BTW ! Let's make this entirely AU. Natsume wasn't raised in Japan. This chap is rushed, I squeezed in descriptions and stuff in other words, its messed up, maybe I'll read back when I'm bored and restructure yeah cause its easier if its finished.


Gangsta's Delight [Chapter 4]

Mikan was sprawled over his couch, bored out of her mind. Sighing and squirming for the hundredth time. It came to her that she had absolutely nothing to do, nothing she could do now at least. After she left him to sleep she seriously did try to wash the dishes and clean up the place a bit.

It ended up bad. Good thing there was only a couple of dishes to wash, which meant only a couple of those fine porcelains' smashed to pieces. The cups couldn't even make it to the sink, poor things. She tried cleaning them up but she was cursed clumsy by nature, doing simple things ended up quite a havoc.

Which leads her to where she was now, sighing and squirming, boredom was seriously a pain!

God damn it! Stupid snow! I'll lose my mind if another ant starts another expedition across the ceiling! GAH! I can't take it! Stupid TV has got nothing good on! Mikan ranted in her head.

She CAN just use his xbox360, Wii, his Band Hero or use his laptop or try to make herself a sandwich but she knew better than to risk wrecking all those things in one day. It's only been four hours since she left him to his sleep after all, no need to set a world record.

She lifted herself up, standing and stretching in a sloppy way. She spotted pictures on the shelves of the far end corner of the room, the pictures were mostly him with a blonde cutie, quite tall, not as pale as Natsume was, the blonde had sun kissed skin, but the blonde's eyes were probably the brightest shade of eyes one can ever find on a living being, it wasn't those greenish-blue kind, they were the clear pale light sky, they seemed to be an odd pair of close friends (reminded her of another familiar pair of odd best friends).

Natsume's image; one look screamed he was every father's worst nightmare, every female teacher's dirty dream and every girl's fantasy, the metal spiky accessories he wore just added to his already refined bad boy image. The blonde however, had a completely different type of attraction oozing out of him, his beautiful smile graced his face with little modesty, he seemed friendlier and he was like the high school's 'prince', the cliché ones that somehow every anime seem to have. Her brow furrowed. Seriously, Japanese school girls' making fan clubs and those hardcore fangirling shit. The thought of it was ridiculous! They seriously need a life! I mean having a crush was understandable but the threats and stalking was over the top. She kind of made him an exception though, she had to admit, the blondie got the looks to cause such a riot, she was ALMOST jealous of his almost feminine lovely worst part of it all was that nothing was exaggerated, they were a pair of gorgeous gods.

The rest of the pictures were him with a girl whose appearance were similar to Natsume's except she was a girl, VERY adorable and her smile even made her tingle with giddy warmth, the top of her shoulder length raven hair only made it to his shoulders, her height was quite similar to Mikan's.

"Must be his little sister." She said aloud. And .. . . that's it. She heard herself think. No parents or others, what happened to them? He must be .. . .very .. ... lonely.

Her face soft and quiet, if that's how he is then, maybe we have some things in common then. She broke off her thoughts thinking maybe it's time she woke him up again, five hours of sleep should've been enough right? She started stalking to his room only to find the bed empty.

"Ha?" He's awake already?

She noticed the bathroom door was open so she let herself in.

She spotted him at once, assumed naked, bottom half dunked in the Jacuzzi, his top half leaning with his head on the edge, hands spread on the outskirts of the Jacuzzi on either side, immobile and silent, eyes shut.

Her eyes were busy concentrating his calm soft breaths, the way his toned chest lifted up and back down. Hmmpff. Sleeping in a Jacuzzi! He could've drowned! Her face contorted looking at him.

"Enjoying the view, sweetheart?" His eyes still shut, unmoving from his position but the smirk he was wearing wasn't really something to miss, it was white gold. (Not that sparkling Edward shit, metaphorically speaking, his smile/smirk was THAT gorgeous.)

