Author's note: Okay, this is a chapter that was requested by enough people that I decided why not do it? It will involve anal sex so if that's not something you're interested in then you might want to debate whether to read it or not. And like the rest of the story has been don't forget that it's definitely rated M.


They met at her place two nights later. Castle brought another bottle of wine, but this time they weren't planning on eating. It was a bit late for dinner and they'd had hotdogs only a few hours before while she finished up some paperwork before leaving the precinct. Neither of them were hungry. She took the wine with a smile of thanks, though, and her smile broadened when he also handed her a small and very tasteful bouquet of flowers.

"Thank you."

"You're welcome." He took the wine back and led her into the kitchen, and she noticed that he also had a small paper bag with him that was stuffed into his pocket.

"You got what we need?" she asked, putting the flowers in a vase and then reaching for a couple of wine glasses.

He nodded.

"Yes." He studied her, his eyes unusually serious. "You're sure about this?"

"Yes. I think so."

"We don't have to, Kate. I enjoy being with you no matter what we do. We could sit on the couch all night and just hold each other and I'd be happy to-"

"I want to try it," she interrupted, reaching over to put her finger on his lips to quiet him. "You're willing, right?"

He kissed her finger and then moved his head back.

"I'll do anything you want me to. I thought you knew that by now…"

She chuckled and he poured her some wine and then some for himself.

"No bondage this time, though."

"Right." He led her into the living room and brought the bottle with them, aware that she'd need a little more relaxation than usual. Whether she knew it or not.

They sat down and cuddled, simply enjoying the company and the wine and making small talk that they couldn't really do during the day – although both of them were pretty sure that Esposito and Ryan were aware that something was different about their relationship than before. They were detectives, after all. They hadn't mentioned it, though, and Beckett and Castle weren't saying a word, despite the looks the two guys were giving them.

He ran his hand lightly along the inside of her thigh as they talked, enjoying the fact that she was doing the same thing to him, which eventually made him hard. Something she'd been watching for, but not forcing. It was better when it was slow sometimes, after all. He leaned over and brushed a kiss against her ear, his hot breath tickling her.

"Are you ready?" he whispered.

She nodded, and drained the last of her wine before standing up and taking his hand to pull him to his feet as well. He led her into the bedroom and as soon as the door was closed she pulled her into his arms and kissed her. She chuckled at his enthusiasm and leaned into the kiss and sighed when he slid his hand under her blouse. He cupped her breast, teasing her nipple with his thumb for a moment before he broke the kiss and took half a step back so he could pull off her shirt. Then he tilted his head and started suckling on first one nipple and then the other, taking the lead in their loving.

Beckett ran her fingers through his hair, watching him as he teased her, and just enjoying the way pleasure went from her nipples straight to her groin. She groaned when his mouth went lower, his tongue running along her belly and butterfly kisses

"I love your mouth…" she murmured.

"Yeah?" He pulled her slacks down a little, exposing the top of her mound, kissing her there softly before pulling her slacks the rest of the way down. "And the rest of me?"

She stepped out of her slacks and took another step back, pulling out of his reach and gesturing for him to stand up.

"Yeah, the rest of you, too." She agreed as she unbuckled his belt and opened his pants for him. "Get undressed for me."

He complied, and stood before her in record time with nothing on but a smile of anticipation. Beckett admired the view for a few moments and then walked over to the bed and lay down, watching him seductively. She saw him twitch, which was amusing and exciting at the same time, and then she raised an eyebrow when he didn't move.


He joined her on the bed, reaching for her hips so he could feast on her, but she stopped him and gestured for him to turn around. She was more than willing to have any part of him between her legs, but if he was going to have his fun with her – and she had to admit she enjoyed it more than he did, probably – she was going to have some fun of her own.

He chuckled again, and moved over her in a classic 69 position, him on top on his hands and knees, and her on her back with her head between his knees, looking up at him. She reached up with her hands and took hold of his hips and pulled him down to her just as she felt him part her thighs and take a long leisurely taste of her. They shuddered at the same time, and twin moans of pleasure were muffled by mouths that were busy with their own agendas.

Castle had a lot of trouble focusing on what he was doing. It was clear from the start that she had every intention of making him climax before he was ready to, because she was

Using every trick she knew – using her hand, lips and tongue with equal skill and applying all that to his pleasure. He gave up trying to pleasure her and focused on what she was doing, closing his eyes and sliding himself in and out of her mouth as she sucked him.

"God, Kate…" he murmured, looking down her body to watch what she was doing. "Don't stop, please…"

She stroked him, picking up the pace only when she felt his excitement building and his body start to tense up. Knowing that she was willing, he didn't even try to pull away when the inevitable happened and his breath started coming in gasps, his hips bucking despite trying to control them and every muscle in his body tensed at the same time.

With a groan he came, feeling her fingernails dig into his skin to hold him in place as she continued sucking him as he twitched and jerked, unable to hold completely still even when the waves of pleasure washing over him faded to mere tremors. He dropped his head back into her lap, but wasn't able to do more than just gasp for a long moment.

"That was incredible…" he whispered.

She chuckled, running her hand along the outside of his thighs while he shook and came down off the high she'd just given him.

"I'm glad you approve."

He took a final breath and then turned his attention back to what she had interrupted, turning his head and kissing the inside of her thigh, once, then twice and then moving closer to her center of pleasure. She murmured something that he didn't hear and shifted herself just enough to make the next kiss right on target and it was his turn to chuckle as he took another taste of her. She made a noise of pleasure and arched up a little. Castle was at an odd angle, but he didn't have any trouble keeping contact with her. He pulled her clitoris into her mouth and started suckling her, nipping and flicking as well, and driving her over the edge almost immediately.

