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Summary: Sequel to The Good and The Bad. Follow Bella and Edward as they try to mend their relationship and start their new lives in LA. Old friends and new enemies make life much more interesting. With Twilight Records blossoming, Bella and Edward find their niche in the music industry.

Beta'd by Linsadair.

Chapter One: The Bad Girl Bella: New Beginnings & Old Feelings

"Hmm, that feels great," I purr from his magical hands.

"Do you like that, Bella?" Edward coos in my ear.

"Hmm, please don't stop."

His hands increase their rhythm, kneading and pushing my flesh.

"You two need to get a fucking room," Alice commands entering my apartment.

"Yes, Mistress Alice," I reply back in a singsong voice.

Edward's hands stop and I sigh at the loss of my free back rub.

I stand up off the floor and plop back down on the couch next to Edward.

Ever since he came back from UW, after transferring and packing up all of his stuff, he has been back to his old self of politeness and gentleman demeanor. It has only been a few weeks, but his goody-goody attitude has me aching for my corruption days.

"Carlisle and Esme will be coming in tomorrow. They said they wanted to talk to me about something important," Alice yells from my kitchen.

"Are you nervous?" Edward asks.

"No, Eddie-poo. Mom and Dad always have the best things to tell me. Plus I just know that it is something good," Alice chirps taking a seat in the recliner.

I shake my head at Alice as I grab the remote off the coffee table and turn on the news to catch the weather. It's Monday evening, the week of Thanksgiving and I have my last classes tomorrow before a little break. I've been putting in major hours studying so that I could relax over the Thanksgiving holiday. Edward had seen me studying and offered to give me a back rub to help release some of the built up tension.

It's my first Thanksgiving away from Forks, and I have insisted that I cook a full Thanksgiving meal for everyone. Carlisle and Esme have made plans to come be with Alice and Jasper. I called Esme personally and demanded that she and Carlisle come to Thanksgiving dinner. She never hesitated.

"I'm going to the store tonight to get everything for Thursday. Are there any special requests?" I ask knowing exactly what Alice will say, but it's just better to let her think that she came up with the idea.

"Bells?" Alice whines.

"Yes, Alice?"

"Can you make a cherry pie?"

"Sure, sweetie," I sweetly reply.

She hops up and heads back to the kitchen. Edward takes the moment we have alone and leans over towards me to whisper, close enough for me to feel his warm breath on my neck.

"Do you want me to come with you tonight? I can help push the cart and bring everything in?" Edward offers.

I look over at Edward and he is sporting those fucking puppy dog eyes at me again, silently pleading, but not to help me at the grocery store. Fucking hold, Swan!

"Sure, that would be great. We can take the Camaro," I whisper back. I reach up instinctively and brush the hair on his forehead off to the side.

Edward looks different, but better than when he showed up at my doorstep. He is not as pale, and the dark circles under his eyes are slowing disappearing, and the spark that was always present when we were together is still faded in his eyes. I pull my hand back quickly as I resist the urge to stroke his cheek.

I head to the kitchen to make my list and make sure of any ingredients that I don't need to double up on.

Alice is still in the kitchen and comes to stand by me as I look over the cabinets and their contents.

"Bells, have you told him about the resolution to the bet?" Alice whispers.

"No. But what the fuck should I say?" I mumble back.

"You tell him that the resolution to you backing out the bet is that you have to…" Alice halts her whispering as Edward walks into the kitchen.

"Are you ready to go?" he asks.

"Um, sure, let me get my coat and purse," I reply.

I nod at Alice letting her know that I will talk to Edward about 'the resolution' soon, just not right now. My main focus right now is to not crumble to Edward's wishes of us getting back together.

We are silent in the car as he drives us to the grocery store. My body betrays my thoughts as his scent swirls around me, causing wetness and my body to blush. Fuck!

I hate being just friends with him, but I know it is the best fucking thing to do. The hole in my heart is healing, and I'm not sure if it is from Edward being physically in my presence or that he is trying to woo me again.

I have to hold strong, we never were friends before, and this is the better course of fucking action. Yeah, keep telling yourself that.

Edward groans and grips the steering wheel and I become more aroused watching the muscles under his tight long sleeve t-shirt flex. Under that sleeve is that fucking glorious tattoo of me. Drip!

Thankfully, we arrive at the store and I shoot out of the car like a bat out of hell. Edward turns the car off and rushes to join me as I make my way through the store. We talk about Thanksgivings past, family, turkey, parades and football games.

