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A/N: This is the first of three parts, written for Forthrightly's 2008 Halloween Challenge. The prompt was Faint.

Kagome brought home a very tired, but happy, butterfly-pony-fairy princess.

It was Rin's first real trick-or-treat outing and she had gone to every house in a three block radius. She made quite a haul; the candy bag was near bursting.

She immediately dumped the entire contents of the bag onto the floor.

"Can I have candy now?" she pled, huge chocolate puppy-dog eyes fixed on Kagome.

"One piece, then you need a bath and bed. It is getting late."

Rin pawed carefully through the small mountain searching for the perfect piece.

Sesshoumaru wrapped his long arms around Kagome's waist and nuzzled her ear. "How did it go? He asked.

"Oh, she was so cute! She'd ring the bell, say trick-or-treat, and then she'd say thank-you! Everyone was so charmed by her nice manners. How did it go here? Did you give out a lot of candy?"

Sesshoumaru grinned wickedly. "They had to do tricks for the treats!"

Kagome shook her head. She supposed it was irresistible to the dog demon to have humans work for the candy.


Roused from a sound sleep, Kagome needed a few seconds to clear the fog from her brain.

Glancing at the clock, she saw it was 4:30 a.m. What had awakened her? She listened, but didn't hear anything except the soft rhythmic breathing of the male next to her.

Deciding it was nothing, she settled back down into the warm bedding, snuggling closer to the comforting presence of her mate. Eyes closed and drifting, she heard a faint thump-thump-thump from the downstairs.

All senses on high alert, she sat straight up and grabbed Sesshoumaru's arm, unconsciously digging her nails into him. His reflexes, honed to razor-sharpness over the years, shot him from their bed.

Clad only in sleep pants, he crouched, ready to battle. Quickly perceiving no threat, he looked questioningly at Kagome.

"I heard a noise downstairs."

Doing a mental eye-roll, he slowly climbed back into bed. "Do you hear it still?"

"No, but I'll feel better if you go look."

"Woman, this Sesshoumaru hears nothing and is going back to sleep."

He rolled onto his side and tried to bring her into his arms. Kagome shrugged off his attempts.

"I HEARD something thumping downstairs!" she insisted. "You're the big, bad demon, go see!"

The dog mapped out his options quickly.

She wasn't going to drop it, so more sleep was out. If he went to check out the noise, he'd be wide-awake, but she'd be happy, relieved and relaxed. Those three emotions led to the high probability of him having his way with her when he returned to their bed to deliver his prowler report.

With happy thoughts of a vigorous bout of morning sex on his mind, he threw back the covers and once again got out of bed.

Kagome watched him make his way to the door. As he reached for the knob, they both heard the thump-thump-thumping of something downstairs. Kagome's eyes grew wide with fear.

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