She writhed under him, but he was above her and simply lowered himself down onto her enough that he could use the weight of his body to hold hers down, being careful not to put too much force on her and maybe hurt her. She wrapped her arms around him and like he had minutes before she simply gave herself up to the fact that he was going to have his way with her and she was going to enjoy it.

He felt the moment that she gave herself to him, and rewarded her in the only way he could just then, doubling the attention he was giving her until she was mad with pleasure and unable to hold still despite the way he was holding her. She climaxed repeatedly, wave after wave of pleasure coursing through her until she could only focus on the pleasure he was giving her. Just when she thought he'd drive her completely over the edge into senselessness he kissed her once more and then pulled himself away, moving off her and turning around so he could hold her for a moment while it was her turn to tremble.


"Liked that, huh?"


He kissed her cheek, running his hand along her side.

"Ready for round two? Or do you need a minute?"

She smiled, too satiated to be nervous just then.

"Round two."

"Roll over, Kate."

She did what he told her, and put herself up on her hands and knees, knowing he'd need her in that position. He got off the bed long enough to get the paper sack from his pocket and pulled out a tube of lube, which he carried over to the bed. It was so erotic to see her positioned like that, watching him and waiting for him to have her, he would have been aroused in an instant if not for the fact that he was already so hard he ached.

He positioned himself behind her on the bed, pressing her thighs slightly to get her to open them and enjoying the view as he ran his hands along her rear, caressing her. Beckett lowered her head a little, which brought her rear up nicely and Castle felt himself twitch. He opened the lube and slavered his hand with a generous portion along himself, and then when he was sure it was warm, he slathered it along her anus as well.

She tensed at the touch in a place she wasn't used to being touched, and it communicated easily to Castle, who had been watching for any sign of nervousness.

"Want me to stop?" he asked her.

She shook her head.

"No. Do it."

He guided himself to anus and started to push himself in as slowly as he could. She tensed again, and he ran his hand along her hip, feeling as she tried to push against him.

"You need to relax, Kate…"

"I'm trying."

He slid his hand down to her clitoris, rubbing her lightly as he pushed the head of his erection into her. She arched against the pleasure of his caress and the pain of the invasion and he added another inch inside her with the motion.

"Relax, Kate."

"Stop telling me that," she snapped. "It's hard to relax when you're trying to shove a Mack Truck up my rear."

Castle chuckled, despite the fact that she was annoyed with him, and she must have realized what she'd said, because she suddenly laughed, too. He felt the tension leave her body and took advantage of it, pressing himself the rest of the way into her, eliciting a groan of mixed pain and pleasure.

He stopped right there, giving her a chance to acclimate herself to having him inside her. Only when he felt her relax a little more did his fingers find her clitoris again and he began to tease her, sliding along the little nub until she started rocking against the pleasure that he was giving her, allowing her a chance to ignore the rest of it for the moment.

Castle pulled out almost completely, and she shuddered, this time in pleasure, and he slowly pushed himself back into her again, watching and feeling her reaction to the motion. She whimpered, but pushed back against him when he was inside her once more.

"That's my girl," he murmured, taking her hips in his hands and pulling back once again and pushing into her with a little more force. This time she moaned with pleasure, and shuddered when he was fully inside her again.


He kept his fingers busy on her, knowing that his loving wasn't stimulating her anywhere near as much as she was stimulating him and determined that she climax with him inside her.

He groaned as she started reacting to what he was doing, wriggling in ways that were driving him crazy and making it very hard to concentrate on what he was doing. She dropped her head onto the pillow and cried out in pleasure, climaxing before Castle even realized she was getting close.

He drove into her with a strangled cry of his own, his entire body tensing up as he came as well, holding her tightly against her as he peaked and then the entire world shuddered for a long moment as pleasure coursed through him and into her.

She trembled under him for a long time as they both caught their breath and then he pulled out of her and turned her over, cuddling her close and listening as his heart pounded against his chest, the beats fast and furious at first but then slowing down as they both came down off their high.

"You okay?" he asked her softly.

She nodded, her head buried in his chest.

"I can take that off my bucket list, now…"

He chuckled, hugged her for another long moment and then kissed her forehead before pushing himself away and getting off the bed.

"Where are you going?" she asked him.

"We need a bath, I think."

She smiled, and stretched as she heard the water turn on in the bathroom. A bath was a good idea.


Ten minutes later they were both in the tub. He was resting his back against the slanted edge of the tub and she was in his arms, resting her back against his bare belly, her arm resting on his knee as he ran a wash cloth along her body. She closed her eyes, enjoying the way he was coddling her.

He smiled, using the towel more as a tool to caress her, simply because he wanted to touch her. He loved touching her.

"That wasn't as much fun for you as it was for me, was it?"

She sighed, catching his hand and holding it against her breast for a moment.

"It wasn't too bad. Once I got used to it."

"I liked it."

"I could tell."

He hugged her from behind.

"Any other items in your bucket list that I can help you with?" he asked her, teasing her lip with his finger. "Threesome, maybe?"

She chuckled.

"I can't think of another guy I really want to share you with."

He frowned.

"Guy? I was thinking another woman…"

Beckett nipped his finger.

"We were talking about my bucket list, Rick. Not yours."

"Well… yeah. I know."

But it was still fun to think about.



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