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She stirred in her sleep that night the day must have hit a repeat button in her brain 'I'd watch your back if I were you' she cringed at the thought 'I don't want to catch an infection' she knew that if Nate found out about that sentence their relationship would end.

How did these people know, how did they know about the pregnancy... yeah they still thought she was pregnant - although she wasn't, but who gave them the idea. Only a handful of people knew and they don't associate with people her age, except for Eric but he was her best friend and wouldn't have let anyone in on the secret.

Stepping out of her bed and pressing her feet slowly onto the ground she made her way into Nate's room and lay down next to him - she watched him for a while but saw his smile and knew, that he knew she'd been watching him for a little over 3 minutes.

"Hi" he whispered and she smiled back.

"I don't feel like going to school today" she replied back watching as his eyes widened and he woke up more.

"Jenny you got to stop caring what other people think, this girl whose bothering you, set her straight say something or talk to the head mistress, ignoring it won't help."

She scoffed silently and rolled her eyes "that's easy for you to say Nate... people think I'm pregnant what do you think my dad's going to say when he comes home and he has messages on his answering machine from the school board expressing their concern about his pregnant 17 year old daughter!"

He rolled over so he was facing her and Jenny moved her hand under her cheek and kept her gaze on his face.

"Please... just today?"

He shook his head and closed his eyes "I'm sorry I told your brother and dad I'd look after you, you have to go to school... if I weren't supposed to be your father figure I'd say have the day off... but I've got to gain trust from your dad."

She sat up in anger "you're such a hypocrite, with all this 'just confront her talk' or 'talk to the head master' you have no idea Nate, plus when you were 17 you'd take days off with Chuck so you two could go get high and hire a few hookers."

Moving out the room and back into the room she was staying in she threw her head against the pillow groaning a big sigh and then closing her eyes so she could get a little sleep before she had to wake up and make a depressing movement towards school to meet Kira and all the other gossipers out there... especially Gossip Girl - what would she have to say?

Morning arrived quicker than it had taken her to fall asleep. The sun peered through her curtains and lightened the room, she slowly opened her eyes and took around 15 minutes to sit up and wipe her eye lids before climbing out the bed and into the kitchen to get her morning coffee and waffles before she used all her energy to put her uniform on and go to school.

They moved around the kitchen ignoring each other, when Nate went to the coffee machine Jenny went to the waffle maker and when Nate went to the waffle maker Jenny went to the coffee machine.

He let out a sigh of frustration that didn't go un-noticed by Jenny.

"You decided to play my father figure Nate, so you're going to be treated the way I would treat my dad, it's only fair."

He gave her a demeaning look and she just rolled her eyes and went to change for school.

Before she knew it she was at the gates of the private school and facing her fellow class mates.

'So tell me again Jenny why you decided to come back to New York and leave a big cruise boat... Oh I don't know! Maybe it's because I'm a complete idiot!' she kicked herself mentally in the head and walked into the school noticing the glances and the sight of Kira.

Moaning under her breath she let out a little "great."

The whispers started and all she could make out were "MILF!" "Slut!" and "I can't believe she bedded Nate Archibald!"

She wanted to scream that it wasn't true. Out of all the lies that have been created about her these past few years, this had to be one of the worst... before she had Blair or her brother to help her out and set the record straight – but now she was on her own and she couldn't defend what was happening.

Rolling her eyes she ignored the words - they'd all realize what asses they were when in 9 months time she still hadn't popped out a baby or started to develop a baby bump.

"Jenny!" she noticed the voice "a word!"

She turned and noticed the brunette talking to her, moving over towards her taking slow strides until she was a few feet away. She confronted the devil itself.

"So my brother attends Columbia with Nate! What a shocker right, I know what you're thinking... crap I stuffed up when I said that stuff" she paused and smirked "so I told him about what you said... you know the stuff about Nate having some sexual disease and my brothers decided to confront him about it today at school. They think it's pretty sad that a boy with such a high name that could get him places was walking around campus with some kind of STI."

Her eyes widened, her breathing stopped and her throat became sore.

"You what!" she gasped and watched as the brunette smiled.

"You may think you're the bitch Jenny Humphrey but you're not... I am... so like I said yesterday and I'll repeat it again Watch. Your. Back."

The brunette walked away strutting herself across the school courtyard and Jenny watched on in disgust... she was in shit.

'Crap! He's going to hate me, most likely kick me out the apartment!'

She couldn't deal with school she needed to leave; she felt suffocated, agitated, small and pointless and to make things worse her boyfriend who acted like her father was going to hate her!

Swiftly running out the school she got in a taxi and pointed him towards 'Central Park' she needed fresh air, to see normal people whose lives weren't ruled by a social hierarchy or a social queen.

She sat on a wooden bench and she sat there all day - she wasn't ready to confront Nate, she knew he knew about what she had said, she had 5 texts from him and 3 missed phone calls.

Standing up 20 minutes later she began the long walk back to the apartment.

Opening the door to her room she sat on the bed and looked out the window and waited for him to enter with so much anger that tears were bound to leave her eyes.

