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Chapter 11 – In Which… There Will Be Blood

"So how do we want to do this?" Angeal asked glancing at the schedule that was being projected on the office wall for the second time.

"That's easy, we'll be everywhere, I don't even want this idiot to think he can go to the bathroom alone because we've only got three days to do this." Sephiroth said simply, glancing at Angeal and Zack while drumming his fingers on the desk in obvious annoyance. He didn't like to be told what he could and couldn't do and he honestly wanted nothing more than to tear Leften apart but between Cloud's request and Lazard throwing up a road block it sort of hindered his plans. True, it didn't stop them entirely, which was a relief, but it put a severe kink in everything that he had been intending to do to the irksome cadet which was more than enough to put him in a foul mood.

"We just need to get him to admit what he did right?" Zack finally piped up. Sephiroth merely raised a brow at the question deciding that the puppy's brain had finally decided to join the party.

"Either that or Cloud would need to file a report." Angeal pointed out which had Genesis shaking his head quickly.

"Remember what happened to the last cadet that filed a report against another?" He asked the others. "No one wanted to work with him after that and he ended up dropping out of the program, we can't do that to him." He finished with a frown and the others nodded in agreement.

"We either get him to admit what happened or we drive him insane, personally I prefer the insanity route." Sephiroth finally said leaning back in his chair looking rather like the mad genius that many argued he was.

"Have you considered asking Vincent to assist?" Angeal asked which quickly earned him a glare from the silver haired man.

"Despite how much I may trust Vincent, unlike the rest of those crazy ass Turks, no. I will not be involving the Turks, in fact I don't even want them anywhere near anything to do with Cloud, let alone anywhere near Cloud himself." He said calmly. He knew that Vincent would assist if asked, no questions needed, but involving one meant the others would find out eventually and that was not something Sephiroth wished to deal with no matter how close the man had been to his mother.

"Come to think of it when is the last time anyone saw Vincent?" Zack suddenly mused from where he sat, seeming to be oblivious to the glare that Sephiroth was shooting at him.

"Good question, last time I saw him was probably two months ago, something about a special project he was being sent on." Genesis chimed in with a hint of puzzlement clear in his voice.

"Enough." Sephiroth growled out. "I have a meeting in a few minutes, Angeal, you and Zack have classes and Genesis will be attending the meeting with me, so you two have first watch."

Looking a little startled at the sudden growl the others merely nodded. Angeal and Zack stood and quickly made their exit from the office. Once out the door Zack looked to Angeal and raised a brow. "A little touchy today isn't he?" He mumbled out. Angeal smirked for a moment.

"Well think about it pup we hit on two rather touchy subjects, Seph being told he can't do something and Vincent." At the statement of fact Zack merely nodded before they headed off in the direction of where Leften was going to be having class.

Leaving the training field Marcus Leften couldn't quite shake the strange feeling he had been having since earlier that morning. When he'd been running he had the slight feeling that something was off but he couldn't quite place it and now he couldn't shake the feeling that he was being followed. Walking down the quiet hallway he slowly glanced this way and that but didn't notice anything out of the ordinary aside from the strange prickling feeling at the back of his neck that just wouldn't go away. Quickly he turned around and out of the corner of his eye he could have sworn he caught a glimpse of black hair rounding the corner. Mentally shaking himself he turned the corner and made his way into the throng of other cadets milling through the hall but the moment he did the prickling feeling returned. Turning around again he managed to just make out a blur rounding the corner again.

"Get a grip man." He muttered to himself.

"Something wrong Cadet?" A voice in front of him suddenly asked. He damn near jumped about five feet in the air and came face to face with a slightly smirking Zack.

"No sir… just having an off day, I think." He said quickly while giving a salute. Zack looked at him for a moment as though he were studying him before nodding his head slowly.

"Carry on Cadet." He said simply before brushing his way past Leften and heading down the hall. As soon as he was gone Leften quickly made his way towards his class, the prickly feeling never quite going away.

Zack mentally high fived himself before he made his way to his own class, smirking at Angeal who was around the corner as he passed. It was a 3rd class hand to hand he was helping with and Angeal's was a 2nd so he knew they would be out in plenty of time to continue with their part of the day. On some level he almost felt bad for the kid but the minute he would remember what he had done to Cloud the feeling would vanish and be replaced by something akin to loathing.

