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Until the End: Dreams & visions of an undeniable future lead two women on the adventure of a lifetime. Together, they hope to somehow prevent the upcoming tragedy that could leave the entire world in disarray. OC Alert!


"And the days went by like paper in the wind. Everything changed, then changed again. It's hard to find a friend. It's hard to find a friend." - Tom Petty


Until the End

Chapter One


"Alexa, it's been almost three months. Three. Are we ever going back home?"

"Robyn, can't you just enjoy yourself for once?" I murmured, shifting around slightly on the low-sitting chair. I wiggled my toes lazily, enjoying the feel of the warm white sand between my toes. The sea lapped at the sand some twenty feet away from us almost lazily, a never-ending cycle of rise and fall that was almost soothing.

"Mexico is beautiful but-"

"Drink your margarita and enjoy the sun," I interrupted, rolling my eyes behind the dark sunglasses. "We have a flight out of here to Miami first thing in the morning. The last thing I want to have to deal with is a grumpy Robby." I lifted my frozen margarita from my chair's cup holder and took a long sip, enjoying the tangy flavor mixed with the tequila. "What could be better than a couple of friends out on the beach? We've got booze, eye candy..."

Robyn snorted loudly as she lifted her own glass and clinked it against mine, toasting to me. "I'm just getting a little anxious. You said we were getting away to plan, to prepare. What the hell have we been planning?"

I smiled knowingly, ignoring the familiar flashes of images that raced across my mind as I watched an elderly man tote along a small girl just in front of us. Life went on, it was something that I'd had to realize right away. No matter what the dreams and visions said, life had to go on. Otherwise, I was fighting a battle against myself and the rest of the world for absolutely nothing.

It hadn't been easy, but then again nothing in life that was worth a drop in a bucket was easy. If life was easy we'd all be living in a Utopian civilization, perfect always. But, life wasn't easy, and thus it could never be perfect. In the beginning, they had all thought I was crazy. They had thought that I was just some stressed out kid on too much caffeine that needed a break. It had progressed from idle laughter whenever I would complain or even try to explain to, finally, them locking me away.

Regardless of how the movies portray it, something as serious as a mental institution is not a walk in the park.

There had been the straight jackets, the weeks literally passed in a drugged haze, and even the pleadings with the doctors. I'd lost nearly everything because I'd tried to explain it, had tried to get help. It had taken losing most my friends, the respect of my family members, and even my boyfriend to finally realize that what I could do, what I could see, wasn't something to be taken lightly.

The dreams continued after they'd finally released me, sometimes different though always carrying the same underlining meaning. The medications that they'd prescribed only worsened the situation, always leaving me clinging to a ledge that I couldn't hang onto. It had seemed almost natural to start the chain of lies, to flush the pills and simply refill them when the time came. The doctors didn't care; all I had to do was lie and tell them what they wanted to hear.

"I'm not crazy. I don't have dreams and visions of the future. It's just a delusion, a sick, sick delusion."

Lying had become almost second nature. It was easy to pretend, to go to class day after day and stare at the people around me that had absolutely no idea what was going on. But, even lies don't stop the dreams. I started keeping a journal, writing down my dreams in explicit detail and sharing them with only Robyn and Jack. Neither of them had wanted to believe me, had called it all a simple coincidence. But, that all changed the day I warned them of the accident.

The YMCA was an actual landmark in our hometown, the building used constantly by all ages. Its gyms were city-renowned, used by everybody from the two professional body builders that had helped put our town on the map to the aged and elderly. But, what most people generally referred to was the pool. Olympic-sized, it resided in the building's basement, serving as a place for community get-togethers for decades.

Robyn had gone with me that day, had stood outside of the doors that separated the locker rooms from the pool. She had sweated and cursed, pleaded and begged, and yet she had stood there with me and waited because, deep down, I think she needed to believe me. Just as I had dreamed, the roof, after years of abuse and poor upkeep, had finally met its end. The two floors above the basement level suffered minimal damage, but the basement's roof collapsed completely, trapping hundreds of people below.

