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It wasn't even two days after she returned from China that she was yet again beset by suitors courtesy of her mother in a poorly disguised attempt at her hand. In fact, it was during her own welcome home party, which was attended by several people she knew, several she barely knew, and several more that she didn't even know at all. A dozen such men converged upon her all at once and she looked for an escape like a doe ready to bolt.

"I, ah, I need some air," she excused herself and made her escape. An older woman cut her off.

"Oh no you don't." Her mother grabbed her elbow and guided her out of the hearing range of her admirers. "Alice, I've been extremely patient with you for the past three years that you've been running around across the world doing God knows what, but now I'm at my wit's end. You're a full-grown woman, Alice. You need to find yourself a husband while you still can."

"I know, mother. It's just…hard. I still haven't found the right person. There's just no one…exciting enough. Or kind enough."

"He doesn't have to be perfect, Alice," her mother responded.

"I'm beginning to think I'm incapable of loving a man," Alice sighed.

Before her mother could come up with a proper response, Alice saw something dart through the bushes towards the woods and her face broke into a huge smile. "Be right back," she told her startled mother and raced off after her old friend, raising her skirts to reveal trousers underneath to the scandalized old woman's dismay.

Well into the forest, she caught a glimpse of the rabbit jumping into a huge hole, and, without a second thought, she leapt in after him. Down the rabbit hole she fell, trying to refrain from screaming, until she rolled roughly onto the ceiling of a room and then down upon the floor. There was a table with a bottle that said "drink me" along with a key, and she smiled. In no time, a smaller Alice was walking out the door and was met with…


"Curiouser and curiouser," she murmured, looking around the forest. Everything seemed to have a dark blue film over it, making everything black and all but indistinguishable. Her anxiety only increased when she saw a trembling white rabbit in a waistcoat watching her from behind a tree.

"What's going on?" she asked. "Where is everyone? The Hatter? The Cheshire Cat? The…White Queen?"

"I-I'm sorry, Alice, I don't know all that has occurred. I-I fled after…after—"

"After what?"

The rabbit gulped. "After they took her."

"Took who? Who took her?"

"The White Queen. The darkness came up and captured her."


The White Rabbit flinched and disappeared completely behind the tree. "Behind you!"

She whirled around and saw yellow eyes creeping through the shadows towards her, three pairs of them. "Oh my!" she exclaimed backing up. One jumped out of the ground and struck at her, sending her falling to the ground. She quickly got up and tried to kick back, but the little monster barely flinched.

"Run, Alice!" the White Rabbit exclaimed, shooting out from the tree and deeper into the forest. She spun on her heel and followed.

"Things…do not look good."

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