This is a new fic which takes place during Eclipse. Thanks to my awesome beta, Shelby Sue, for providing me with the background information because I'm a pussy and refuse to even crack open the book. All characters belong to SM along with the Twilight series. If they belonged to me, Bella would have made the right choice. The first few paragraphs are directly from the book as my lead in. Enjoy.

It was some heavy, stiff paper. Expensive. Too fancy for Forks. The card inside was the same, too done-up and formal. Bella'd had nothing to do with this. There was no sign of her personal taste in the layers of see-through, petal printed pages. I'd bet she didn't like it at all. I didn't read the words, not even to see the date. I didn't care.

There was a piece of thick ivory paper folded in half with my name handwritten in black ink on the back. I didn't recognize the handwriting, but it was as fancy as the rest of it. For half a second, I wondered if the blood-sucker was into gloating. I flipped it open.


I'm breaking all the rules by sending you this. She was afraid of hurting you, and she didn't want to make you feel obligated in any way. But I know that, if things had gone the other way, I would have wanted the choice.

I promise I will take care of her, Jacob. Thank you -- for her -- for everything.


I begin to crumple the note in my hand but stop myself. I don't even look at the invitation as I shove it all back inside the goddamn envelope. My dad is looking at me with concern on his face. "Jake?"

I shake my head. I can feel tears burn my eyes but I refuse to shed another tear for Isabella Marie Swan. Enough is enough. I look at my dad and my voice cracks with emotion, "How can she do this? How can she marry the leech? After everything. Haven't I shown her how much I love her? Haven't I proved my worth?"

My dad sighs heavily, "Son..."

I hold a hand up to stop him. "I know. I know. She does love me but she needs him more. What the fuck for? I told her Dad. I told her that if I was just some normal guy and there were no monsters under the bed, she and I would be together. I'm her natural path. But you know what? She left. She tells me she loves me and just leaves. To go back to him. And then the motherfucker has the fucking balls to send me this shit? For what? He already broke me in the tent telling me that she's marrying him." I slam my hand on the table, the feel of the paper underneath making me ill.

Billy must see it in my eyes because he implores me not to go. "Jake, my boy. Don't do this. Please. She wouldn't want this."

That's what seals the deal for me. I smile at him. "You know what, dad? I'm tired of doing what she wants." I grab the envelope and my car keys. I hurry to my room. I grab a bag and shove some underwear, t-shirts, shorts, socks and what money I have in it. I grab my wallet and shove that in my back pocket. I head out the front door calling out, "Don't wait up for me."

The drive to the Cullens' does nothing to alleviate my anger. I turn into their driveway and throw the Rabbit in park. I unclench my hands from the steering wheel. I wince when I see the indentation marks I leave behind. I get out of the car and march up the front steps. Supposedly we're always welcome in their home. I take that to heart as I throw open the front door and slam it behind me. Edward's at the top of the stairs glaring at me with Bella standing behind him. My heart clenches at the sight of her. Then I focus on him and anger surges through me once again.

I toss the envelope to the floor. I sneer at the happy couple, "I just came to tell you that I won't be able to attend your nuptials. Thanks for the invite though."

Bella's eyes widen as she steps around Edward. She gasps at him, "You didn't."

Edward only has eyes for me though. In the blink of an eye, he's in my face. "You came here to start trouble? Didn't you, you filthy mongrel?"

I roll my eyes at him, "Only you think insults like that can hurt me. Mongrel? Motherfucker we live in the year 2010. Man up. I came here to pretty much tell you to go fuck yourself. I am done with this. I think you get perverse pleasure out of hurting people. You broke me when you let it 'slip' the two of you are engaged. You got a dig in at me by giving her that ridiculous charm to put on the bracelet I made her. No matter what, you have to keep shoving it in my face that she's with you. I get it. She's yours. You didn't have to be so callous as to send that to me." I motion to the envelope Bella has just picked up.

Bella steps in front of him. He averts his gaze. "You sent him one? Even though I asked, no begged, you not to? Why?"

Edward says nothing. I bark at her, "Open it. Read the note." Edward hisses at me and I stick the middle finger at him. Bella's eyes skim the delicate paper. She takes a step away from him giving me a view of her face. She's pissed. The anger on her face is comparable to mine. She crumples the note in her hand. She throws it in his face. Wasn't expecting that.

He whispers her name, "Bella, love."

She shakes her head. "Don't you dare 'love' me, Edward. How could you? I chose you. Why couldn't you let things be?"

I scoff at her, "Let things be? What the fuck are you talking about? You're marrying a dead person. His heart doesn't beat. He drinks blood to sustain a flimsy excuse of living. You're basically committing suicide to be with him. Those things? Fucking fantastic choice Bella. Really. Bravo." Her eyes fill with tears. I'm done. I throw my hands up. "I'm done with this crap. I'm tired of your tears. Over me? Bullshit. I'm especially tired over my tears that I can't seem to stop spending on you. You who don't want me." Her mouth opens but I cut her off. "Wait, you don't want me enough. Because I'm the guy who actually breathes. Because I'm the guy with a heart that beats for you. Because I'm the guy who can give you children and..." I stop when I feel myself tremble. I look into her eyes one last time. "I'm done Bella."

BPOV - - -

Oh please stop. His words cut me to the bone. Then he says my name. Bella. Not Bells. Just Bella.

He looks at me and I can't see my Jacob in those black eyes. His next words have my knees buckling, "I won't be attending the wedding. Sorry. I'm leaving and I don't know when I'll be back."

I reach out for him but he shrugs my hands away. "Jake. Jake, please, stop."

He moves towards the front door. "Good bye."

I call after him, "Don't go." I look at Edward quickly before finding my voice. "Not without me."

The silence that follows is deafening. Jacob turns around and I somehow manage to smile when I see the one thing I am desperate for in his eyes. Hope.