"This is the first time I've never had Thanksgiving with my mom," Edward quietly states.

He is sad, not because he misses his fucking asshole of a father, but because he misses his mother. I wonder if his father even realizes the impact that his actions have had on his wife.

"Is there anything special that I can fix for you for Thanksgiving? Something that will remind you of home?" I offer.

"Um, stuffing with walnuts and dried cranberries," he mumbles.

"No problem." I reach out and rub on his arm to soothe him. He seems to relax immediately from my touch and sighs.

We finish shopping and load up and head back to my apartment. After two loads up the stairs, rearranging the industrial size refrigerator and an hour later, everything is put away.

Wednesday arrives and I have no classes today, so I decide to sleep in before preparing for tomorrow. Or so I thought.

"Bella!" Alice chirps letting herself into my apartment with her key.

"Yes," I grumble from under my cover.

Alice bounces into my bedroom and plops down on the bed.

"Guess what?"

"Fuck! What?" I'm awake now.

"100 Bananas is playing tonight at Sigs," Alice whispers.

"No fucking way!" I jump out of the bed and do a little dance. Alice joins in.

"Hey, what's going on? And why is your front door open?" Edward asks standing at the edge of the divider. He gasps and blushes.

"Like you haven't seen this before," Alice teases him pointing to my scantly clad body. I blush realizing that I'm standing in my bedroom wearing lacey blood red boy shorts and a very small tank top. The half of Edward's tattoo is showing. I grab a t-shirt off the floor and throw it on.

"We're going out tonight!" Alice chirps bouncing back out of my apartment closing the door behind here.

"Where are we going?" Edward asks inviting himself.

"Sigs," I answer grinning.

Since I have moved to LA, Alice and I try and see new and undiscovered bands. We caught 100 Bananas the night that Edward came back and this is the first time that they have played since then.

"Please tell me that this a name of a band?"

"Yes, and since you haven't seen them, you have to come," I purr.

Edward's blush increases. I leave my bedroom and head for the kitchen for some breakfast. I'm suddenly in the mood for eggs.

That night, Alice and I are finishing getting ready in my apartment as Jasper and Edward are downstairs drinking beer.

Alice hands me another shot of Patron and we clink and toss our shots back.

"Edward is going to shit himself when he sees you."

"I'm not dressing like this for Edward." Okay, so maybe I am.

"Yeah, keep fucking telling yourself that, Bells," Alice states.

She is right; I picked this outfit especially to drive Edward insane tonight. Black leather mini skirt, blood red silk corset top, the top of his tattoo prominently displayed, my hair down in loose curls. The kickers are these sinfully high matching silk blood red heels.

We finish getting ready and take another shot before heading downstairs to collect the boys. Once we enter Jasper and Alice's apartment, I hear growling. Edward stands from the couch and is glaring at me. I look down to see if I have gotten something on me to wipe off. Yeah, you know exactly what you are doing.

I hear Edward mumble something under his breath before I play 'all innocent'.

"Is there something on my outfit?" I question as I run my hands up and down my torso, lightly grazing my breasts.

"No," Edward growls.

Later at the club, we are grooving along with the band and I'm on my fourth fucking beer. I can feel Edward's eyes on me, and I make a point to fucking wiggle my ass a little more.

I turn and see Edward and Jasper leaning against the bar watching Alice and me dance. Edward is positively fucking delicious standing there in his dark blue jeans and tight black t-shirt, my fucking tattoo on his skin.

I shake my alcohol-hazed head from the thoughts of attacking Edward and bringing him back to my bed.

"I'm going to the bathroom," I yell over the music to Alice.

I use the bathroom and make sure to run a cool wet paper towel over my neck to cool me off from dancing and my lust. When I leave the bathroom, standing outside the door is Edward, looking unhappy.

"What's wrong, Eddie?" I coo walking over to stand right in front of him.

He shakes his head taking a deep breath as I take a step closer, our bodies barely touching. I take the beer bottle out of his hand and drink the rest of the amber liquid. I place the bottle back in his hand.

He is staring at my chest, specifically at the tattoo. I bet he wants to see it. All he has seen is the fucking picture of it.

I wrap my hands around his neck, playing with the hair at the nape of his neck, and pull myself closer to his ear and whisper, "Do you want to see it? Hmm, would you like that, Eddie?" I slur.

Being this close to Edward, I can't resist, my resolve breaks and I pull his lips to mine. That's the last thing that I remember till the next morning waking up in my bed, naked and alone.