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Chapter 1: Payment

Time and location: Planet Gerand, 5:57 pm, 4th month of the Galactic Calendar.

After the group of Rebels were defeated in a quick and brutal battle, at the site after the battle, Samus was greeted by several Galactic Federation troops, and the man leading them, her employer, a high ranking Federation officer known as General Sternberg.

"Outstanding work Samus, simply outstanding!" Exclaimed Sternberg as he pointed to the pile of corpses.

"It's war, there's nothing outstanding about it.." muttered Samus as she sat atop a rock and took her helmet off. Her long, smooth blonde hair flowed over her shoulders, and her sullen face looked over the devestation of the destruction she wrought. A lot of the Fed soldiers were stunned at her beauty, and were whispering things about her.

"That's Samus Aran!?"

"She looks stunning.."

"I didn't know she was a chick.."

Sternberg walked up to Samus and stared at her. Samus scanned his features. Sternberg was a grayish-blonde short haired man, covered in a cape and wearing medals and stars covering his shoulders. He also wore the standard officers cap of the federation, and wore tall black boots.

"Nevertheless my dear, you have done a great service for the Federation, a service which we shall be eternally grateful for." muttered the general in a cold menacing voice.

"I haven't done any good service." replied Samus in a bleak tone. "I've only created orphans and widows. A lot of families now have no fathers and husbands, and I'm responsible for it."

Sternberg didn't match Samus's sentiment.

"Huh? Certainly you don't mean this?"

Samus couldn't believe this man's arrogance.

"They are people too, like us! These aren't Metroids, alien parasites, or space pirates! These are human beings dammit! You are treating this like a Goddamn celebration, and you should be ashamed!!"

Sternberg and his troops were shocked at this outburst. However, Sternberg's astonished expression quickly faded away, and he and the rest of his troops laughed heartily.

"Ya see that boys!? That bounty hunter we hired is not only a good fighter, she can tell good jokes too!" Stated the General in between laughs.

Samus was no longer acting reserved and calm, she had enough of this.

"I wouldn't treat this matter lightly if I were you General Sternberg. You should treat this matter seriously, and I don't appreciate you insulting me after I have done your dirty work."

"Are you sure you should be asking a superior officer such an order, Samus?" stated Sternberg as he stared the bounty hunter down. "Your little outburst and your demands are in basic violation of Federation protocols."

"Like I give a shit." swore Samus with a scowl on her face. "I'm no longer with your organization anymore, so your regulations and protocol do not comply. If you need further use of me and my talents, do not insult me ever again or treat this matter as a source of amusement. Is that understood, General?"

The General and his troops were once again shocked, but there was no laughing this time.

" I understand, Samus, and I apologize for that. You are a valuable asset to us, and we will contact you again for any and all future services. Let's pretend that this little ugly thing never happened, alright?" apologized the General with a fake smile grafted onto his face.

"Right. Now, my payment." demanded Samus.

"I beg your pardon?" asked the General.

"I'm a bounty hunter, General. I don't do this for free."

Sternberg then remembered that he would have to pay her off eventually.

"Ahh, yes. Approximatley 86,000 Galactic Credits. Thank you for reminding me! Do you have any possible dates when you would like to receive this?"

"Now." demanded Samus immediatley.

Sternberg was once again shocked. Who the hell did this woman think she was!?

"I-I-I'm afraid that's impossible. However, we will do our best to ship your payment to you as soon as possible if you liked."

"That's good too." Samus casually answered.

Samus was done with these people. She no longer had any reason to be here, so she punched in the coordinates on her wrist communicator, and within seconds, her ship landed. As she stepped aboard, The general said one last thing.

"We will let you know if we need you again Samus!" shouted the General over the loud noise of the ship.

"I bet you will.." muttered Samus in a cold tone as she stepped aboard.

Within minutes, the ship took off into space, leaving the General and his troops. After Samus left, Sternberg cast a look of great anger upon his face, which was covered in angry veins.

"Umm, general? Are you alright sir?" asked one of his soldiers.

The genral unleashed his hidden anger and smashed a rock with his fist.

"That Bitch!!! Who does she think she is!? If she was still part of this Federation I would put a court-martial on her ass that would send her all the way to Zebes!! Or what's left of it.."

"Whether we like or not, we still need her sir." assured the soldier.

The general's anger was replaced with a menacing maniacal smile that freaked out the soldier.

"That's right soldier, and she needs us too..."


2 weeks later....

Time and location: Outer-space. Samus Aran's spaceship. 4th month of the galactic calendar.

It was a very slow 2 weeks for Samus. The last job she did was on Gerand and that skirmish with the rebels. Sternberg promised to pay her as soon as possible, but her payment never came. For 2 straight weeks Samus had no new bounties, no contracts, NOTHING. She was desperate for any new activities, and she couldn't just sit there and collect dust. So she dug out her old NES and was trying to play Donkey Kong. She was on the couch, with her armor off wearing nothing but a short white tank-top and shorts. The air conditioning wasn't working right, so it was also very hot. The combination of the heat and the difficulty of the game was really starting to piss her off.

"God dammit, I hate this game!!" yelled a pissed off Samus.

In retaliation, she picked up her arm cannon laying on the counter, and blew up the T.V. with a missile. Immediately after that, her phone began to ring.

"Hello, Samus Aran, Bounty Hunter." casually answered Samus as if nothing ever happened.

"Hello? Is this Samus Aran!? We need you very badly, please hurry!!" said a panicked voice.

"Just calm down sir, tell me what's going on and I'll be able to handle it."

"Near your coordinates, we have a shipping freighter under heavy fire! We're being fired upon and hijacked, we think it might be-"

"Space pirates.." finished Samus. "Just hang on sir, I'll be on my way." She hung up the phone and ran to get her suit. Finally! Some action after 2 weeks of nothing! Samus entered the chamber in the ship, and piece by piece, her armor appeared over her. Finally, she walked over and grabbed her helmet-visor and put it on.

"Time to get paid.." she said as she loaded her arm cannon.

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