Back in the office Sephiroth was still seated behind his desk seemingly oblivious to the fact that Genesis was sitting there studying him. Mother, ha! That woman wasn't your mother and you know it! The strange voice that always seemed to be there hissed at him. He shook his head slightly to brush it aside and finally met the curious look that Genesis was giving him.

"Are we really going to listen to Lazard about this?" The red head asked. At the question the silver haired man shook his head quickly causing Genesis to smirk.

"No, but we'll listen to Cloud." He said lowly causing Genesis to frown. "If he doesn't want us to physically hurt him, then so be it." He added with a hint of finality to his voice.

"Kid has got a better head on his shoulders than we do, doesn't he?" Genesis mused with a soft sort of smirk on his face.

"Indeed." Sephiroth replied before getting to his feet. "Come on, we've kept them waiting long enough." He said with a smirk. "After the meeting, I want you to go and find Leften and bring him to the office."

"What are you planning?" The red head asked giving him a curious look again. At the question though, Sephiroth merely shook his head a bit causing the other man to pout at not being given an answer. "Bitch." Genesis huffed before the two of them headed into the meeting room.

Sephiroth merely smirked to himself, if things worked out the way he was hoping then they would be done with everything before Cloud returned from his drills, or at least that was what he was aiming for. He didn't know how the blonde would react to what there were doing to avenge him but if the request that he had made to Sephiroth before he left was anything to go by, he would not be thrilled with them when he got back. Even knowing this he still couldn't let it go, even with the possible fear of losing Cloud's affections so soon after acquiring them was not enough to sway him from his plans.

He wasn't sure what it was that upset him so much about all of it though, was it the way the little blonde had so quickly wormed his way into all of their lives? Or maybe it was the good tempered nature the young cadet seemed to have, despite all the wrongs that had been done to him, he continued to try and stay positive and do whatever it was he needed to do. Personally Sephiroth couldn't picture himself ever being that way but that thought didn't really surprise him any considering the way he had been raised.

While the four men plotted and carried out their plans Cloud continued to hope that things would turn out all right in the end. Sure he was angry at what had happened, there was no doubting that, but he wasn't about to wish the wrath of four SOLDIERs on anyone, not even Leften. He continued with his musings during the truck ride to where the group would be having their drills, the constant thinking keeping Cloud's mind off of his motion sickness. His thoughts were cut short though when he felt himself being poked. He looked up to see Simon and Leon smirking at him a bit.

"What?" He asked blinking at the two owlishly. The question just seemed to make the two smirk even more at the spiky blonde.

"We noticed someone didn't come back to their room last night." Simon said cryptically which caused Cloud to go a bit wide eyed.

"And we also noticed someone get dropped off by the General this morning." Leon added which caused Cloud to squeak a bit.

"You saw that?" He asked, his eyes still comically wide. The two merely nodded and leaned forward obviously waiting for him to spill his guts. Sighing to himself in annoyance he did just that, knowing that if he tried to lie to them they would never leave him alone about it.

"You asked them not to hurt him?" Leon cried obviously not believing that Cloud would do something as crazy as that. "What were you thinking? Let the guy get what he deserves." He added in a hiss. Simon, not usually in favor of violence merely nodded in agreement.

"No way, Lazard is already mad at them and I don't need them getting in trouble over me." He said quickly. "I just hope they don't do anything to crazy." He added softly glancing away from the now fuming teens.

If Cloud could in fact see what the four were up to in his absence he probably would most likely have been banging his head on a desk somewhere as Zack and Angeal darted into the bathroom that Leften had just entered. Knowing full well that he was in the stall the two of them started running the sinks and talking just loud enough that they knew he would hear.

"I can't believe what happened to Cloud." Zack said with a huff.

"I know, but the best we can do is hope that he'll either give us a name or that we'll be able to figure out who did it and make them pay." Angeal said with a small smirk on his face as he spoke.

In the stall Leften almost jumped when he realized what and who it was that the two were talking about. He couldn't believe that the little blonde bitch hadn't ratted him out about what had happened. Finally stepping out of the stall he almost jumped at realizing that Zack and Angeal were still there and staring at him. They didn't say anything to him but the silence from the two of them was frightening enough as he quickly saluted them both. Neither of them returned it though as they finally headed out of the bathroom smirking to each other as they left.

