Well, In anticipation of Metroid other M, I decided to write this fic, starring everyone's favorite female bounty hunter. Hope you enjoy!

Note: I do not own Metroid, Team Ninja, Nintendo, or anything else mentioned.


Time and location: Planet Gerand, 5:32 pm, 4th month of the Galactic Calendar.

Intro text:

On the edge of the North-Eastern Star System lies the planet Gerand, the 234th Planet-city of the Galactic Federation. Gerand is a troubled planet, full of many problems that inflicted much misfortune upon it's inhabitants. The economy is in a downward spiral, the crime rate is increasing, and worst of all, a massive rebel insurgency is making attacks against the Galactic-Federation. The Federation is doing whatever it can to fight back the insurgency, but morale is low, and the enemy appears to have the upper hand. However, the Federation has hired someone that could potentially turn the tide of this war, a well known bounty hunter known and feared by many..

There were massive amounts of rain falling upon the Planet of Gerand. Members of the Gerand Liberation League, the insurgency who was fighting against the Federation, were marching through the mountainous terrain overlooking the capital city of Gerand, covered in the pouring rain. As the rebels kept marching, a small group of them were whispering rumors to each other.

"Hey, did ya hear that those feds got a new hired gun?" asked a bearded rebel. Another scar-faced rebel covered in sunglasses was curious about the gossip.

"A hired gun, Y'mean like a bounty hunter?" asked Scar-Face.

"Yeah, ain't that grand? Those Fed's are outta their minds!" answered the bearded man as he laughed heartily. " Are they outta their bleedin' minds or what!? We're already kicking their arses so hard, and just right outta the blue, they send only ONE person to take us on!! They should just give up while they can!"

As they kept marching, the scar-faced man was chatting along with his comrade about this bounty hunter. "One Bounty Hunter Only? I guess since this economy is so piss-poor, they can only afford to hire one only. I don't get it, why don't those bleedin' Feds quit already?"

The bearded rebel's smile disappeared into a sneering scowl. "Because, those Feds don't wanna quit, they're too thick skulled and they don't wanna admit they're losing. So instead of signing a treaty, they're only wasting more money and spilling more blood. They don't want to end this like civilized men, they wanna fight to the end like bleedin' savages."

The scar-faced rebel always kept hearing insults and haze against the Federation they were fighting against, so it wasn't anything new. However, what caught his attention was this bounty hunter.

"So, who's this bounty hunter they're wasting all their money on?" asked Scar-face as he leaned in closer to whisper. The bearded man's face tightened as he explained.

"Well, from what I've heard, this one is supposed to be pretty famous. He's always walkin' around in that red and orange armor, and he's got this here gun attached to his arm, like he's Megaman or something!"

"Umm, Megaman? Who's that?" asked a confused Scar-face.

"What, you never played any of those games before when you was a youngun?" asked the bearded rebel in a surprised manner.

"I've no idea what you're talking about." Scar-Face stared off into the sky, not understanding what his partner was referring to.

"Never mind that," the Bearded man muttered with a dissatisfied sneer. "Anyways, that bounty hunter, what's his name again?"

One of the other rebels chimed in. "Isn't it Samuel Karan?" Others began to guess the name too.

"Nah, I think it was Samwise Gamgee." guessed a confused rebel.

"That's a Stinkin' Hobbit ya bloody idiot!!" Yelled a frustrated bearded man.

"Wait, I remember, It's Samus Ar-" Before Scar-face could finish , an explosion ripped through their group, sending rebels flying though the air. The attacked rebels immediately drew their plasma guns and rusty ancient RPG rocket launchers, and broke off into multiple groups and charged forward. However, a silhouetted armored figure fired multiple missiles into the air, blowing apart their formation and sending the rebels into a frenzied panic. When the smoke cleared, an armored, green visored orange-red and yellow figure walked slowly and menacingly. The rebels fired back with their rifles, but their shots just either whizzed past or harmlessly bounced off the figures armor. The terrified Scar-faced man now recognized the bounty hunter from his bearded comrade's description. It was the most infamous bounty hunter in the known galaxy, Samus Aran! The terrified rebels retreated and returned fire as they ran back, but Samus just effortlessly blasted them apart with a charged shot from her arm cannon. She then rushed forward, firing multiple rapid shots with her cannon, knocking down the rebel soldiers like ducks in a row. One of the rebels fired back with his RPG rocket, but Samus, using her uncanny acrobatics, corkscrew-somersaulted into the air, avoiding the missile and in mid air while upside down, fired back one of her missiles, decimating nearly the whole entire group. The scar-faced man knew he couldn't win, so he terrifyingly ran away, dropping his gun in the process.

"Oh boy, looks like I got a runner.." muttered Samus in a relaxed yet lazy tone.

As the man kept sprinting away, She fired her blue grapple beam, and dragged the man towards her in a violent speed. As he flew towards her face-first, she ended it, smashing her armored fist into his face. The man, with his caved in bleeding face, was muttering in a terrified tone.

"Th-taht boutny hunther.. You-you're Thsamush, Thasamush eriansth!" muttered the man with his squished in face.

"It's Samus Aran, get it right." stated Samus in an annoyed tone.

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