I stand there, blinking stupidly at the sight before me. Holy fuck, she's amazing.

Standing before me is Shelby Sue but not Shelby Sue. She's tall, almost as tall as that giraffe we saw on that field trip back in elementary school down in Seattle that one weekend. But where a giraffe is slender, this form of Shelby Sue is awe inspiring.

She's massive yet elegant. She has a wolf's head that seems to be smirking at me right now. Her fur is brown tinged with hot pink at the tip of her ears and around at the ends of her snout. The fur travels down her chest but fades away to her brown scales that shine with a pink iridescent hue. Her haunches are massive and I know if I piss her off she could probably eat me in a gulp without chewing. Her talons are that same hot pink color along with the tip of her wolf tail. Her wings? Good god dude, they're gorgeous. Brown and look to be paper thin but cartilage part is hot pink as well. She's fucking bad ass dude. A fucking wolf dragon and she's my homie.

She's way cooler than any CGI special effects dragon in any movie ever. Even better looking than the dragon things in the blue people movie by James Cameron. I look at her, hands on hips and wink. "Hey good looking."

Her head turns to the left as if appraising me. Her brown as the wet earth eyes outlined in hot pink with matching lashes. Wicked. Then her mouth/jaws of death open and I get to hear a dragon laugh for the first time on my life. Awesome.

"Oh sweet boy, you really do know how to warm my heart. Follow me, my brothers await us."

I follow because, seriously, am I going to refuse to comply? No way. The trees are huge and so green it seems fake. We walk in silence but I think about different things. Like can she fly? If she can, will she take me for a ride? What kind of dragons are her brothers? And number one, can she spit fire?

She pauses when we reach a clearing. She snorts as if insulted and looks up before a 6 foot flame shoots out of her jaws. I fucking fist pump like she's a real life Bakugan character. "Goddamn that's wicked!"

We continue to walk as the trees get more and more sparse. The grass is lush under my feet as we approach a group of rock formations that are...holy shit! They're fucking thrones. Dude, what the hell was in that tea?

Even from this distance I can see that 2 of the 4 thrones are occupied. The closer we get, I can see just how colossal they are. Two other dragon creatures are sitting them. Their heads turn in our general direction. My steps falter.

"Do not fear. They are my brothers and will not harm you."

Yeah, that's not really helping with my unease but hey, whatever. I walk beside Shelby Sue. We reach the others and she sits in one of the empty thrones. I look at the empty one which has cobwebs and seems to have seen better days.

I turn back to the other two dragons and just stare. One is part bear. He's even bigger than Shelby Sue. Black as night with red outlining his black eyes. That and the white of his eyes are the only things that aren't black on him. I look at the other dragon who is all dragon. He's not mixed with any other animal. He's even bigger than the other two. A deep green that seems to make the grass below his paws seem almost dingy. Goddamn, what's in the water here?

The pure dragon speaks first, "My name is Crispin. This is my brother Nigel and you've met Genevieve."

I look at Shelby Sue, "Genevieve?"

Crispin laughs out loud as well as in my head. "Ah yes, that's her birth name. I know she likes to go by that other name nowadays but she will always be Genevieve in my heart."

Shelby Sue snorts. Small tendrils of smoke drifting from her nostrils, "Oh stuff it Crispy."

Once more my eyes fall to the empty throne. The surplus throne. It just seems so odd yet I can tell it is of importance. Crispin addresses me once more, "That is the throne of our other brother. He left this world to join the mortal realm. He hungered for power and wealth. No longer satisfied by our way of life which seeks balance and nature."

His voice is heavy, as if the betrayal of their other brother, is all on his shoulders. Shelby Sue makes her way over to him, nudging his body with her head. She takes a nip of his shoulder which makes him swat at her. Her voice is tender, "Dearest Crispy, you know it was not your fault. He was always gluttonous, egotistical and...well just an all around douche."

Nigel replies dryly, "Sweet sister, you truly do have a way with words." Shelby Sue curtsies. Well, I think it's a curtsey but she's a flipping dragon so, hey, I might be wrong.

I turn my attention back to Crispin who's staring dead at me. His voice is regal, majestic and chills me to the bones. "Aro." I gasp, taking a staggering step backwards. "Aro is our traitorous brother."

I know it's short but it's a good set up for the next update. Real life is kicking my ass right now between work (yay me!), college and my family. Updates are going to be whenever I get a chance to write and I'm letting you know now, it's not often. Thanks for your patience and support. My beta and I have not forgotten or given up on this fic.