Leften hurried to class, the silent exchange in the bathroom leaving him shaken and for once worried about the whole situation. Sitting down in his seat he tried to mellow himself managing to convince himself that what had happened had been merely a chance run in and that no one was any wiser. Outside the classroom Genesis arrived and cracked his knuckles while he waited and watched the cadets filing out after the period had ended. As soon as he spotted Leften he quickly made his way over to him.

"Cadet Leften," He said evenly causing the teen to jump and give him a salute. "The General wishes a word." He finished turning and heading down the hall, not even bothering to return the salute from the teen or even bother to make sure the teen was following him.

Sephiroth had just settled himself behind his desk again when a sharp knock sounded before the door slowly opened. He shot Genesis a wicked smirk for a moment before the cadet finally tumbled in after the red head, obviously having had to jog to keep up with Genesis's long stride.

"Cadet Leften as you requested General." Genesis said quickly before bowing his head slightly and heading back out of the office, closing the door behind himself. The silver haired man could smell the paranoia from the cadet.

"Cadet Leften, yesterday afternoon a cadet in your class was attacked in the locker room, have you heard about this?" He asked simply, raising a brow at the teen as he did so.

"N-no Sir." He stammered out. Sephiroth's brow furrowed at this a bit and he leaned forward in his chair staring at the teen, a look he had been told by Zack made him 'scary as shit'.

"Really cadet? We have another cadet who was near the locker rooms at the time the attack occurred that recalled seeing you near there." He said, his voice dropping to a lower pitch that just dared the teen to lie to him.

"What time… what time did… the a-attack happen sir?" He managed to get the question out much to Sephiroth's annoyance.

"It was a bit after Hand to Hand let out for everyone." The General supplied smoothly, his raised brow not yet going down.

"I d-don't recall where… where I was sir." Leften said slowly. At this Sephiroth just out right glared at him.

"Oh I will tell you where you were cadet," He hissed. "You were in that locker room bashing Cloud's head off the fucking wall." He said quickly as his mako enhanced eyes glinted with deadly intent. Leften's own eyes widened at the statement and he quickly shook his head.

"I di…" Sephiroth was out of his chair before the denial could completely leave the teen's mouth.

"If you value your life you will not fucking lie to me again." He growled out. "Know this Leften, we cannot prove what happened but we know and we will hound your every step, now get the fuck out of my office… NOW!" He roared causing Leften to turn tail and run right out as soon as he was able to get the door open.

As soon as he was gone Sephiroth flopped back into his chair with a deranged little smirk playing on his lips and it was still there when Genesis finally came back in. The red head perched himself on the edge of his desk and noting the smirk and small one of his own formed.

"Dare I say things went well?" He asked before a dark chuckle escaped from the other man. Sephiroth merely nodded his head for a moment.

"Things went very well, he was already dripping in paranoia not knowing why he was here but now that he knows just who is following him and why, it should speed things along nicely." He finished before leaning back in his chair, giving Genesis enough room to slip into his lap and make himself at home. "I still don't think Cloud will like any of this but what's done is done, and we're still not quite done." He added with a dark look.

"I love it when you're melodramatic." Genesis said with a snort.

Leften ran through the building until he felt like his lungs were going to explode from the pressure he felt in his chest. He was more than terrified of the reaction that Sephiroth had had over his treatment of Cloud. He had assumed, like everyone else did, that the older SOLDIERs were just using the little blonde like a play toy, but that didn't quite seem to be the case. Though for as scared as he was he was angry as well, after all, he'd seen the blonde first and he was nuttier than a fruitcake at Christmas to top it off and somewhere in the crazy teen's mind that made his treatment of Cloud all right. Leften's thoughts were cut off though as he suddenly jumped about five feet in the air while skidding to a stop in front of a glaring Angeal.

"Sir!" He yelped out while throwing up a quick salute. Angeal merely sneered at him.

"Don't you dare." He growled out at the teen who just looked at him wide eyed for the second time that day. "You'd be wise to watch yourself." He added before simply walking away and leaving Leften staring after him in surprise.

The antics of the four continued on the rest of the day, each of them showing up everywhere that Leften went and occasionally one of them leaving him with a threatening message of sorts, which by the end of the day had the teen looking more than a little rattled. Later though while they were all in Sephiroth's living room the silver haired man growled under his breath.

"It's not enough." He hissed out. "I want him gone." At this the other three looked at him for a moment taking note that his eyes were slowly brightening in his annoyance and anger.

