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Definitely Not a Cinderella Story

I'm no Cinderella.

I knew that.

But my life is so close to being similar to that of that blonde's that it's almost scary.

We have a lot of things common, you know—me and her.

First, both of us have blonde hair.

We both lost our mother when we were little.

Both our fathers had married again for the greater good.

Two step-sisters—yup! Exactly as same as Cindy! (But they are actually my step-mother's children from her first marriage).

Both our fathers had died when we were growing up.

Now, not very much unlike her, I'm nothing more than a slave at my own house, a servant maid to my step-mother and her two malicious daughters whose main aim is to devour all of my dad's money to meet their own malevolent ends. But most important aim of theirs is to make me suffer.

Like Cinderella's little animal friends, I have a few close friends who'd do anything for me.

I also have a virtual-guy-friend, who I chanced upon our school's Chat room a year ago, who is close to becoming my fairy-god-friend (if there is even such a word) for I tell him stuff that I don't dare to tell anybody else. I tell him my dreams and aspirations but I make sure I never let out anything about me other than that—like the fact that my life is a living hell.

So… my life is almost exactly as Cinderella and I still claim its not…?

That's cause there's just one thing missing—A Prince to take me away from all of this anguish... A Prince to sweep me off of my feet and give me that "happily ever after".

Then again, I'm still seventeen… I can find my knight-in-shining-armor soon enough, right…?

Chapter I

The Dorks and The Populars

"Hey Cindy, sorry about not making it last night… I was caught up a stupid party… A waste of four hours of my life… ^sigh^… Hope to catch you soon though…"

I read the message again and a small smile crept across my lips. I didn't have to look at the "Sender" to know who it was. But I still looked and there it was, like I saved it, the first time he had sent a message to me, "PP".

I replied after much thought:

"Hey… It's okay… I wasn't able to make it anyway… :-)"

I pressed "Send" and was waiting for a reply when the shrill voice of my step-mother caught me off-guard.

"Oi!" the middle-aged woman's voice rang through the door and into my small and dingy room, "where are you, you worthless piece of scum…?"

I know that I was late for the morning chores. I was about to leave to start them when I had received that message from him and I lost all track of time. Before I left my room, I silenced the mobile that Nanami had given me for my birthday two years ago and pushed it into my bag and exited the room, having to start my life as Sûn Yukihira-Kouzuki and her twin daughters' servant maid.

"What's with the hurry princess?" greeted my step-mother, a tall woman in her early forties with short dark hair and equally dark eyes which makes you think of endless-holes or bottom-less pits.

I sensed the sarcasm the moment she had uttered the first word in her usual sly voice.

"Mom, it's getting late…" pointed out Karen Yukihira, my seventeen-year-old step-sister, flipping her long brunette hair that had an amazingly contrasting streak of pink near the rear.

"Yes…" acknowledged Mai Yukihira, almost exactly the same as her twin.

It was pretty sickening that even their wardrobe matched. Well, it would've been cute if it weren't the fact that their clothes could even throw Victoria Street out of business.

"You heard them…" pointed out Sûn icily.

I nodded lightly and started to pack their books and finish some of their unfinished homework, and comb their hair 101 times (oh they counted all right…) and gave all three a manicure ("Cupid Pink!") and stood at the doors to the house till the car finally vanished from view.

I looked at the time.

Well, there was little over five minutes left for me to change, have breakfast, get my bag, run to school and be at my seat before Mr. Yamamota entered the class. Not so difficult since I do it almost everyday.

Although we went to the same school, not many knew that I was related to Yukihira. It would be more appropriate if I had said that not many knew that a Yukihira could be related to a dork like me. They belong to the "Popular" Gang whilst my friends and I are the school's laughing stock—The Dorks.

We were a gang of five—the five major social losers in the school (according to the "Populars" anyway).

There is Nanami Tenchi, the tomboy of our gang. She would be amazing at the track and field if it weren't for her motto, "Why should we do what everybody else does?" She has three elder brothers who have finished school and are doing the family business (you can guess where her tom boyish character comes from, right?)

Then there is Santa Kurosu, the guy obsessed with the weirdest of things starting from cameras to Tofu-man movies. Sometimes we have no idea what goes on inside that head of his.

Then, it's good old Aya Konishi. She has a passion (or is it obsession...?) with writing plays and dramas. She's the editor of the School Newspaper (which apart from our gang, nobody bothers to read).

Then, it's Christine Hanakamachi. She's half-French. Sometimes we wonder why she wasn't in the "Popular" gang. She's pretty with long flowing hair, enticing sapphire orbs and a beautiful smile. Her parents are filthy rich but had made sure not to spoil their only daughter. Well, she wasn't in the Popular Gang and belonged to The Dorks only cause she was not spoilt and rotten like my sisters.

