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''hey'' – Facial expression

'hey' - Thoughts

'hey' – Inner Alexis

"hey" - Speech

Chapter 3

(3rd Person POV)

The heli-transporter landed next to the main building of the large, dome roofed school, everyone got off and waited around before being told to leave their belongings and go to the main hall to get their uniforms, dorm ranks and assignments, academy duel disks and to have a message by their new chancellor. On the way there Syrus got curious about what dorm ranks were and naturally went to the first person he thought could tell him, "Hey there Bastion, what does it mean by dorm ranks?" Professor Banner, who was stood next to Bastion, sweat-dropped at not being asked himself, 'Oh come on! I'm a teacher! Why didn't he ask me?' as Bastion told Syrus what it meant "Well here there are three separate dorms, named after the three Egyptian God cards, Obelisk of course is the highest ranking dorm, as our school's founder and owner is none other than Seto Kaiba, but of course you knew that, then there is Ra, and last is Slifer, each has a separate building at a different site on the island, and each has rooms, that is what it means by dorm ranks and assignments." He explained in a monotonous voice, like he had read it out of a textbook. 'I don't believe it; he explained that better than I could have!' Banner thought, depressed.

"Is that right Professor?" Bastion asked, 'Yay, he respects me!' thought Banner.

"Um, Professor Banner, sir?" Syrus asked, worried, "Oh yes, yes it is, perfect explanation Bastion!" Banner replied, embarrassed. Bastion was glowing with pride, and Syrus looked slightly less nervous than normal. As they reached the hall their names and dorms were called out, and they were given academy duel disks and their new blazers. Jaden wasn't really paying attention, in fact he was actually nodding off to sleep, his eyes closing rapidly and his head jerking as he tried to keep himself awake, 'Man, who knew flying was so tiring?' he thought to himself, but he immediately woke up when Syrus poked him, so he went get his new uniform, duel disk and DAP, PDA like equipment.

'Huh, I hope I get to know that girl from yesterday' were his last thoughts before he succumbed to the slumber which had seemed to creep back up on him from nowhere. "Syrus Truesdale, Slifer Red." an assistant said this and looked disappointed (A.N. You all know why), a short while later they were told to go get changed and then meet in Dr. Crowler's classroom for an assembly. They were shown the way to the changing rooms by the assistants and soon came back out dressed in their uniforms, Jaden even changed out of his black trousers (pants for anyone who isn't English, sorry if I'm patronising you =/) into white ones, he then met with Bastion who was in a yellow blazer with white trim (collar, cuffs and front bits), Jaden and Syrus were in red blazers of the same design, and Alexis was wearing a blue miniskirt, and a white, sleeveless top with blue trim (collar and front bits, the front bit are like a U with a pointed bottom bit), they were then lead to the classroom and the chancellor began speaking to them.

(Unknown Location- 3rd person POV)

"So, see anyone worthwhile at the entrance exams?" A tall, muscular boy with long shoulder length, spiky, dark brown hair with a small blond spiky spot on the top and dark chocolate brown eyes with flecks of gold and blue in them asked another boy with shoulder length navy hair, a stoic expression, and navy blue eyes. One was wearing a 3rd year Obelisk blue uniform, the other, the one with brown and blond hair, was wearing a second year Obelisk blue uniform (Not sure if there's any difference between 1st and 2nd year uniforms, but let's just say they are the same, it's simpler, oh and if there is a difference please tell me) "Only two, my brother was not one of them, I'm surprised he even tried out, let alone won his duel, anyway one was Bastion Misawa, boring, and not very inventive, but he's a brilliant strategist with a genius IQ to boot, and the other, an idiot, plays by courage and heart alone, but courage and heart beat Dr. Crowler, and Crowler was using his actual deck, not a test one!" As he said this, Zane Truesdale (you all guessed it was him right?) thought 'You know, I've known him for over a year, but I still don't know his last name, why am I thinking this? It is completely irrelevant to the conversation, snap out of it!'

The other boy appeared deep in thought and finally spoke, his voice quiet, but powerful, as always, "Huh, so my little bro's coming, figures!"

(Dr. Crowler's classroom) (Jaden's POV)

The speech was finally over, and I woke up, we were allowed a few days to get to know the campus and our room and dorm mates, me and Syrus went outside to check out the new PDA's we got, called DAP's, kind of uninventive if you ask me, 'Got to remember to play dumb!' I kept thinking to myself, or...