"Seph…" Genesis said softly, placing a hand on the other man's shoulder. Sephiroth snapped his gaze over to the red head and the look was enough to make the other withdraw his hand rather quickly.

To say that Sephiroth was in a rare mood would have been an understatement. In fact the other three couldn't remember very many times before that they had seen him this angry and they didn't take that as a good sign and as the next day came and went his anger only seemed to worsen as psychological warfare didn't seem to work with psycho teens. It seemed like Leften was more determined than before to hang on and the four could only assume it was so that he could have at least one last chance to get at Cloud either to try what he had before or just to hurt him. It was almost dead silent in Sephiroth's living room that night and the other three could clearly hear him grinding his teeth as he sat there.

"I'm finished with this." He said standing up suddenly and heading for the door. He was whirled around quickly though when Genesis suddenly grabbed his arm.

"Seph you know I want more than anything to see this kid's head on a stake for what he did to Cloud and you know I would love to be able to beat his ass but you yourself said that we would listen to Cloud about this." Genesis said, for once actually worried about what his lover might do if left to his own devices. Angeal and Zack were both surprised to find Genesis actually being the level headed one for a change and couldn't decide if it was a good thing or a bad thing right then.

"Don't listen to him! He's just trying to stop you from protecting what is yours!" The voice in his head screamed at him suddenly. The voice had become more insistent about the situation ever since they had started tormenting Leften, not that he had mentioned it to the others nor had he mentioned how he had found himself outside of Leften's room the night before with no memory of how he had gotten there. Sephiroth looked at Genesis for a moment but the red head got the distinct feeling that he wasn't seeing him or rather wasn't there completely. The thought was reaffirmed when he was suddenly sent flying across the room and crashed into the end table by the couch.

"Sephiroth!" Angeal suddenly yelled at the silver haired general before he went to approach his friend as well but Zack had managed to beat him to him and was also soon flying across the room. Sephiroth rounded on the other raven haired man with a sneer on his lips and his eyes glowing.

"I wouldn't suggest interfering if I were you." He hissed out at the other man and wisely Angeal took a step back from him and let the man leave the room before he rushed over to Genesis and Zack.

"What the hell was that all about? Where did he go?" Zack huffed out pushing himself into a sitting position with Angeal's help. He could usually take more than that from Sephiroth but it honestly felt like all the wind had been knocked out of him with that single punch, like the man had used more of his strength than he ever had when dealing with him before.

"Isn't it obvious you idiot?" Genesis grumbled out as he finally sat up as well, knowing that Sephiroth had hit him that hard to buy himself time. "He's going after Leften." He added before getting to his feet and quickly heading from the room. Zack and Angeal exchanged looks for a moment before hurrying after the red head as well.

Leften had only just settled into his room for the night when the door to his room flew open and he found himself gasping for breath as he was slammed against the wall. He clawed at the hand around his neck and he was pulled forward a bit and slammed back again, causing his head to bounce much like Cloud's had in the locker room.

"I guess no one is coming to your rescue either." The general hissed out as he slammed Leften against the wall once more. "Give me a reason not to kill you." He growled out, locking his own glowing eyes with the terrified and angry ones of the cadet."

"It kills you that I touched him doesn't it?" The teen wheezed out while struggling for air. He then gasped in alarm when something cool pressed against his neck and he quickly realized that Sephiroth had produced Masamune from seemingly nowhere.

"That doesn't exactly inspire me to mercy." The older man growled out while applying slight pressure to the teen's neck, enough to cause a thin line of blood to appear.

"You SOLDIERs think you're so great." Leften spat, his sheer terror and anger at the situation allowing his mouth the run freely. "I saw the little bitch first." He squawked out before he found himself flying across the room and crashing into the dresser. As he landed a shot of pain ran up through his arm causing him to grunt and he'd no doubt in his mind that the arm was broken.

"You dare." Sephiroth hissed as he strode across the room and quickly lifted Leften clean off the ground by the neck. "His name is Cloud and I will make sure you remember it!" He shouted out before bringing Masamune up and using the tip of the long blade to cut clean across Leften's face.

Out on drill Cloud suddenly sprang up in his tent, his small frame was covered in a cold sweat and he couldn't manage to shake the feeling of dread that washed over him. He just knew in the pit of his stomach that something was very wrong back at the base he just hoped that it wasn't what he was fearing it was.

