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"Put her down now!" Batman demanded.

"Or you'll what? I've got the doomsday machine, I've got the hostage, I hold all the cards" The Music Meister grinned maliciously. Batman's eye narrowed as he searched his brain for a plan. The most important thing to do right now was to try and get Music Meister to negotiate and not make him angry.

"Listen up you Music Moron, tell that punk to take his filthy hands off my sister now!" David roared.

"Well so much for that plan" Batman thought with a sigh, as the other two heroes groaned at David's stupidity while Green Arrow gave him a glare that sent a clear message to 'shut up'. Music Meister carefully considered his options, if he dropped the girl then he would have to act fast in order to put his plan into action. His machine could control any mortal not matter what kind of anti mind control devices they might be utilizing but, only Matthew's unique pitch could activate this feature. The only thing it would do with him was project his voice over a larger area. Not strengthen his powers. He'd have to risk it, he decided.

Batman focused and tried to come up with a plan. He and the heroes did have one card left. They had Music Meister far outnumbered. They'd have to rush him. He didn't like the plan but it was the only option they had with an opponent as unpredictable as the Music Meister. Quickly placing one hand behind his back, he flashed a hand sign to tell the others of the plan. By the way there faces grew even more concentrated, Batman knew they had gotten the plan. Suddenly, Batman reached into his belt took out a batarang (where does he store those things?) and threw it while the heroes rushed forwards. Nightwing and Aquaman leaped at the Music Meister while Batman, Green Arrow and David ran towards Matthew.

"Fools!" Music Meister cried, dodging the batarang and firing a stream of electrical notes at the attacking heroes. "I can force others to do my bidding with a mere thought!" he laughed ordering Matthew to drop Dinah. Immediately, Matthew held Dinah back over the edge of the building. The three stopped dead in there tracks but as a hypnotized Matthew tried to drop her, he stopped, blinked a couple of times and quickly heaved Dinah back onto the roof.

"What? Matthew drop her now!" Music Meister yelled in frustration.

Matthew looked around hazily for a bit, as if under some sort of spell but suddenly snapped out his little trance shook his head "I…I…no I won't!" he said defiantly.

"What's going on?" Nightwing asked, mildly creped out.

"Arrow, wasn't there something that happened to you when you tried to punch Black Canary the last time we met Music Meister?" Batman asked.

"Well now that you mention it…there was" Green Arrow confirmed after a slight hesitation "It was like I just couldn't bring myself to do it no matter hard much the voice in my head told me to"

"That confirms it then" Batman said with the faint hint of a smirk creeping onto his face "They say that true love conquers all Music Meister, and I guess that's something you just didn't count on. Green Arrow couldn't bring himself to punch Black Canary because he loved her, and your protégé couldn't drop Dinah because he loved her"

"What?!" Green Arrow and David both asked at the same time, looking at Batman in mild shock. "Oh, he is so dead" David murmured casting a glare over at Matthew.

"I haven't heard a line that corny since I stopped the Colonel from…" Aquaman started, but everyone cut him off by groaning at his horrible pun (Get it, corny, colonel is a homonym of kernel? And a kernel is related to corn. -.-, okay I'll stop now).

"It doesn't matter anyway! You traitor!" Music Meister cried at his son, hurrying towards his machine. "This will finish you all off!" Then, picking up a microphone connected to the machine, he held up his cane and began to fire while singing.

"Now you've made me angry

I've been betrayed and strangely

I can't control what's in my head

For in a moment you'll all be dead

I don't know what to say

Other than today will be the day

When you fall beneath my feet!" Music Meister sang as he slowly started making his way towards the edge of the building while trying his best to keep the heroes away with his cane. Since he was the only one without earplugs Matthew quickly fell back into the trance.

"Matt!" Dinah shouted exerting what little strength she had left, she reached up and grabbed his hand. Something inside Matthew decided to fight back and Matthew grimaced as he battled the voice inside his head.

"That's right Matt, you can't let him control you" Dinah smiled, gripping his hand tighter. Slowly, Matthew's head cleared and he looked down and smiled at Dinah

"Thanks" he smiled at her reaching down at giving her a quick kiss. "Get to safety! Knowing my father he'll have some thugs here soon enough and you're not strong enough to fight them right now!" Matthew insisted.

"But…" Dinah began.