And then, there's me, Miyu Kouzuki—the biggest dork of all times—an Orphan, under the care of my "evil" step-mom and equally evil twin-step-sisters; who's life resembles so much like Cinderella it's scary.

But, I'm no Cinderella.

I knew that.

I reached school with less than a minute to spare.

Thank God that our school was less than a ten-minute walk from the Mansion.

Well, that doesn't stop my step-sisters going by car or me running.

I panted as I entered my Math class. Mr. Yamamoto hadn't arrived yet and I inwardly sighed in relief. That man could be a Satan when students came to class late.

"Hey… you made it!"

I looked at my four friends on my way to my chair almost at the end of the class and smiled.

"Morning guys…" I greeted them as I put down my bag and took my seat.

They all turned towards me and started with their usual sermon.

"I still can't believe you put up with those parasites," hissed Nanami, irritably as I noticed my step-sisters give me a disgusted look as though I had kicked a puppy or something.

I gave her an assuring smile and said, "I've not learned to love it… But I have learned to put up with them, you know…"

They all shook their heads and headed off to their seats which was scattered throughout the class. Just then, my cell buzzed. I realized that I hadn't checked whether PP had replied or not. I pulled out my mobile at once and checked.

"4 New Messages"

I chuckled.

He can be so impatient sometimes.

I typed a quick message:

"Hey… Sorry… my class gonna start now… Message you later… Bye…"

I was about to push my mobile back when I got a reply. I couldn't help it so I read. It said:

"Right… Bye Cindy…"

I smiled at the reply and dropped my mobile back into my bag just in time to see Mr. Yamamoto enter our class, his usual stern look in place. He started the attendance and I was so bored so I started to look at the Populars. They always served you better drama than prime-time television soaps.

The Populars are seven in number.

There are my twin-sisters: Karen and Mai Yukihira. Spoilt, rich, hot (according to the major guy population in the school) and are cheerleaders—perfect qualification to be in the "Popular" Gang.

Then, there's Seiya Youboshi. I don't know much about him except for the fact that he's a regular in the School's Soccer Team—the Goalie. His blond hair and azure eyes makes you think that he's nothing more than a sweet and cute kid. And he's the only Popular who's been nice to anybody in the Dorks.

Then, there's Akane Ikeda (A/N: I'm not very sure about the surname guys)—the greatest mystery in the Populars. She's just a little too timid and sweet to be one in the Populars. She's also a cheerleader and has shoulder length raven-black hair and warm cerulean eyes. (Santa hasn't admitted yet, but he has a HUGE crush on her).

Then, it's Nozomu Hikarigaoka—the School's official womanizer and flirt. He's the Soccer Team Vice-Captain. Blonde with light blue eyes, he has a way with the ladies. Although he flirts a lot with almost all the girls in the school (save the Dorks), he's never known to go steady with any one girl.

Then, there's Akira Kijoyu –Head Cheerleader and considered the hottest girl at school. With her long flowing raven-black hair and her navy blue eyes, she could get any guy at school to do her evil bidding. If one thought that my step-sisters dressed like sluts it would be nothing compared to how she clothes herself. If all of this does not get her to qualify to being called "Popular", there's the fact that she's close to becoming the Girlfriend of the most popular guy in school and the last member in their group.

"Kanata Saionji!" cried their professor, as a brunet entered their class, his blazer unbuttoned and revealing his white T-shirt within and with his usual blue jeans and Nike shoes, "you're late!"

"I don't remember ever saying that I was early Mr. Yamamoto…" replied the brunet cocking his head sideways and heading towards the only empty chair in the room, right in the middle of the class, his sharp auburn eyes not making contact with anybody in the class.

Our Math Professor fumed but didn't retort for the brunet in question was the ace student in the entire school, and also for the fact that his father has given enough donations to the school worth half it's price.

Kanata Saionji—the heartthrob of the Heiomachi High School, the most popular guy among girls even senior to him, the Captain of the Soccer Team, and last but surely not the least, the last "Popular".

Almost the entire girl population of our school is crazy about him—maybe except for me and the gang. I totally despise him. Anybody who can talk to a teacher like that and hang out with my step-sisters and their best friend Kijoyu is definitely a guy from whom I should keep a hundred miles distance.


That's all about me, my friends and my antagonists…

This is how the last year of my High School started out.

It's not exactly very comfortable, but surely the same as all the other years of my life at this school.

A life that resembles so much like Cinderella's that it's almost scary.

But, I'm no Cinderella.

I knew that.

~To be continued~

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