After signing on their passports, Ya Tou and Xiao Jie finally ended up back in the heavens. However, Ya Tou was quite puzzled when Xiao Jie told her that they have to head straight to the Central Hall.

"Xiao Jie, is there any stately function taking place right there?" She inquired of him.

He tried to avoid answering directly, "There's something important that we must see Cupid Major..."

"Huh?" she felt even more strange but Xiao Jie has quicken his speed to flutter past and pulled her along to catch up fast with him.

Once they have reached their destination, the two of them were more astounded to find the Leader of the Land, Cupid Major to be already waiting for them.

"Long time no see, my fellow cupids..." he greeted solemnly.

"Your Honour," Xiao Jie stepped back and bowed. Ya Tou did the same.

Cupid Major then continued, "I gather that you both have a purpose coming here..."

Xiao Jie nervously returned, "Yes, Your Honour..."

He urged, "Go ahead then, cupid Xiao Jie..."

Ya Tou nudged him, "Just what's going on?" In his response, Xiao Jie assured that he would find a way to resolve the problem. Ya Tou was ever more startled as a result.

He stepped forward, "Cupid Major, please lift the curse off Senior Ya Tou for trespassing the River of Flurries which happened shortly before her promotion. Please, place the blame on me instead...and I am all willing to sacrifice for this sake..."

Xiao Jie's words came as a surprise to Cupid Major, "Are you really certain?"

"Xiao Jie!! Why do you have to do this?!" Ya Tou cried in despair.

He faced her decisively, "Senior Ya Tou, I count myself as worthy to suffer in your place..."

She grabbed his hands, "Xiao Jie...This is not making any sense...I will not let you!"

Seeing them both, Cupid Major cleared his throat, "Alright now, Cupid Xiao Jie...I ask for the last time, have you made up your mind?"

He nodded, "Yes!"

"Wait!" Ya Tou raised a hand to block Xiao Jie from stepping forward to Cupid Major. "I don't agree...I don't care whatever curse, I can't let Xiao Jie bear the consequences..."

"Senior Ya Tou!!" Xiao Jie retorted.

Following, the Chapel's bell sounded and they both were shocked. Then, Cupid Major let out a laugh as his assistant appeared, bringing with him some papers.

He announced, "Congratulations! You have passed the test!"

"What?!" Xiao Jie and Ya Tou uttered at the same time.

Cupid Major went on to explain, "Actually, it is all known that since the very beginning, we cupids do not practise falling in love with one another. But having myself being the leader of this Land for over a million cupid years already, it struck me that loneliness and keeping to our own selves may not be a good thing. So I discussed with my assistant and we decided to do a secret test on our cupid population. Then, I remember once I was on an assignment to Earth and the humans have created this popular phrase, 'Opposites Attract'. So we singled you both out...Cupid Xiao Jie, being the one with the worst record in the Land..." Turning to him, he continued, "I just can't imagine your lengthy list of blunders and failings, whether seen or unseen, to be a zillion times longer than the vines in our Paradise Gardens...while Cupid Ya Tou is one of the brightest amongst all...Now, I see that everything is a success..."

Ya Tou and Xiao Jie looked at him with wide eyes, "You mean, two??"

Cupid Major flashed the brightest smile and snapped his fingers for the assistant to hand him a scroll and quill, "So...which date shall I set you both up for an engagement party??"

"Wait a minute! Are you gonna tell us that there's nothing about the curse??" Xiao Jie asked.

"Absolutely," Cupid Major ran his finger down a list of possible dates. He then added, "Before I forget, as the first pair of couple in the land, you both should be completely honest and open with each other...Cupid Xiao Jie, shouldn't you at least apologise to Cupid Ya Tou for impersonating as her fan during her autograph session and then sending her down to Earth the other day??"

"Oh," Xiao Jie realised.

On the side, Ya Tou glared strongly at him with rising fury, "How could you?! Making me sign on my passport without me knowing at all?!!"

Xiao Jie looked away and trembled in fear. She then suppressed her temper and turned to Cupid Major, "Thanks, Your Honour...But I just have this last request from you...can I have the Bow and Arrow of Everlasting Bliss to bless my charge 'Gui Gui' and her true love, 'Wang Zi' back on Earth??"

"No problem!" He waved a hand for the mystical items to appear.

Once Ya Tou got them in her hands, she bade, "Finally, now I have an excuse to return to Earth and quit seeing you all senseless creatures again!!" She pointed furiously at Xiao Jie and in a blink of an eye, signed on her own passport before vanishing.

"Hey!" Xiao Jie looked about worriedly. "Ya Tou, wait for me! We still have an engagement party to attend to!" He too signed on his own passport and disappeared. Cupid Major and his assistant who were left behind, only looked at each other cluelessly.

Across the universe and back on Earth, Gui Gui and Wang Zi were happily indulging in a tree-planting activity event on a certain day. "Alright, finished!" She pressed hard on the soil ground and then got up on her feet to stretch her arms.

Wang Zi stood up as well, "Wonder how much it would have grown when we come back next year..."

Gui Gui smiled and looked up at the sky above them. 'Eh??" she thought her eyes were playing tricks on her when there seemed to be a silhoutte of a bow and arrow beyond the clouds up there.

Wang Zi looked at her and then gazed upwards. He too witnessed the same strange thing.

"Thanks very much for participating today..." One of the tree-planting event committee members approached them both.

"Don't mention it," Wang Zi and Gui Gui expressed together.

The committee member then handed a box of chocolates to them, "This is a gesture of our appreciation...Hope to see you both again next time!"

"Thank you!" They gratefully accepted it. Gui Gui then sighed with relief as she and Wang Zi went on their way.

Rubbing her forehead, Gui Gui found that this year's summer season has come extremely earlier. Noticing her, Wang Zi took out a towel and wiped off the sweat on her face.

Gui Gui was touched by his actions. She then playfully took the towel from him, "Hey, you're even sweatier than I do!" Helping to wipe his forehead, she came up with a question, "I have been thinking, Wang Zi, is it possible for you to come up with more cute animal sketches for me??"

He pondered, "Why ask this?"

"Well," she stammered.

He somewhat knew now, "Are you trying to hire me as a designer for the future plush-toy making factory??"

Gui Gui was surprised, "How did you know??" Then, it came to her mind, "Don't tell me you've been prying into my diary entries the other day...Oh you!!"

Wang Zi smiled awkwardly and tried to run away. "Hey, sneaky Wang Zi!!" Gui Gui threw over his towel and started chasing after him. "Wait up!!" her high-pitched voice resounded loud and clear through the cleared path of the area as Wang Zi continued to scamper away.


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