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Summary: Sequel to The Good and The Bad. Follow Bella and Edward as they try to mend their relationship and start their new lives in LA. Old friends and new enemies make life much more interesting. With Twilight Records blossoming, Bella and Edward find their niche in the music industry.

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The Good Boy Edward: Epilogue

Frankie's Fifth Year Birthday Party

"What little kid wants to eat a mini-quiche?" Emmett groaned as he eyed one of the little offending tarts.

"Uh, I think those are to appease the grown-ups. What grown man wants to eat mini PB and J's with no crust?" I asked with a shrug.

The way Emmett's face lit up told me that at least one grown man would.

I turned to survey the park around us, decked out in purple and black birthday decorations. Frankie had gotten the hint that Masen girls didn't like pink. She preferred purple, which Bella made sure to deliver. The balloons were purple and black, along with streamers and glitter. The ridiculous amount of cupcakes was also decorated in a deep violet color frosting that was sure to turn all the tiny humans into balls of energy.

Bella made sure to find some play date friends for Frankie before she started preschool, and now our little girt had over twenty kids at her birthday celebration. I watched as my little one gave Dylan Whitlock a piece of candy from her bag. He was two years younger than her, but you could already tell that they'd be inseparable. Alice and Bella were already secretly planning their wedding. I, however, scowled at the mere mention of Frankie having another man in her life.

"Daddy, I shared'd my candy wiff Dylan!" Frankie squealed as she tugged on the leg of my jeans.

I glanced down to see my pretty little daughter with her birthday tiara on her head, grinning up at me.

"That's very sweet of you to share, baby. I'm sure Bam-Bam loves it that you share," I told her with a pat to her head.

Dylan was a drummer in the making, I could see it. He used anything he could get his hands on to bang on any surface within his reach. Alice started calling him Bam-Bam when he was six months old and got into the cabinets of pots and pans.

"I'm glad we don't have any of those," Rose said with a wrinkle of her nose.

As much as she and Emmett loved Frankie and Dylan, they really weren't the parenting type. Sure, they babysat, but they enjoyed their freedom way too much to pop one out. I smiled at her as Frankie took off.

"Well, you know you can always borrow ours!"

"Speaking of babysitting, aren't we watching Frankie next weekend?" she asked.

"Oh, uh, yeah. Bella said she has something planned," I shrugged.

Bella had gotten really into surprising people. She hated surprises, but every chance she got she was popping one over on people.

"I think having a kid did something to Bella's brain. She's not nearly as ornery as she used to be," Emmett piped in.

It was true. Satan's Mistress was a hell of a lot more laid back and "go with the flow." Of course the first few weeks after Frankie was home, Bella went insane with safety issues and feeding schedules. After Frankie pulled her own poopy diaper off and smeared it on the hardwood floors of our loft, Bella finally got the hint that it was okay to just be. I smiled at that particular memory. Nothing like a pile of poo to get you to simmer down.

"Yeah, she's definitely a lot easier to deal with," I sighed.

"Who's a lot easier to deal with?" my wife asked as she came up behind me.

Her arms wrapped around my waist, her fingers sliding up underneath my shirt where they tugged playfully at the hair of my happy trail.

"You are," Emmett blurted out.

"What?" she asked in confusion.

"We were talking about how popping out a kid made you much less anal," he said with a vigorous nod.

"A lot less anal, huh? And Eddie here agreed?" Bella asked as she looked up at me.

"Mmhm, definitely," Emmett answered.

"Oh, well, I see how it is," she hummed as her arms slipped away from me.

I turned to face her and saw the evil smirk on her face and knew I was in trouble. Slowly she leaned forward, her eyes darting to our small audience before whispering to me, "Well, if I knew that anal bothered you so much, then maybe I wouldn't give in when you beg me for it, baby."

I gulped as my pants tightened painfully. The thought of being inside Bella's tight ass was making me hot around the collar.

"Bella," I whined.

"I mean, it sounds like you don't like. I wouldn't want you to do anything you don't want to do," she said coyly.