Back at the base though Genesis, Angeal and Zack arrived at Leften's room just in time to hear the blood curdling scream that rang out. Rushing into the room they found Sephiroth standing menacingly over the beaten and bleeding body of Marcus Leften and despite his anger at the teen Angeal rushed over quickly to search for a pulse, at the moment worried that his friend had gone to far and killed the cadet.

"He's not dead." Sephiroth said finally looking up from the teen's body and looking at the other three. They were tense until they took note that his eyes were back to normal and that he no longer seemed as out of it as he had when he left his place.

"Gaia Seph, what the hell did you do?" Genesis asked finally taking note of the room and the blood spatter on the walls.

"Yes Sephiroth what did you do?" Another voice chimed in and the four quickly looked to find Lazard standing in the doorway looking far less than pleased. "I thought I was clear that none of you were to lay a hand on this cadet." He snapped out before walking into the room before checking Leften over himself. Finding a heartbeat his anger dimmed, but only slightly.

"I don't know." Sephiroth finally said looking down at the teen once more with confusion clearly written on his face. "I remember being in my apartment with these three and I remember getting here but after that, nothing." He said glancing at the others with a puzzled expression.

The other four in the room looked at him with worried expressions on their faces before Lazard stood and pulled out his PHS.

"I need a medical team to the East Wing of Building 2, room 214." He said simply before ending the call and turning back to the other four. "Take him to my office." Genesis opened his mouth looking ready to object when Lazard snapped at them all. "That is an order, do not make me have you arrest him." He added with a hint of finality in his voice.

With a nod the other three started to lead Sephiroth from the room but the general's gaze was still fixed on the bloody body on the floor.

"I hope for the sake of your beloved little cadet that he doesn't die." Lazard said simply to the four men as they left the room.

As they reached Lazard's office Sephiroth sat himself down and went to bring his hands up to his face but was stopped as Genesis reached out to him. He looked at him curiously for a moment until he realized that Genesis was taking his bloody gloves off of his hands. He hadn't even taken notice of them. As the group continued to sit there in silence waiting for Lazard to meet with them Sephiroth noticed that for once his mind was blessedly silent, the strange voice that had been screaming for Leften's blood was gone and his mind seemed to be his own once again, at least for the moment. He didn't know whether to be relieved or terrified at the lack of its presence since it was so rare that it was gone.

When Lazard finally returned to his office, he looked grim to say the least. He'd stayed until Leften had come out of the emergency surgery and the amount of damage that Sephiroth had inflicted on the teen without killing him had been rather alarming, leaving the blonde man in a rather curious predicament.

"Leften will live." He said simply and as he did the four let out a group sigh of relief. "Do not even begin to think that him surviving will in anyway excuse what has happened here." He added with a scowl firmly on his face. "What the hell were you thinking?" He snapped.

"I already told you I don't remember what happened, there is nothing else I can say about it." Sephiroth said flatly. Despite not remembering it was clear that he honestly didn't care about what had happened to the cadet and it was that more than anything that angered Lazard about the situation though at the same time he wasn't at all surprised by it considering how few people Sephiroth actually cared for.

"You mean to tell me you broke both of Leften's arms, four ribs, cut his neck, caused internal bleeding, stabbed him and carved up his face and you don't remember any of it?" Lazard grumbled out. At the list of injuries Sephiroth's brows went up and Genesis, Angeal and Zack all wore matching expressions of shock.

"No I don't." He said simply before leaning back in the chair he was seated in. Sephiroth didn't usually lie and to an extent he wasn't, he could see in his mind what had happened but it was honestly like he was watching someone else do it, but how the hell would you explain something like that without making yourself sound crazy?

Leften screamed as his other arm was snapped back after Sephiroth threw him on the floor. He had made the mistake of trying to crawl away from the enraged man and it had earned him a foot pressing down into the middle of his back and another broken arm. By this point the cadet had been reduced to a whimpering mass but that just didn't feel like enough, he had drawn Cloud's blood, so there for in Sephiroth's crazed mind it meant that more of his needed to be spilled. Quickly he brought up Masamune and with a flick of his wrist he drew it down the teen's back causing Leften to scream out again in pain before he kicked him away from him.

