Crackfic. Characters are OOC. Lemons. This story DOES suck, you've been warned. K?! K.

Gangsta's Delight.

Natsume POV

"Get the job done." I said getting pissed by the minute. I hate repeating myself.

"But sir! He's the son of a senator! We must weigh the outcomes first what if-" he seized back his words the minute he saw my death glare smothering his bleak pathetic state. Like I'd give a fuck! I wouldn't care even if it was the President of KFC!

No one gets away with hurting my little sister. Hell no. Nobody screws the little sister of Hyuuga Natsume, one of the most infamous underworld leaders.

Throughout Japan and Islands and countries stretched across Asia, everything was in the palm of my hand. I didn't climb this far to let anyone fuck around me and proceed to breathe his stinking heart out.

"Did I fucking stutter?!" I yelled. "Eradicate that bastard. I want him dead before dawn." Oh I've waited so long for this. He was always a pain in the ass! Barging in the mansion like he fucking owns the place! And worst, the faggot played Aoi as if she was one of those sluts of the nights. He was begging for it! Hell I fucking INSIST that his murder case was all over the media.

Sigh. After a few 'business deals' I went over to my long time best friend, Ruka.

"Getting pretty rough huh?" that sounded more like a statement than a question though. I shrugged anyway, since when was being in the underworld business a walk in the park? I was surprised he's still got my back in this. He is a nice guy; he would never kill or smoke drugs or anything. Well, neither did I except I do smoke, from time to time and I do kill, having there was a valid and considerable reason for the slaughter. Okay no maybe we're not the same, It's not like I'm a heartless cruel killing maniac, you can't blame me if I'm good at what I do, embrace these god gifted conquering and thug skills I always say. Within less than two years, Asia was practically mine.

I held up a hand to Ruka indicating that's enough for the day. I was walking to my Cadillac eager to swallow the serenity of my condo in a few miles drive, that was until Ruka came screaming into my ears, "Natsume! Hey wait up! NATSUMEE!" For a moment there I almost called him a pansy for running like that. Sigh. I guess relaxing tonight is a dead dream. "Dude, didn't you heard me?" Ruka asked in between breaths finally catching up with his long time friend. "I'm pretty sure my grandma heard you Ruka, .. . and she's dead. So what's up?" I asked tilting my head to the side. A bit pissed with the mocking grandma thing but he answered anyway "Let's do it again tonight, last time went pretty swell so .. ." Don't get the wrong idea he ain't talking bout yaoi peeps. "THAT bar again? Just admit it. You're hooked on that bipolar bartender aren't you?"

Sigh. Oh well, he didn't need to answer. Him trying to hide the obvious pink shade on his cheeks was a screaming answer as it is. "Well let's just go then," I said motioning to my Cadillac, "But I swear if any one of those silicone boobed bitches try to stick my dick into their assholes again, I'd- " "OOKAY Natsume I get it, knock it with the vulgar language."

The familiar scent of liquor came cursing the air of the famous just opened underground bar, it was the talk of the town, at least that's what Ruka told me. It wasn't famous just because of their erotic services, not just the drinks, it was also famous cause they only allowed the finest of the finest of our species; poor or rich, celebrity or not, they allowed only the handsome and the gorgeous. Eww. I can't believe I even thought that. Scratch that not 'handsome and the gorgeous' damn I thought of it again, let's make it people who were genetically gifted. Yeah those words were fine.

I went in and grabbed a random seat while Ruka went off to his usual spot in front of that purple eyed bartender, didn't know he had a thing for introverts. Whatever I guess, the lights suddenly dimmed signalling that their main performance tonight was coming up in half an hour.

Have to admit this place was really dope, it was pretty swell. It wasn't one of those cliché smelly, dirty, sluts and screaming men filled bars, this was pretty subtle, girls were okay but still annoying in many levels, they're never going to stop visually raping me aren't they ? Oh well, better not make a scene, Ruka wants to keep coming here so better not get us kicked out. Everything was dark, the furniture, the stage, the lights weren't really helping at all they were dark soft neons colouring the place with different patterns in sync with the smooth beats the DJ was playing. It was calming and the drink they served me was exhilarating and zesty, little alcohol mixed with varieties of berries. The waitresses were polite and weren't in your face like all those other girls I've countered. Okay I love this shack. What's it called again? I have to keep this place in mind .. . . ah there it is, 'La Roux'.