The strain had been tremendous, lessened only thanks to Robyn's surprising act of bravery. In a move that stunned both of us, she had waved her arms at the situation and, quite literally, froze the world around us. Time stopped, leaving me staring at her with complete disbelief before I aided her, tapping into the second of my curses and straining under the weight of the collapsed ceiling. I held it, used my mind and my wavering strength, after her hold had faded and the screaming people in the water were released from her strange hold. They'd filed out one by one, hardly noticing the two of us as we shouted instructions to them.

Because of one of my so-called crazy dreams, we had saved hundreds of lives.

It was hard for Robyn, harder, I think, than it was for me. In one single afternoon, she had finally realized that I hadn't been lying. I was a mutant, a mutant that could see bits and pieces of the future, one that could move things with her mind. But, more importantly, she was a mutant; that all of those times in her life that had seemed strange, almost magical, had indeed happened.

Jack had understood, amazingly enough. We had sat down in the living room that we'd shared for almost a year and shared the truth with him and he'd merely nodded. Then, against all odds, he had announced that he too was a mutant, a telepath. We'd celebrated then, celebrated our friendship and the so-called curse that had ruined my life and yet had saved countless lives.

But, not all of the dreams were as easy to fulfill.

Some weeks afterward, my dreams grew more and more frightening. Night after night I dreamt of groups of men breaking into our house, and even the house that I'd been raised in where my family still lived, and taking me away. Sometimes, they killed me. Sometimes, they took my friends hostage. And yet, other times, mystical people swept in at the last second and saved us.

It had been a group decision, a unanimous one that had led to the escape. Robyn hadn't seen the point at first, but Jack had talked her into it. He would remain behind; use his gifts to try to keep in touch with us despite the distance. My family would be safe and watched by him, and he would cover our tracks. But, Robyn and I would be on the run, moving around constantly depending on the dreams and visions.

Somewhere along the way we had stopped driving around in pointless circles and pointed the aging Suburban south. My dreams had grown darker and fiercer, a sure sign that something big was coming. Robyn hadn't wanted to believe it, and neither had I. But, aided with all of the money that we'd drained from our separate banking accounts, we'd made it into the heart of Mexico where no one could find us unless we wanted to be found.

"The dreams are getting worse, aren't they?" she questioned, leaning over the side of her chair and shaking me out of my thoughts.

For years she had been my best friend, able to read my thoughts with a simple glance. At the moment, she was the only person I trusted, the only person that I could rely on. And yet, I couldn't bring myself to tell her the full truth.

"They are, but I think I've figured out how to fix things." I lowered my sunglasses and met her fierce blue eyes easily, smiling at the strand of dark brown hair that fell across her forehead. "We're going to Miami tomorrow, but it's not for more fun in the sun, sweetie. You're going to meet a man and we're going to figure out how to get to the X-Men without them knowing that we're coming."

Her dark brows quirked slightly before a smile stretched her lips. "Well then," she pushed her sunglasses back down and leaned back in her chair, showing off her lovely feminine form as she did so. Donned in a purple bikini, the woman had a body that most men would completely salivate over. I had been jealous more than once when a guy had looked over me and chosen her. Then again, if I had the balls to wear a bikini top that barely kept the girls at bay, maybe I'd get more drinks bought for me.

"I thought you might like that," I grinned at her, stretching out on my own chair yet again. The sun was already sinking into the horizon, but we had at least another hour or two of the sun before we'd have to wander back up to the hotel. "By the way," I yawned, closing my eyes as I pushed my sunglasses back into place.


"I'd cover up my chest with that towel real quick if I were you," I warned, smiling to myself as she let out a shriek just seconds later.

Surprisingly enough, seagulls had far better aim than I'd ever before imagined.

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