And so he did...

"What the hell were you thinking! Do you ever consider other people before you open your mouth or do you only defend for yourself? Thanks to you I've been suspended from the lacrosse team and have been forced to undergo doctor's appointments so I can prove to the school that I'm not spreading and STI you may find it embarrassing that people think you're pregnant but they will realize they were wrong when you don't have a baby in 9 months... but for me this is humiliating and I can't prove that I don't have an STI even with a certificate from a doctor saying that I'm in the clear!" she watched him eat into her "you know Jenny you do some pretty stupid things, and I've always seen past them because you're a young girl and things happen but this, this was pathetic and possibly the worst mistake you've made so far."

She moved on her bed her legs crossed and her arms resting on her knees she looked to Nate and saw the anger relish in his eyes.

"I'm sorry" she paused and blinked "I said things were bad... so bad that you happened to come into conversation and I said some pretty hurtful things."

He bit his lip and clenched his fist and released them "I don't need a relationship with someone who spreads a rumour about their own boyfriend having a sexual disease so sort yourself out Jenny before you lose me and realize that you made a mistake, you're better then all those girls and I've said it again and I'm going to keep on saying it until you listen and put it into act."

She raised an eyebrow and looked at him confused "sort myself out, you talk to me like I'm a drug addict... what do I need to sort out?"

He turned and walked to the door and stopped in the frame "who you are and who you won't to be."

She rolled her eyes and watched him leave, she hated it when people gave her that crap about hat stuff... finding out who you are... who were they to think that they were her spiritual psychologist?

She walked to the kitchen and saw him glaring.

"I know who I am and I know what I want Nate, I just say things that get me in trouble and you know that so cut me some slack and forgive me."

He moved to the other side of the kitchen counter and looked at her and let out a little sigh.

"What are we doing?"

Now she was confused.

"What do you mean?"

She knew where this was going, here comes the – we shouldn't be together lets break up speech that happened every 3 to 4 days, it was not deniable that she hated these speeches and the worst thing was she was becoming sick of it, and sooner or later she was going to accept that Nate no longer wanted to be with her... and that's what hurt the most.

He shrugged "we argue, we get upset about the smallest things... I act more like your father then your boyfriend and now I find it hard to trust you."

She scoffed and began to shake her head "I'm a 17 year old girl I'm allowed to make pathetic mistakes... and you're the one who wants to act like my dad."

She moved from out the kitchen and began to walk to her room but he grabbed her elbow and spun her around.

"We haven't kissed each other in over 32 hours, that's saying something."

She sighed and whispered "then kiss me."

"I... I, I can't" his eyes hit the floor and she felt a tear form in her eyes.

Pulling away from his hold she let out a little laugh and looked at him up and down.

"So I guess once again were done, once again our relationship ends, and once again it's my fault."

He shook his head and she moved away from him and ran to her room so he couldn't see how much it broke her heart.

That night he sat on the couch in silence - there was no TV and music just him sitting there and thinking.

Although they fought an awful lot it seemed to him that Jenny was one of the main girls that he'd ever been with that in some way understood who he was – when they weren't arguing they were out having fun or laughing at small things, something he'd hardly experienced with most the girls he'd dated or slept with.

'Arguments only make a relationship even right?'

Jenny sat on her bed going through the Internet looking at the latest designs and events happening around New York. When her door knocked at 10:30 her eyes shot up and she watched his figure in the door frame.

"Go away, I'm thinking."

But he didn't move instead he watched her, he studied her and she couldn't help but feel pain and anger.

"Nate leave now, I'm not in the mood for this crap right now."

There was silence.

Then more silence.

And even more silence.

"I want to be with you." He rushed the words out – he was over the shit that they went through – he wanted the fights to stop, the small arguments about other people's opinions to just end so they could go back to being in a normal relationship were they saw each other every day went on dates, attended social events and meet up with each other's family... he wanted a perfect relationship.

A small smile framed her face but it quickly dropped.

"Do you have bipolar because your mood changes way to often and you constantly change your mind" she paused and he didn't answer "you can't even kiss me Nate, what boyfriend and girlfriend find it hard to kiss each other?"

He stepped closer to her bed and sat on the end.

"Your brother and dad are going to murder me when they find out that I'm dating you, especially since I'm sharing an apartment with you and I promised I wouldn't let you get into trouble, but for some reason you're the only thing that plays on my mind, during all my classes, my lacrosse games and even my doctor's appointment that I'm having next week... you did a bad thing, but I get your sorry and I forgive you."

She looked at him confused and frowned "so just like that – you're going from really angry and upset to happy and nice with me?"

He nodded.


He shrugged and smiled "because I like this relationship... and I don't want it to end."

She looked up and let out laugh "last time my brother nearly sucker punched you and not to mention he kicked you out of our Brooklyn apartment."

He laughed and moved closer their foreheads touching and their breaths heavier. He leant in and pressed a kiss onto her lips - his lips overpowered hers and she allowed his tongue to access her mouth.

"I'm sorry" she whispered and he shook his head and kissed her again.

He kissed her back and laughed "I know."

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