"Please Dinah" he said looking her straight in the eyes "If anything happened to you again, I don't know what I'd do". Dinah sighed but gave a quick nod and walked as well as she could toward the exit.

"You were saying something about thugs?" Nightwing asked kicking some teenager with a purple hairdo, who had climbed to the top of the building using the fire escape in the chest. Seeing his reinforcement's arriving, Music Meister took off running.

"Aquaman! Nightwing! You two stay here and fight these thugs off, the rest of you! we're going after Music Meister!"

"Not a problem!" Aquaman laughed jollily as he bashed two hypnotized minions sky high.

"Oh crap" Matthew mumbled looking over in the direction where Dinah was headed. She was gone, and there was no way she could have gotten out of the building that fast. "I think he's got Dinah!" Matthew called over to the other three. Batman growled and signaled for the others to follow him.

"Any idea, where he could have gone?" Green Arrow asked.

"You mean you weren't keeping track of him?" Batman huffed.

"I was busy fighting thugs, keeping track of the villains was always your job" Green Arrow said.

"Perfect" David groaned.

"I know where he's headed!" Matthew said suddenly. The other three looked at him in surprise. "He always told me to have a back up plan ready, and the only place he could be keeping that back up plan is back at our hideout here in Gotham" Matthew said immediately taking the lead.

"Can we trust this guy?" David asked suspiciously.

"I've been listening on his conversations all day, we can trust him" Batman confirmed.

"Wait, how have you…?" Green Arrow started.

"He was out with Dinah and I had him bugged" Batman stated simply.

"She is so dead" Green Arrow mumbled.

Music Meister chuckled gleefully to himself as he switched his bomb on. If he couldn't enslave the city, then he'd just have to destroy it. Dinah grumbled, trying to think of a way to escape her hypnotized guards. Suddenly she heard a voice from the communication device inside her ear.

"Throw the communication device at him" Batman's voice whispered. Dinah frowned, that was an odd order, but she was sure Batman had his reasons. Quickly reaching into her ear, before any of the guards could react she threw the device at him. Taken, by surprise Music Meister turned to late to feel the soft ping on the device on his clothes. However, Batman pressed a button on his wrist gauntlet and a huge electrical shock was emitted form the device as it exploded, knocked Music Meister to the ground, unconscious and Batman and the other three jumped down from the rafters.

"That's what would have happened to me if I'd gone rouge?" Dinah asked weakly but wide eyed.

"I never take chances" Batman said snapping a pair of bat cuffs onto the Music Meister and tying a gag to his mouth. "Maybe a few years in Arkham will bring him back to reality."

"I hope so" Matthew sighed sadly "He's still my dad"

"I really should beat you up and throw you to the curb for even coming close to my daughter, much less kissing her" Green Arrow scowled.

"Ollie" Black Canary reprimanded.

"But seeing as how you saved my daughters life and all, I guess I should say…thanks" he said, his scowl changing to a smile extending his hand.

"Uh…thank you sir" Matthew replied sheepishly taking Green Arrow's hand and shaking it.

"I'm watching you" David mouthed to Matt. All the heroes were back inside Wayne Manor resting after the whole ordeal. The police had arrived on the scene and arrested the still unconscious Music Meister. By law, Matthew should have been arrested as well. But seeing that he was just a minor and that Batman paid his bail on the spot, the officers decided that Matthew was free to go until a court hearing could be arranged.

"Hey David come on!" Barbara yelled from the other room. David looked over at her curiously. "We're playing video games nit wit, and I need a partner!" she grinned.

"I don't think…" David began before Aquaman pushed him into the room.

"Ah to be young again, eh my Bhuldhaven friend?" Aquaman asked slinging one arm over Nightwing causing him to almost collapse on the floor. Nightwing just groaned while rubbing his sore back.

"You're sure it's wise to let this kid stay here?" Nightwing asked Batman.

"As long as he doesn't go outside, I'm sure he'll be fine." Bruce Wayne replied reading the morning paper.

"I finally got Annie to sleep" Black Canary sighed as she walked down the stairs. "Somebody wore her out" she glared at Aquaman.

"We'll I guess the kids are gonna be missing a few days of school" Green Arrow sighed.

"But for some reason I don't think they're going to mind" he smirked looking out at the Wayne Manor guardian where Dinah and Matthew sat looking at the stars. They looked at each other and Dinah smiled and she moved her body closer to Matthew as the two just sat there, perfectly content.

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