She went closer wearing a grin of her own. "Figured a hotshot like you came with a cocky side dish. No worries, I've met far worst."

His head lifted up glancing to the side looking at her form as she settled herself sitting on the edge of the Jacuzzi (not inside, ON THE SIDE), eyes locked in each other, him looking slightly upwards and her looking down, both with matching grins, interested in the other.

She giggled a bit, twinkling she said "I wonder if your friends know what you've been hiding underneath those pretty suits of yours."

He chuckled. "I think we'll be stuck here at least a week, news said the current weather will be quite a while, since that is one of the few dresses you'll be wearing then you might wanna not get that wet."

"WHAAT? A week?" what a mood kill that was.

"At least. See THIS private condo is situated in Meguro (OR Asahikawa HAHA I forgot the place I researched on! Well whatever region which snows heavily. No flames about THIS please, choose the place yourself.). It snows like a motherfucker here unlike the main cities."

"We're THAT far? What the hell?"

"Chill babes, not THAT far. Only a few hours by train."

"Why THIS private condo?" Noted to the fact that he had probably a lot more from his previous previous statement.

He shrugged. "I love being near the ocean."

"Huh? It's not like you'll be going out now is it?"

"I guess but who cares yeah?" throwing in a mega watt smile.

"Did you seriously not take me here? Did you not say 'let yourself out anytime you want' earlier? The fuck! Did you seriously expected me to just go out and go 'Oh hey I'm on the outskirts of Japan,oh, no worries though, it's only fucking miles away from the bar, whee~' "

"Hahah. Didn't think of that. Would've been funny though, wouldn't it?"

His carefree attitude towards this was ticking her. "SO WE'RE STUCK HERE THEN."

" 'fraid so."

She splashed some of the water at him. Big jerk ruined the mood.

Noticing her annoyed state, "What? No more foreplay?"

"You ruined my game face so shut up."

"Get in. The water's nice and hot."

"It looks like its boiling crazy."

"Seems fine to me. Oh and don't expect me to clean up the mess you caused in the kitchen." Flat out in a bored tone.

"You heard? Heheheh. Sorry bout that but I don't trust myself in the kitchen." Laughing nervously.

"Believe me, I must've been dead to NOT here all those smashing. Sigh. AND I kinda figured that last bit out as well. We'll sort it out TOGETHER later."

"Do I have to?"

"MY condo. I CAN kick you out you know."

"Door's shut tight."

"The window seems fine."




"I wouldn't doubt it if you try to tell me you've choked trying to gulp down water. Someone who can make THIS much of a mess would've been banned to ever even dream of being in a kitchen."

"I'm aware of being such a klutz kay. Shut it and let's get this over with." Rolling her eyes.

"Get me some newspaper, a mop and some .. . ." He stopped short looking at her, he knew it'd be faster if he did it himself, she'd double the time a normal stranger would take to find those stuffs, even if he did tell her where they were. "Nevermind, I'll clean this up. You just figure out what you want for dinner, we'll make it together later when I'm finish, in the mean time you can take out the ingredients we need."

"Okay!" She rejoiced with rainbow filled smiles since food has always been her favourite subject.

Natsume was pretty impressed at himself (as usual) he was good at everything he did, in this case, cleaning.

Natsume POV

I smirked looking at the polished marble, beat the hell out of those cleaning floor commercials or whatever they were. Damn, looks like I wouldn't be needing mirrors, I could see my own-


Crud. Forgot the girl was here. I slowly scanned the area on my way looking over to the source of the shriek featuring something fell/damaged/made a mess sound it came with. Sigh. "What the hell." I looked over and saw her in a sitting position on the floor, all powdery white, her whole length and the little corner she was in covered in flour.

"Ooops. I ah, tried to reach for the flour and it fell on me." She coughed up.

"No shit." Didn't take an Einstein to figure that out. "What'd you need the flour for? There's veg and some meat in the fridge."

"I wanted to have cake."

"We're making dinner NOT desserts. You can have cake when the snow's cleared out."

