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"Hey"-Normal speech


'Hey'- Winged Kuriboh's speech/thoughts

(Unknown POV)

I ran through the park as fast as I could, knowing that if I didn't get there in time, the next year of my life would be hell, just like the previous ones. I sprinted past a group of people, no doubt wondering where I was going in such a hurry; people are way too nosy in my life. Just as I rounded a corner I remembered to check my stuff to make sure I had everything, I shouted to the world, "Alright, I got my deck, I got my gear, and I got about 2 minutes to get to the Duel Academy entrance exams before they start! Oh well, at least since I'm not a student yet, so they can't throw me in detention hall for being late!" I ran through another group of people who did the same as the last, though as I was nearing my destination I knew I had to act polite as these people may have families at the academy, so as I ran through them I asked them to "excuse me" and say "coming through" and "how ya doin'?", 'perfect, just like a normal teen'.

As I rounded the corner my final destination came into view, Domino City's very own, world famous Kaiba Dome (A.N. If it's the battle tower or anywhere else please correct me, and also I bet you've guessed who this character, if not watch the first minute of the first episode of Yugioh GX, or wait 'till the end of this chapter, his personality will be explained later), looking at this caused me to trip, as I hadn't noticed the rock in the middle of the path. As I noticed this it also occurred to me that I was heading right for some guy, and it was too late to stop, so I yelled to him, "Watch your back!" But it was too late; I crashed right into him and dropped my deck and duel disk, "Sorry!" I said to him as I picked up my cards, and checked to make sure they were alright. Breaking the short silence between us, he asked me "You're a duelist aren't you?" He sounded roughly 30 with a deep male voice, which also sounded kind, or maybe caring, it was unlike anything I'd heard in my life, except...

"Yep," I answered, "I'm just going to try out at the academy!" He laughed at this, as if he was proud of me, but I've never even met the guy, but he seems familiar, I examine him closer, and find, No Freaking Way! But before I have a chance to say anything he tells me "You don't say?" to which I answer, "Yeah, huh huh huh huh, he- hey you're..."

"Why don't you take this? Something tells me it belongs with you" He hands me a 1st edition, mint condition Winged Kuriboh card, I look at it with awe as I remember that he himself uses the Kuriboh family of cards, this makes me feel... I think it's special, for the first time in a long time I feel special! Amazing. As he walks by me say, "Wow! For real!" and as he walks off he tells me one last thing, "Good luck!"

"Hey, wait!" I say to him in surprise, another forgotten trait, I didn't know what to say, so as he walked off I bowed and said what I thought to be the most appropriate, which was, "Thank you, I- I'll make you proud!" He gives me a thumbs up me and walks off.

I can't believe it, I just met Yugi Mutou, my hero, wow. Just then I heard a small cry, but not one of misery, anger, or agony like I'm used to, and it sounded like it was coming from...

'No don't be crazy that can't be right' I told myself, then I realised I had been distracted, I ran off towards the Kaiba Dome as I proclaimed to the world, "I can't be the next King of Games, if I'm late to the Games!

I ran on, finally coming to the bottom of a cliff face on top of which was the entrance to the Dome, rather than taking the long way round, I clambered up a tree, then the rock untill I came to a metal railing, as I grabbed hold I thought, 'Oh no, my favourite jacket, it's ruined, wait, I don't have time for this, I gotta register!'

I saw the registering desk, just before they were about to close I shouted, "Wait, I'm no no-show, you can count Jaden Yuki as present, thank you, well, as long as I don't lose my grip!"

I ran inside, excited for my duel, I knew I had to win, as I just barely passed the entrance exam, ha, I could have aced that easy thing, but then I would have to actually work at school, which I suck at, so I thought I should start at the bottom, but it didn't matter, I knew I would win, I saw a small blue haired boy leaning on the railings looking lonely and decided to go and talk to him, after all, I knew how he felt, too well. "Wow, look at 'em go!" I said to him as a black haired, grey eyed duelist, who was about to win, was duelling, don't ask me how I knew, as to the rest of the world he looked like he was at a disadvantage, but I knew he would win. He did. (A.N. This will be explained too). "Wow that last guy really tore it up!" I said to my new friend, "Yeah, Bastion Misawa, They say he got the highest score on the written exam out of all us applicants!" 'Huh, looks like I got myself a ri- No gotta stick to this act!' so instead I told the boy the truth, "Wow, I just barely passed."