I saw Bastion coming over, so I quickly said to Syrus, "Well I don't know about you Sy, but it looks like I'm in the Slifer red dorm"

"That's cool, same with me!" he replied, Bastion came over and I said to him "Hey, you in red too?" 'Perfect!'

"Well, let's see here, yellow sleeves, yellow buttons, I don't think so." He answered me back, the sarcastic bugger, as the English would say, so I spoke back, "Oh, I get it, so that's why Sy and I are in red!"

"Please don't tell me you just figured that out now!" he said, again with the almost sarcastic comment, well he isn't as smart as he thinks he is, he actually thinks someone can be this dumb, heehee, oh well that was kinda fun, so I continued, "So what, ever think I'm colour blind?" I asked him, doing my best ''annoyed cat'' face.

"Well no actually, I didn't, are you colour blind?" he asked, well at least he's not trying to be overly smart. So I laughed and said, as he walked away, "No but I coulda been, see you round the dorms!"

"I doubt that, your dorm's over there." He said, pointing over his shoulder towards the cliffs, so Sy and I set off down the path in the direction he pointed, the walk was quiet, and nice, with not much talking, when we got there, I thought it kinda looked old, and rusty, but I kept up my optimistic dumb act when Syrus made a comment that pretty much summed up my feelings, turns out we're roommates, so we went to check out our room, where we met Chumley, our roommate with distinctly koala-like features, he was grumpy 'cos we woke him up but explained the colour system to Syrus, and me, but I had already guessed how it worked. Sy and I left to look around while I tried to help his under confidence, but I sensed a duel and ran off into the school, we ended up in the Obelisk blue duel arena where we met a snob named Chazz and his cronies, he seemed pretty harmless, but he was a jerk, saying how much better he was than us, and how it was just luck that I beat Crowler, oh well, some people are just like that, they don't bother me. Then something very good happened.

(Duel Academy hallways) (Alexis' POV)

'Why do I have to be the one who gets Chazz to come to the welcoming party, damn you straws with your obvious hatred of me!' I walked through the hallways, towards the Obelisk blue arena, I assumed that's where he was, when I finally reached the arena I was greeted by a very pleasant surprise 'Yay, the straws must love me *Happy Dance*' inner me said, that cute boy who beat Dr. Crowler, but I can't get know him, I had to get Chazz who was also there 'Awww *Pouts*' inner me said again, so I went up to them and said, "This sure is a motley crew!" I heard one of the boy's friends, you know, I've got to find out his name, I can't just keep calling him 'the boy', say "Woah who is that?" Oh great, another admirer, and then Chazz, in a sickly sweet tone *shivers* said to me "Hey Alexis, have you come to watch me mop the floor with my new little friend Jaden here, it'll be a short duel, but an entertaining one for sure!" so his name's Jaden, it suits him, and he didn't even respond to Chazz's comment, I wonder why?

"I'm here to remind you about the obelisk welcome dinner, you're late!" I told him, annoyed at his comment; he's always like this, gahh!

"Oh yeah, come on guys!" he told his followers, well at least he left, but he didn't apologise, guess I'll do it, maybe I'll get to know Jaden more, unless that's the other kids' name, I'll check, so I said to them, "Sorry if Chazz rubbed you the wrong way, all of us obelisks aren't like that, he's just a jerk, especially with Slifers!" He replied to this like it was no big deal, 'he must be really patient not to get angry at Chazz!' I thought, his response was, "Nah, it's no big deal, those types don't really bother me at all, besides I could beat them in one turn!" As he said this, his friend interrupted, but they both continued, his friend said, "We're gonna have to work on that over confidence!" as he said, "Okay, two turns, maybe two and a half!" We both laughed at him, and he asked us, "What?" I ignored him, and remembered the welcoming dinners were going to start soon, "The Slifer welcome dinner is about to start too." I told him, he took off running with his friend, they spoke at the same time again, he said "Right we better go Sy!" 'So he is Jaden!' Then took off running as his friend said, "Hey wait up!"

He turned around at the end of the corridor and shouted back to me like he had forgot to say it before and had only just remembered, "Oh what was your name again?" I smiled and told him, "Alexis Rhodes and yours?" He smiled and replied back, "The name's Jaden, alright see you around!" As he ran off his friend shouted, "Aren't you gonna introduce me?" 'I really do hope I do see him around' I thought to myself, then headed back to the Girls' dorms for the welcome dinner.

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