(Author's Note: It takes a bit to get into the "good stuff" as it were; please don't judge this fic by the prologue.

Also I do not claim to own any characters created by the talented Mikiyo Tsuda-sama. -Tejina)

Prologue: All Is Not As It Appears

"Don't be over self-confident with your first impressions of people."

"So this is going to be my school..."

The figure stood, a dark shadow against the rising moon. Short, unruly hair waved in the breeze as, with hands on its hips, it stared at the sign.

"Fujimori School Dorm...It looks locked up for the night." The figure paused, then sighed. "I guess I sleep at the bus station tonight. My own fault, really. I should have accounted for Dad's enthusiasm." A groan escaped small lips, the lithe body slumping. Brown eyes flecked with green glanced down at the two suitcases and two duffel bags, a frown marring the smooth forehead. "Ah, whatever. It's better than that train station a few days back..."

The person readjusted the backpack slung over slender shoulders, hefted a duffel bag on each arm and then grabbed the suitcases with ease, obviously having done this many times before. Just as the figure turned away, footsteps were heard on the street.

Startled, the figure whipped around. A blonde haired-girl?-was staring at the figure with golden eyes.

"Can I help you?" the person inquired.

"I-uh-it's not what it looks like," the figure began, hastily backing up, only to trip over a stray handle.

"Oh, here. Let me help you up." A tinge of laughter could be heard in the blonde's voice.

"Wow, she's pretty. She can't go to Fujimori..." The figure stared up at the golden-eyed girl.

The blonde extended a hand to the fallen teen. "Are you a new student here, then?" she asked curiously. "Tsuji-senpai never mentioned anyone else moving in other than Tooru."

"Ah, yes. Um. Are you a student here, then? I'll be transferring into class 1-D tomorrow, and I'm supposed to move into the dorms then as well. But I got here early." Taking the hand, the brunette stood and dusted black pants off, then checked the long jacket for tears. "Thank you. I spoke to the Director yesterday, but I lost the phone number... Oh! My name is Masa Inoue. Pleased to meet you."

"I'm Yuujiro Shihoudani. I'm in class 1-D as well." He smiled, a dazzling smile. Masa was slightly taken aback at this turn of events.

"Really? Well, I hope to have a good year with you." Masa bowed.

"Well, Inoue-kun..." Yuujiro began to say something when a tall dark haired man emerged from the dorm.

"Yuu-chan! What are you doing outside?" he called, then spotted Masa. "Oh, are you..." He trotted over, examining Masa carefully.

"He's a new transfer student. Looks like Tooru won't be the only one this year." Yuujiro smiled at the man.

"Yes. I'm sorry, I arrived earlier than I thought I would. If it's too much trouble, I can go sleep at the bus station until tomorrow." Masa bowed again.

"Nonsense. I'm Jin Tsuji, dorm manager. No sense in you staying out in the cold. Here, I'll help you." He picked up a fallen suitcase as Yuujiro took a duffel bag from Masa's shoulder.

"Ah, no, I can carry those myself," Masa began, then sighed as the two led him inside. He marveled at Yuujiro's slender, smooth hands. "Just like a girl," he murmured.

"I'll show you around the dorm tomorrow, Inoue-san. For tonight, however...ah, let's see. Oh, it looks like there's a room...ah."

Masa looked at Tsuji, hearing an odd inflection in his voice. "Yes?"

Yuujiro glanced at Tsuji and began to laugh. "It will be okay," he said with a grin that seemed, to Masa, to be slightly predatory. "He looks like he could be one anyway."

"Ahh," Tsuji said with a sigh. "We'll see tomorrow, I guess. For now, your room will be over in the P-Room."

"What's the P-Room?" Masa asked, hazel eyes alight with curiosity before a yawn interrupted his train of thought.

"Don't worry about it. Yuujiro, you want to help him?" Tsuji glanced down the hall. "Preferably before we get a crowd."

Yuujiro nodded and quickly ushered Masa into the door marked 'P-Room', pulling the bags in and shutting the door.

"Tsuji-senpai can help you get your bearings in the dorm tomorrow," Yuujiro said distractedly. Masa looked around with interest. There were four doors, connected to rooms, he figured. Another door had a 'Meeting Room' sign on it.

"Here, you can use this room for now." Yuujiro opened the leftmost door and Masa followed him in. Bunk beds were on the right wall, a large table, dresser, and closet on the left.
"Thank you very much, Shihoudani-san," Masa said politely. "I will ensure that I am ready to be moved out at the earliest opportunity tomorrow."

"Well, I'll be in the room two doors down from you. Come see me if you have any urgent questions." Yuujiro waved and left, and Masa plopped down on the bottom bunk.

"Ah, a bed...how nice." Masa quickly changed into pajamas and was soon fast asleep before he could even finish that thought, blissfully unaware of the direction his life would take.