Edward closed his eyes tight. Savoring this moment – that first shuddering inhale of invasion, when his body molded like a worn out puzzle piece. He fit perfectly inside Winry – a better, softer, hotter fit than any white glove.

He couldn't believe they had waited as long as they had. He couldn't believe that their trip to Xing was the first time they had every done this – started this study. He should have overcome his fears, his romantic ideals, and just fucked her the moment he walked back into the Rockbell doors all those years ago – Father defeated, Alphonse returned, and his feelings for her realized.

Despite his current bliss, he had that odd feeling again. She began to rock her backside against him, wondering why his movement was slowed. Her jolt of electricity spun him tight and he moved in response against her – starting the rhythmic thrusting, holding the small of her back down at an angle with the palm of his hands. He let his chin drop forward.

But he felt it again – the feeling of being watched while fucking.

Perhaps because HE had done it several times to others, and because it had been recently done to him, he was becoming skilled at knowing when eyes were on him.

Winry moaned, thick like syrup. She had her hands dig deep into the decaying walls of the ruin, her hair was sweaty and the lines of her face taut in concentration.

Eyes on her never seemed to bother Winry much.

He kept going, thrusting deeper into Winry with each go around. He turned her a little sideways, and the emphasized friction made his tongue twist inside his mouth, hands tingle, every iota of him curl up in pressure.

"Give it to me, Ed" she started to chant – so vixen-like, she was. How ridiculous of him to ignore this about her before.

That creeping feeling – what if it was Alphonse? He would DIE if Alphonse saw him like this.

But stopping would mean foregoing this release. This release was the closest he would ever come to a heaven or a god.

Dare he try to fly up again? So close to the divine with these wax wings of his?

She arched into him, reaching to claw at his skin.

Yes. Yes. He would.

It would have been prudent to turn right around and walk back to camp – leaving his eyes scared for life and his heart racing. It would have eased the suffering within him to NOT listen to those sounds they both were grunting against the hot desert air, but the wind of the sandstorm was in his ears and he knew if he didn't stop them, they would get stuck outside in the storm unprotected.

He knew the shame he was about to inflict…but their safety came first.

After a few stunned moments of astonished voyeurism, the remaining Alchemist Elric took a step forward, eyes decidedly fixed on the dirt.