"Fine. You were the one who said I should decide dinner, hmmphh. What's wrong with having cake for dinner anyway?"

"Okay okay. We'll make a proper dinner first THEN make the dessert."

"Awesome! Let's start!"

Sigh. Why do I feel like I'm babysitting Aoi?


Natsume took out a whole chicken out of the fridge and into the oven for defrosting first, waiting for that he took some things she could busy herself with. "Let's see, we need eggs, flour, cream .. . Hey. What kind of cake did you have in mind anyway?"

"Strawberry cake!" Her voice loud and silvery.

"Uh. Okay the bowls and other utensils are in the cupboard right below the coffee counter. Tell me if you don't get anything, let's make this smooth, I'd appreciate it if you just let me help without the unnecessary cleaning afterwards." Boy you wouldn't believe how her face lights up when it comes to food. He thought in his head.

"Okay I get it. Nah, I won't mess up baking a strawberry cake. That's why I wanted to make one in the first place, it's the only thing I'm good at it the kitchen. It'll blow you away so now go and make your part of the dinner. I'll start on mine." With that she twirled around and walked off to go bake her cake.

"Uh yeah." Natsume went off to his part of the kitchen (a few counters away FYI) and did his thing with the chicken.


*DING* The timer of the microwave went off. Natsume's chicken was done. He went up to take it out with his mitten up hands and oh the burnt chicken wasn't the thing that made his vein popped out, it was the snickering girl beside him.

"Hahaha! And you were expecting ME to mess up?" She burst out in a million waves of laughter looking at the burnt charcoal dish in Natsume's hands.

His brow cocked looking at her then looking back to his chicken, he wasn't surprised at this, this had happened a few times before but he was in denial, his ego wouldn't let this tarnish his 'good at everything he did' tag. "It's the microwave's fault OBVIOUSLY. It's not your turn to laugh yet, that cake better be good. Oh and see it's only burnt outside, you can eat it just fine." It was true, he was used to eating his all burnt chicken meals, they were pretty fine in the inside. It was always the chicken that ends up being burnt, other meals were always worldwide professional chef superiority.

"You owe me one dress if I prove you that my cake is the best you've ever tasted. I'm willing to bet anything for it." She said in a playful way, eager for him to have a taste of her sweets.

"Hmm? Fine then." He smiled leaning on the counter, he can't help being aware of the atmosphere being around her, somehow, part of him kind of hurt remembering the fact that she was a whore, another side of him was fine with it really. His feelings were contradicting each other. He wasn't much of an angel himself, who was he to judge someone anyway, the thing was that Mikan made him realize that he missed Aoi so badly, they rarely meet each other, he kept her away from him as far as possible; as safe as possible. God knows what'll happen to her if by any chance his enemies find out he has even the slightest weak point. Of course Aoi knew what he was doing, she understood that it was best for her to keep her distance, they were brought up in the most appalling conditions.


Ruka was their saviour; Natsume and Aoi lived their lives jumping from one family to another, and another, and another, until that one family. They were orphans, the orphanage tried to take care of all of them but there were never enough rooms, water, food nor clothes, the minute a family wants to take them for adoption, no more official procedures were performed, they were immediately adopted. The last family they were adopted by were living in a huge apartment, the whole three storey building were theirs. They were husband and wife, the rest of the house were occupied by kids their age, all of them adopted, turns out that the couple adopted kids so much from different shelters because of the money the government provided every month, for this to keep on going the kids were threatened to behave and they were treated probably worst than if they were homeless.

Until that one day, Natsume met Ruka on one of his daily chores, he was sent to buy the groceries again, they knew he'd never try to runoff somewhere, not without his little sister at least. Ruka's mother was one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the region. Little Ruka met Natsume during his personal study which he never actually spent on studying, it wasn't like they had an unforgettable life changing incident that made them bonded forever or something, they just clicked, both young, male, introverted and ... chased by every little girl they passed by. They were 'ordinary' to each other. Ruka was aware of his friend's state, he'd be hopeless if he was an ordinary boy BUT he wasn't ordinary after all, neither of the two were. Of course they thought something out. After all, that was the trigger that made him and the starting point of his thug life.