This is the only fitting punishment for those that damage what belongs to you, try to take what is rightfully yours, they must pay! The voice hissed out in his mind. Sephiroth watched, not quite alarmed but not entirely all right as he flipped Leften over and roughly placed a knee into his chest, listening as the teen struggled to scream and a few ribs cracked from the force of the blow. Dismissing Masamune from him, his field knife was drawn from its sheath and he watched with sick fascination as his own hands began to litter Leften's face with cuts before stabbing the teen in the side.

"Touch Cloud again and I promise so much worse, this will feel like heaven compared to what I will do to you if you even look at him the wrong way." Sephiroth hissed out and by this point he seemed to be back in control of himself as he stood up and took a slight step back from the teen just as Angeal, Genesis and Zack came bounding into the room.

Sephiroth slowly shook his head willing the memory away and trying to focus on the others in the room who he realized where now staring at him.

"I can honestly say I don't know how to handle this." Lazard said finally with a sigh before leaning back in his chair. "True you disobeyed a direct order but at the same time I cannot say that the reasons for your actions were entirely wrong, just that the actions themselves were." He added. "The usual punishments don't work with you and I don't see how locking you up would help the situation any." He finished with a sigh. His mind ran over the situation a number of times until he thought of something that he thought would be enough of a blow to all of them.

"Upon his return I will be informing Cadet Strife of what has happened on his behalf," At this all four SOLDIERs went wide eyed, the one thing they had been hoping for was that Cloud wouldn't find out what they had been doing. "And you, Sephiroth, will be spending the next four days with Hojo and maybe that will help jog your memory." He added causing Sephiroth to shoot a growl in his direction. "You brought this on yourselves. I only hope that Cadet Strife is strong enough to handle any emotional damage that comes out of this thanks to all of you. Dismissed." He said with a flick of his hand.

As the four left his office and leaned forward putting his head down on his desk suddenly feeling much older than he actually was. He knew that telling Cloud would probably have some serious effects on the teen but he couldn't come up with a better way to punish the group of them for what they had done and participated in. As for Sephiroth, the fury that the man had for Leften was alarming to say the least and Lazard couldn't help but pray to the Goddess that they all wouldn't be seeing that type of rage again from the man anytime soon.

Back in Sephiroth's apartment Angeal and Zack left without so much as a goodnight to the other two, Angeal trying to assure Zack that Cloud would be okay and that everything would work out which left Genesis to take care of Sephiroth. The red head looked at him as a small sigh escaped him. Guiding him down the hall and into the bathroom Genesis got him out of the bloody clothes and into a hot shower before stepping in after him and silently cleaning him up. Sephiroth hadn't uttered a word since Lazard had handed down his sentence on the situation and Genesis for once had no clue what to say. This had all started out of wanting to protect Cloud and in the end they were going to be the ones hurting him. Genesis jumped slightly when he felt his side touched suddenly, having been lost in thought, and looked to see Sephiroth gently touching the bruise that was already healing on his side from where he'd been punched.

"I'm sorry." The silver haired man muttered out lowly.

"Honestly I don't think it was you that did it." Genesis said with a serious expression on his face causing Sephiroth to look at him in surprise. "I think it was whatever you have locked up in there." He finished while tapping the other man on the head. Letting out a sigh of relief that he hadn't known he'd been holding Sephiroth wrapped his arms around him and sighed again.

"I'm worried that this will hurt Cloud in ways that we can't fix." He said softly.

"I'm not going to lie Seph I don't know how he will handle all this when he finds out what happened but if he could forgive me for what I did that's got to be a good sign right? Maybe, maybe when he's had a chance to come to grips with what happened we should sit him down and explain to him just what being with us entails, we at least owe him that much don't we?" Genesis asked looking at Sephiroth with a serious expression on his face.

"I just hope we don't lose him because of it." The silver haired man said with a small sigh. The two shared no more words, finishing their shower in silence before turning in for the night.

As the truck carrying the cadets that had been out on drills returned four days later, Lazard extending the drills so that Sephiroth's sudden absence would not be noticed by anyone, Cloud hopped out feeling mostly well despite a small bout of motion sickness on the way back but feeling of dread washed over him as he heard his name being called.

"Cadet Strife!" One of the instructors bellowed out causing Cloud to quickly raise his hand. "You're too report to Director Lazard's office immediately." This earned him surprised looks from both Simon and Leon.

"By the Goddess, what did they do?" He whispered softly.

End Chapter

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