's achievement report caused uneasy trail blockages here, there and everywhere. In one chance encounter, a popular sophomore cupid by the name of Ya Tou happened to collide straight on with an impulse-driven Xiao Jie (also a fellow cupid) during a secret crossing of the River of Flurries. This unfortunate incident led Xiao Jie to fire all blame on the resulting Cupid Promotion Convocation, which suspiciously retained himself in the former sophomore rank. On the other hand, Ya Tou was promoted up to two levels above his. Just how will his fiery anger affect Ya Tou's fragile future as a senior Cupid??

Meanwhile on earth, Gui Gui is an ordinary girl living her every day life with a hardworking and earnest attitude. She is serious in her jobs and studies. Not that she comes from a poor family, but her greatest wish of starting a plush-toy making factory before the age of 30 will always remind her to utilise all her free time and energy to fulfill this tough dream of hers.

Wang Zi (Real Name: Qiu Sheng Yi) is just his nick implies, the object of affection of nearly every girl in his college. He possesses the appearance of a charming prince, thus winning the innumerable hearts of his pursuers. Yet, he refuses their advances to focus on his studies as well as to challenge to the utmost limit, his penchant for creativity.

Four beings from two different worlds, across the dimensions of time and space...Just how will their destinies intertwined? Stay Tuned...

Chapter 1

Ya Tou rested her stiffened back against her newly-earned recliner made of not only the most comfortable, but also the softest cloud material in the land. "Ahhh, not bad eh?" she mused and hit on one of its control buttons to activate the gentle massage function. It soothed her hardened muscles to great effect.

With a wave of her hand, a glass of cooling lemonade came into sight. She took a sip and marvelled at the fact that all her hard work had paid off well in the end. Within a second or two of deep relaxation, the bell chime sounded through the strawberry-scented space. Ya Tou gladly stood up and chanted with glee, "Autograph Session to commence! Yay!"

Her wings flapped instantenously to take her through the air to her centre's courtyard. Putting on her pair of binoculars, she could foresee that the line-up was long enough to get the cupids protesting the need to wait. As part of the celebration of her promotion to a senior Cupid, she has been holding autograph sessions since who-knows-when. She announced aloud to the crowd below her rank to exhibit patience and that she promised to sign for all in attendance without break on her part.

Everyone cheered for her as a result. Ya Tou flashed a victory sign to begin, "Come on, the first in line please! Huh?!"

This cupid strangely donned a pair of thick sunglasses and dark overcoat with a sizeable hood that even his own pair of wings lay well-hidden underneath the material. He coughed hard and thus, it was only from the pitch of his voice that aided Ya Tou to correctly label him as a male.

"Oh, Mister...are you.....?" Ya Tou was quite puzzled.

He quickly jumped in to continue in an apparent sickly tone, "Err hem...Senior Ya know...I labour all night and day...just to take care of those crappy humans...that now,...I have caught their worldly disease...the"

"Cancer?!!" Ya Tou was overly astounded. She quickly got up from her throne and down the stage, "Goodness Gracious...As a Senior Cupid, I must bring you over to the Fountain of Vigor...Come with me, hurry!!"

She led the seemingly ailing junior cupid away from the sight of the crowd who was totally helpless in stopping her. They arrived at a stream of dancing fountains and the overwhelming pressure on Ya Tou finally lifted. She pointed out, "Here you are, My loving Junior Cupid...Take a step forward to wash up the feather of your wings and all will return to normal...Trust me!!"

"Oh...," he sighed. "But before that, you must sign for me, My loving Senior." Digging fast into his coat pocket, he took out a booklet for her.

Ya Tou smiled happily, "For sure I will..." She waved a hand for her personal quill to appear and fulfill her duty.

Beyond the shadow of his hood, a hideous smirk affirmed the reality of a trap he has cleverly designed.

Ya Tou grimaced as her vision started to blur before her sharp eyes, "Ah...why so dizzy?" When the signature was complete, it blinked with insurmountable brightness that she could feel her own power diminishing at lightning-fast speed. "Noooo..." her much-admired voice trailed off and Ya Tou vanished into thin air.

"HaHaHa!!! I have finally gotten my revenge on you, Senior!!" Xiao Jie threw away his cloak to catch hold of the signed booklet. "From now on, no one will know!!" he sneered and flapped his wings to fly away.

At about the same time on earth, Gui Gui was on her usual round pacing about in the library collecting books to borrow. On her tiring hands rested a huge pile of thick dusty materials. Passing by the Economics section, she stopped abruptly after spotting a popular text from a side-glance. She struggled to balance what she was already carrying with one hand while reaching out to the shelf with another. However, just one-tenth of a second before she could succeed, the tall pile of books she got began to shake. Without noticing, someone else snatched away the Economics text while Gui Gui, with her eyes focusing on the trembling pile, grabbed hold of a random novel entitled, 'Cupid's Helpline'. Following, all books fell haphazardly onto the floor. Gui Gui was disheartened as she crouched down to gather them all.

"Ah oh...," Ya Tou yawned as she regained her senses. She looked about in shock after realising she was now encased in a dark flattened corner of a two-dimensional world. "Why?!! How did I end up in a bookmark?!!" She yelled out but only echos were heard reflecting back to her head.