(further details in latter chaps. I still don't know how to 'structurize' my story and all. Sorry!)

Aaah yes, ends Natsume's past and BACK IN THE KITCHEN!

"Hey theereee! Natsume? Hey !"

"Huh. Wha?" Oh yeah kitchen. Right.

"Boy you have a knack for this spacing out thing huh or are you just mesmerized by the scent of my awesome delicious flawlessly iced strawberry cake?"

"Hmm." He shrugged. Either that or mesmerized by your flawlessly curved smile. Gotta dig a girl who loves her food. He smirked more to himself than to her. "Hafta admit, this cake don't taste half bad."

"Hmph yeah. Whatever admit it its the best you've ever tasted." Having a bite and chewing on its creamy fluffy texture.

They were at the dining table, it wasn't ass shitty long ones on TVs, it was an adequate but expensive dining table fit for at least four. Moments past he was unaware of the time but he can't help laughing and teasing Mikan, he never noticed it before, he didn't realise, how alone it always felt, yeah Ruka's always there but you get my drift.

Before you know it, they were next to the couch sitting on the scarlet carpet on the floor.

"But I'm telling you seriously, what's the deal with people poking you on facebook? It seriously kills the fun of it really." Slurry Mikan oozed out of her tipsy self, Natsume chuckled the alcohol getting to him as well. Natsume didn't really like getting drunk, he has high alcohol tolerance but so did Mikan, for them to get a bit tipsy meant at least 4 expensive champagne were gone and Natsume just didn't like sounding stupid, especially if he's drunk.

"Hey Natsume."


"You saw me on stage at the bar the other night, yeah?" turning her head leaning and holding Natsume from behind.

"Yeah, best live I've ever went to." Smirking but he kept staring at the ceiling.

"Flattered." She let out a giggle. Shameless she went on, "well, since you've seen me in my own happy time. I'd like to see you masturbate for me now." She gestured.

He cocked a brow. "You serious?" His head turned to look her straight in the eyes, noted on the fact that they weren't really intoxicated drunk but drunk enough for him to strip and put a show for her, he sat on his couch naked with Mikan still sitting sloppily on the carpet infront of him, a sly smile on her delicate face.

Natsume didn't really had a hard time turning himself on, heck Mikan staring at his cock was all he needed, also for the fact that he plainly wanted to, his 12 inch soldier was as huge as his own pride, no girl, not even Mikan could deny they'd wanna have a ride on his stick.

"Well .." Natsume stirred.

"Well, go on ... you're not shy, are you?" She chuckled, "Start masturbating, baby."

"Yeah, I was wondering if you could wet it for me a bit, I don't masturbate that often to keep a lube somewhere." His face turning cheeky.

"Adorable. But no." His face fell but not entirely, he knows foreplay when he's in one.

Mikan got up and took some honey tube from the kitchen, "Here, use this." Her head went down to his face and gave him a light kiss on the lips, she opened the tube and spilled the honey just enough for his cock, she was still fully clothed, she whispered next to his ear, "Masturbate."

She stepped back and sat back on the carpet, Natsume's breathe hitched and starting playing with himself, he wasn't that drunk but damn it was turning him on. Their eyes locked on each other, Mikan's with constant glances at his cock. It wasn't like Natsume to take it slow and he only used one finger, running it up and down his length but it wasn't doing much to him, though it did twitch. He knows the game, it wasn't doing much for him but hell he knows what it's doing to her.

"Fucking hell. Aren't you frustrated baby, don't you wanna come?" Mikan hot and bothered from his teasing, it didn't take an Einstein to figure out she was turned on, she was wet as fuck!" She strutted up with her hands folded in front of her chest.