Trying my best to ignore all the sex stares that were thrown upon me I listened to the presenter on the stage, must be something good since all the hormonal teenage boys were swarming up the stage and I'm not gay, it's not like me to be staring down their pants but those hard-ons enlightened me that the next performer was going to be hell worth the watch so I sat straight up a bit to have a clear view of the stage.

"Ladies and Gentlemen! I bring you great pleasure in presenting the fine, the fabulous, our very own voluptuous Sakura Sweetheart!" An outburst of lust dripping shouts and whistles were coming from everywhere all of a sudden. "Better loosen up your pants a bit Natsume, this one's a real knock out. Even the presenter was backstage getting ready to jerk off, disgusting as it sounds I can't really blame him," Ruka warned quickly taking a seat beside me.

My breath hitched in my throat as my eyes glued my vision to the sex goddess on the stage. She was a man eater alright; those looks of hers were the right catalyst that turned boys into men.

Whoah. What a babe. This bar was famous for another particular reason if I may add to my previous list. She was a pro erotic dancer, damn straight she was and that wasn't the only thing that was damn straight right now. Fuck, what a turn on. She was only in a two piece leather outfit that covered her spilling D-cupped boobs, her ass showed as her tiny outfit, a skirt thong mechanism was the only thing covering her lower half and what a mighty fine lower half that is. A-ah! My fucking cock starting to twitch. Shit. She was still warming up and I'm already fucking horny. I didn't even bother to eye Ruka, I'm pretty sure he's as horny as I am. The leather two piece outfit tightened around her as she started stretching on stage swinging her whip in one hand and the other holding the pole in the centre of the stage.

I tried to keep myself composed as I mentally licked her body clean and fucking fingered her in my mind, she was still dancing on stage, her eyes sharp twinkling with the obvious dominance she was having with the crowd, her auburn mass of locks flowing against her backside that stopped just right under her busts, her hair flipped and hugged her heart shaped face as she continued with her seducing innuendo, her tits jiggling with the metal chains that came with her outfit. She woken up a side of me that I never thought I had, fuck, I'm going to have a new kinky habit. I wonder what it'll be like having her whipping me or on top of me with those metal chains and those sexy black tight high heeled leather boots she was sparing. Shit. I am so screwed.

I continued to scan her pale complexion as her dance started to heat up, my throat started to get a little raspy, my breaths started to get louder. Holy shit. What the .. . God damn! She started leaning on the pole so she was facing the crowd, her hand still holding the whip, her other hand feeling her up, she was fucking rubbing herself. Her fingers outlining her moist hairless cavern, massaging her own clit with her finger in a circular motion. She started moaning. Her hands searched lower and inside her hole. Oh. Sweet. Mother. Of- She suddenly stuck the grip of the whip inside her pussy, pumping it inside of her. Her head fell back and her face glowed as she was in the brink of sweet suffocation of her own doings, her mouth was open as the sides were tugging a bit upwards, she knew she was getting there. Her eyes shut tight as she left a soft mewl of cry as she came, her juices running down her long creamy legs. Before I knew it my zipper was undone and I was pumping myself, couldn't take it.

I imagined it was her with me, pleasuring each other instead of- well, now. She fucking smirked, her movements a little jerkier than she was before after her first climax of the night, her lips still grinning enjoying herself. Her next move brought me to a whole new level of pleasure, what have I been doing these past twenty years?! I felt like a virgin for shit's sake! Pumping myself in sync with her movements, she went slow I went slow, she went fast oh hell I went like Speedy Gonzales. She was on her knees, legs spread wide open, her thong was to the side, her leather glove pulled a little toy from the side of the stage, a vibrator. She giggled with delight loving her self-degrading acts, I'm one to talk I'm a fucking thug. But who the fuck cares?! No man in his right straight mind would want to rip his eyes of this fine meat. She started masturbating again, this time, I came the same time she did. Good thing I was at a table, at least no one could see my little side play down below. Sakura Sweetheart ey? I'll be sure to make a proper introduction the next time we meet. Her stage name was a little on a my nerve as I saw her making her way backstage, she was still releasing small soft velvety gasps from her eruptions earlier, for a moment there I swear her eyes locked with mine. Oh. Hot. Damn.