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Hidden Talents – Part 7

"Man, how did you manage to get ol' traffic light in your group," inquired Cyborg. He knew he could ask this while Robin was gasping for breath.

"Took a little work. Sneaking in was no problem, but I had to give him a touch of gas to keep him out while I was measuring his brainwaves. Just in case, I had a pink cape."

"Huh?" Cyborg, and everyone else, looked confused.

"I mean I had a pink copy of Robin's cape. That way it would look like I was pranking him if he ever woke up." Smirked Beast Boy.

"Hold on Beast Boy," said Raven, "I remember he came out one morning with a pink cape. Does that mean he caught you?"

"Naw, he never woke up. But why waste a good prank. After the week it took me to get his full measurements, I just switched his cape anyway."

"OHHH, that cape was marvelous," squealed Starfire, "I asked Robin why he changed his costume and was he going to maintain his new color scheme. It looked soooooo cute. He turned a funny color after that."

"I'll bet," muttered Raven.

Meanwhile, Dr. McElroy was trying to get his composure back. Being with the Titans was starting to be more than he could handle. The image of Robin, leader of the Titans, defender of Jump City, in a pink cape really was an amusing image.

By this time, Robin had not only regained his breath, he had regained his composure. While he knew pounding Beast Boy would give him some momentary satisfaction (and a warm feeling for weeks to come), he knew it wouldn't be right. Besides, BB was too good at escaping after all the practice Raven gave him. "All right, Fine!" Robin snarled, still not particularly happy. "You've got your tests and your control group. Even if you did use us and human crooks for it. What made you publish and why hide your identity?"

"Who cares why he published, he did." Exclaimed Dr. McElroy. "Mr. Logan, we really need to see that data and your work papers. Given your rather, ah, unorthodox methods, it is becoming even more imperative that the scientific community evaluates your work."

"OK, OK, I only published because I thought someone might be interested in what I found. I didn't see anything else out there that that looked like it, and I didn't want anyone to know it was me. I was afraid Robin would be mad for using the equipment. Besides, this whole project has been a complete bust anyway and I'm ready to give it up. You can have the info."

"Hold on, Mr. Logan." Dr. McElroy was confused again, as were the Titans. "What do you mean your project was a bust? What do you mean you're going to stop your research?"

"Beast Boy," asked Raven, "what were you trying to do anyway?"

"I'm trying to show that animals and people have the same types of feelings and emotions."

Now Dr. McElroy was even more confused. "But, then why were you focused on the electrical connections in the brain? Many, if not most, of the emotions are triggered by glandular secretions and their effect on the brain. Your interest in the chemical components seemed relegated merely to the chemical synapses that fired the electrical brain charges."

"Huh? You mean emotions come from chemicals in your blood and glands?" Beast Boy looked at Raven.

She nodded. "Yes, Beast Boy, many emotional reactions are triggered by glands in concert with the electrical impulses."

"Oh" Beast Boy looked stunned for a moment or so. Then he looked thoughtful. "Hey Robin! Can I borrow your chemistry set?"




"Pretty Pleeese?"


"Pretty Please with sugar on top and a cherry?"

"NO!! Last time you used the chemistry set you blew up the tower." Robin yelled.

"Dude, it was only two rooms and only the once."

"We only let you use it once."

At this exchange, Dr. McElroy had a look of horror on his face. He was starting to get a very good understanding of Beast Boy's nature and the thought of him with a chemistry set was rather frightening.

"Don't worry," said Cyborg to the doctor, "I have the chemistry equipment under lock and key."

"Did you also have the medical and electronic equipment under lock and key as well?" he inquired.

Cyborg's smile dropped off his face immediately and he began to take on a look of horrified panic.

"Beast Boy, I am curious," began Starfire. "While I understand what you were trying to do. I do not understand why you were trying to show that human beings and animals have the same emotions?"

"Oh, that's easy. If I can show that animals feel the same emotions as people, I can convince Cyborg not to eat meat. I've been trying to convince him using morals and it's not working. Maybe with scientific proof he'll give up meat."

"Excuse me, Mr. Logan," interrupted Dr. McElroy. "Do you mean to say you started this whole project just to stop your friend from eating meat??"

"Dude, you've never seen him! He eats meat constantly. He's responsible for the death of thousands of cows, pigs and chickens. I gotta do something. If he goes on, he'll murder millions more."

Dr. McElroy's hands began to tremble. "I believe I shall sit down again."

Starfire began to laugh with merriment. Cyborg was muttering to himself, "Not going to eat that tofu junk!"

Robin's shoulders slumped and he put his head down into his right hand. He started shaking his head and saying, "Why me? What have I done to deserve this?"

And Raven, Raven stared at Beast Boy for a long moment then gave a sigh. In her normal, monotone drawl she said,"

"Thaaat's our Beast Boy."

And with that, I believe it is time to leave our heroes, at least for this story. For those of you who have been reading this, Thank you. I have a couple of other ideas for stories that I will be working on, more focused on romance and adventure rather than humor. (Finally got the horizontal ruler to work.)

As for my reviewers, my very humble thanks for your comments.

Novus Ordo Seclorum – Again my thanks for understanding the duality of his nature. He may be unwittingly intelligent, but he's still the same old BB.

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