"Hahah, baby i know for a fact that you want to come." He leaned back into the couch and closed his eyes as she watched. "Now be a good girl and make it a win for both of us."

Her hands dropped as she heard her last strand of patience snapping and also Natsume's raspy voice ordering her "Fuck. me."

She took off her clothes and went on her knees, she licked his dick forgetting the taste of the honey, Natsume's moans filled her head with so much lust that her own pre-cum were already dripping down her thighs.

"Aaah fucking hell Mikan, I want to fuck your face." Sounding soft and irritated.

A smile formed on her face as she heard that statement, her head went down lower swallowing him whole, she gargled and he felt the back of her throat rubbing him.

"Holy shit Mikan!" Natsume instinctively grabbed her hair and made her suck him deeper, he was trying hard not to come there and then.

She pulled him out but went back down as soon as she had a good gulp of air, she went fast and played with his sacks, her tongue swirling and massaging his cock, her head dipped up and down, not being modest of her skills, she was so into it Natsume was already screaming her name as his semen flooded her mouth, it was so much, she let it spill on her breasts.

"What the hell Natsume, you didn't even get soft after you came, and its this much." Her eyes closed, she yelped in surprise as Natsume stood up and pushed her on the carpet, his aggressiveness, she loved.

She laid there opening up her legs with her hands spread across the carpet, she loved attention, Natsume went down on her and lapped her up, his kisses swarming her chest and thighs.

"Beautiful." He exhaled and breathed in her scent as their tongues tried to mould into each other. He left her face and went straight down to her sex, his tongue piercing her and she screamed for her dear life. The sounds of their love making filled the humid room, she never felt so hot before, it was an entirely new experience and as much as she was scared, she loved every single bit of it.

She shoved her crotch to his face and screamed in delight, he obliged and opened his mouth wider and started eating her up, his teeth rubbing her pussy, she almost came when he suddenly flipped her.

She almost got annoyed as she was already near climax, all of sudden he penetrated her from behind and she bit her lip trying not to scream the living hell out of her. Natsume leaned with himself inside her just to warn her a bit he whisper "I want to hump you silly."

With that, she braced herself, her pussy was so full with his huge dick that it almost hurt, the nice hurt. With a huge dick like that, she knew she'd be screaming. Natsume didn't start slow, he couldn't take it, he pumped fast and hard. Fuck they loved it rough.

Her boobs violently shaking as he fucked her in and out, over and over, Natsume wasn't near climax but he felt fucking good. He twisted her and took one leg up his shoulder so he could dive in deeper and that managed to hit that sweet sweet spot a girl could ever dream of getting it everyday.

"Fucking hell Natsume! Again! Do it again! Yes! Ah yes!" Mikan screamed lost in pleasure as she humped back and cummed, thrice.

"Damn girl." Natsume loved it when a girl comes multiple times in a row, he felt her muscles tightening around him, milking him for his own release, but he needed something more, he was still hard, it was too good for it to stop now. He pulled out his dick and shoved it up her ass.

"Fucking jackass! Oh my god! More Natsume!" Mikan screamed, her voice getting raspy, she never got fucked in the ass and it hurt but it felt too damn good she couldn't stop screaming.

Natsume scanned the couch, he knew what he was looking for Ah! There it is. He grabbed the tube of honey Mikan used earlier and shoved it in her pussy while fucking her from behind. Mikan was losing her mind, she moaned and screamed like an animal in pain, it was just too good, she never wants to stop, he whole body shaking with Natsume's ministrations. He went harder and harder and shoved the tube deeper and deeper inside her, he got so rough it'd look like Mikan was about to break if he shook her any more. Both of her holes filled and being pumped, every girls favourite nightmare. Her walls started collapsing around Natsume and with that they came pouring to each other, screaming each other's names. Natsume took his penis out and soiled the carpet when the mixture of cum came dribbling out of Mikan holes. He lifted her unconscious form and put them both to bed as he hugged her close, their naked bodies felt nice next each other's skins.

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