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Batman stood atop a gargoyle overlooking Gotham City. He was no longer the young caped crusader he had once been. He was old and things had changed. His fellow heroes had settled down, had gotten families of there own, sure they still continued there work as heroes but Batman was the only one who was still one hundred percent devoted to his job. His suit had also changed, he often joked to himself that it looked much like the suit Bat Mite had called "to psycho" all those years ago. Many enemies had come and gone from Gotham City, the usual villains such as Joker, Two-Face and Riddler still remained but he had not heard from the likes of Gentleman Ghost, Gorilla Grodd, or Clock King in years. He wondered what had become of them but his thoughts were cut short by the sound of alarms ringing at a bank. He sighed, some things never changed.

Music Meister grinned to himself inside his apartment in Fawcett City. It had been nearly twenty years since he had been in Gotham City last. Since then he had meet and fallen in love with a fellow villain with an equally impressive voice, Scream Queen. They had lived happily together for a long time until Scream Queen had been killed. His eyes moistened as he thought about her. No one was sure who had done it but Music Meister had a suspicion that it was Batman. There was no evidence to prove it but the circumstances around her death made him almost certain that it was the Dark Knight who had done it. In spite of this, he smiled, soon he would have his revenge, soon he would be the King of the World like he always wanted thanks to a new weapon he had. One that was sure to bring Batman and anyone else who got in his way to there knees.

"Dad, I'm home!" his son Matthew called walking through the front door. Music Meister grinned again, there it was now.

"Hey honey," Green Arrow called walking into the kitchen in his civilian clothes giving his wife a quick kiss on the cheek.

"Hey Oliver," Black Canary answered back with a smile "How was work?" she asked.

"Some old, same old" Green Arrow groaned.

"Daddy!" a young voice yelled from the living room.

"Annie!" Green Arrow smiled at his five year old daughter picking her up. "How's daddies, favorite little girl?"

"Guess what we did today in pre-school!"

"What?" Green Arrow said eagerly.

"We made masks and look what I made!" she smiled holding up a mask that looked like Green Arrow's.

"That's my girl, now why don't you go wash your hands and get ready for dinner?"

"Okay daddy" she said as she skipped off to the bathroom.

"Did you see David's report card?" Black Canary sighed motioning to the mail on the counter.

"Oh boy," Green Arrow mumbled. He sucked in his cheeks looking over his sons grades.

"Son, about your grades" Green Arrow began when the family started dinner.

"I know, I know, okay dad, mom already gave me the whole speech when I got home from school today!" David Queen sighed.

"Look we just want you to have a good future and in order to do you need to succeed academically, why…why can't you be more like your sister" Green Arrow asked. Black Canary shot her husband a warning look. David slammed his fork onto the table.

"Yeah, misses perfect" he said agitatedly as he twin sister Dinah shot him a quick smirk. "You always liked her more than me"

"We don't like her better than you son, it's just that Dinah has more…ambition than you do" Green Arrow said hopefully.

"Not helping" Black Canary said through clenched teeth.

"Dad, where are we going?" Matthew asked his father.

"You'll see son, it's a surprise" Music Meister grinned as he and his son drove towards Gotham.

"This isn't another one of your lame villainy quests is it?" Matthew groaned.

"They're called quests of villainy!" Music Meister corrected "And they are not lame, why when I was your age I would have been thrilled to have the opportunities for villainy you do now"

"What? The chance to pick my class mates pockets?" Matthew said rolling his eyes.

"Bah! No child of mine will ever resort to merely picking pockets, true villainy requires class and style! Did I ever tell you about the time I almost…"

"Had the entire world under your control, yes I know" Matthew sighed.

"Now listen here son, your mother would have been proud to see the villain you're about to become! I've arranged your first actual villainous plot!"

"Dad I told you I want to be a musician not part of 'Villains are Us'"

"It's called the legion of doom, and listen, your mother and I always talked about what kind of villain we'd train you to be, if won't do it for me at least do it for your mother" Music Meister said with a hint of sadness in his voice.

"Fine" Matthew sighed "I'll do it"

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