"Yeah, me too, my name's Syrus by the way, nice to meet you, I kinda have a thing where I get test anxiety, I don't know how I won my match." He told me.

"So you're in! Congratulations, I'll be in as soon as I win my duel!" 'Yes when, not 'if', I was going to win.'

"Wait, you haven't duelled yet?!"


"Well then you might have a problem, I think this was the supposed to be the last one!" I almost fell at this, I got bored of waiting, so I went to day dreaming, until I saw her, on the railing opposite me, I knew her, but I couldn't remember 'Where have I seen her before!' She caught me staring and blushed, I looked away and blushed too, she was the most beautiful person I had ever seen, with Hazel eyes, and dirty blond, mid length hair, she was mesmerising. Just then Bastion came over and sat just in front of me, I couldn't resist the urge to inflate my ego so I said to him, "Tight duel Bastion!"

"Thank you." He politely replied

'Ha ha, let's see if he can be that polite after this' I mischievously thought, so I told him, "From the looks of it you might just be the 4th best duelist here!"

"Wait, 4th!" he asked me incredulously "I could understand first, or maybe even second if you had a large ego, but 4th?!"

"Yep!" I replied, 'Ha, called it!' I thought to myself, then the strangest thing happened, I heard a voice in my head, but I don't think I've gone crazy, and anyway it doesn't sound like me, it sounds like... 'Winged Kuriboh, what are you doing in my head? And why am I asking that instead of how can you talk? Or even how are you alive?' 'Simple Jaden, I am a spirit, because you are a special person, duel monster spirits can appear before you, but as we're partners I'm the only one who can get inside your head, and as I was saying before, no you didn't call it, he was polite all the way through that!' 'Damn, you're right, oh well' I thought in defeat, I snapped back to reality, just as I was called down to duel. "Jaden?" Bastion asked me.

"Yes?" I replied.

"Are you alright? You never answered my question; you just stopped talking and became unresponsive!"

"Oh, sorry, what was your question again?"

"If I'm 4th, then who's better than me?"

"Oh, well that's easy, of course I'm #1, dueling's what I'm best at, and the other 2, well you will find that out soon." I answered mysteriously, and set off before he could ask any more questions.

When it finally came to my duel I won, but not only that, I won against a teacher, using his own deck, when he was a doctor, who had a PhD in duelling, and in 1 attack. 'Now Winged Kuriboh, I called that', if it had been there you could have seen it roll its eyes 'Yes Jaden, you did call that one'

When I won everyone cheered, whether they were booing or actually cheering for me, I didn't care, I was annoyed at the fact that they were actually cheering, like it was some big feat, I mean the guy, girl, doctor, thing, didn't even dual well! The only challenge was his Ancient Gear Golem, which was still easy.

The thing I was happy about though, was that the girl I had been looking at, not checking out, but just looking at, she had been cheering for me all of the way through, I even heard her thinking (A.N. Yes ,this will be explained, if I write more chapters that is, and that will only happen if this gets reviewed) that she knew me from somewhere but couldn't remember, but as she said that, I noticed something strange, the birthmark on the side of my head started searing with pain, but it was nothing compared to what I had been through before and so I managed to keep a straight face.

This ended my time at the Kaiba Dome, all of the new students were given rooms in a hotel nearby, when I got there I fell asleep instantly.

Final A.N. I'll explain everything in later chapters, if I get enough reviews to write more that is =P, also I know that I pretty much just wrote out Jaden's POV of episode 1, but it's mostly his thoughts that are my story at the minute. Please don't flame me for changing some things, like Jaden's ability to talk to Winged Kuriboh. I will accept flames, but only if they are positive, like giving me advice for writing and/or punctuation and/or grammar.