"You know that's not what we meant," I hissed lowly.

"Oh, I know, but payback's a bitch, ain't it?" my wife said with a giggle.

I groaned and rubbed my palm over my face as my wife sauntered away from me. Rose snickered behind me and I shot her a glare over my shoulder before stalking off toward Jasper and my dad.

"Hey, guys," I sighed.

"What's up?" Jasper asked.

"Same ol', same ol'," I shrugged.

"Bella got you by the balls again?" he snickered.

My cheeks went flush and my dad started chuckling. I didn't really feel comfortable talking about that shit in front of my dad, but he didn't seem to mind.

"Yeah, as usual," I huffed.

"No worries. Alice has a specific place for mine nowadays. There's a jar on the counter that says 'Jasper's balls'," he chuckled.

I believed him too.

"Oh, son, I got this in the mail the other day. Thought I'd give it to you here," my dad said as he passed me a purple envelope.

I turned it over and found that it was from my mother and was addressed to Frankie. My father had tried his best to mend my mother's and my relationship, but it was her stubbornness to accept Bella that ultimately made it impossible. We talked every couple of weeks and I'd sent her some photos of Frankie. Meeting her granddaughter was a topic of contention with us. I refused to have her meet my daughter if she couldn't accept Bella. That would've been unfair. I was hoping that as time wore on she'd come to realize how important family was. Being in Forks alone couldn't be good for her, but she'd made her own bed.

"Thanks, Dad," I said as I ripped open the envelope.

Inside was a card for Frankie and check for twenty-five dollars. Also inside was a letter addressed to me. I unfolded it and began to read. By the third line I stopped and crumbled the paper up. She once again mentioned how she'd love for me and Frankie to come up to Forks. I squeezed the balled up paper in my hand before tossing it in the trash. I couldn't understand why she couldn't accept my wife and be happy for me. Maybe it was her own life that she couldn't stand and therefore didn't want anyone else to be happy.

"Great party, eh, kid?" Charlie hollered as he bounded over to us.

We had gotten incredibly close since my dad moved down. Charlie and Sue had moved to LA a year after Frankie was born. Charlie said he couldn't let my dad get all the grandpa time. Sue welcomed our little girl with open arms and it was good to see her and Esme dote on our baby girl.

We chatted for a while longer before Bella called everyone over to sing "Happy Birthday." Frankie smoothed down her black and red plaid dress and took a seat on the picnic table bench. She smiled happily as all her friends gathered around. Dylan sidled up next to her, glaring at a pudgy, freckled-face kid that tried to take a spot next to my little girl.

Everyone belted out Happy Birthday at the top of their lungs as Frankie giggled and blushed a deep scarlet. I saw Dylan trying to sneak a finger of icing off of Frankie's large cupcake, but my baby girl smacked his hand away.

"That one's mine! Here, you can lick this one!" Frankie scolded as she handed him his own cupcake.

Without waiting for anyone else, Dylan took a huge bite. Purple icing went all over his cheeks and lips as he hummed at the heavenly goodness. Frnakie giggled and blew out her five little candles as everyone clapped.

I sat back and enjoyed the sight in front of me. Frankie and all her friends munched on the sweet treats as our family looked on. The road to where we were had taken a few turns and brought us to the most perfect destination. Bella and I had gone from hating each other to falling in love and creating another little life. Frankie was the product of our happiness. I caught my wife's eye as she not so subtly licked icing off her finger in the most seductive way. I was sure that she'd be making me hard as granite when we were eight years old.

I threw her a wink and patted my lap. She sauntered over, her jeans hugging her hips and ass as she slid onto my waiting lap. I let my hands wander under her t-shirt, feeling the silky skin of her lower back as I leaned into her ear.

"I love you, baby," I whispered before nipping playfully at her ear lobe.

"Mmm, love you," she hummed in contentment.

The party wound down a few hours later. All the kids left with a bag of goodies and Frankie made out with awesome presents. Carlisle and Esme got her a small electric guitar, of course hoping to dip in to a talent that had yet to manifest itself. Charlie and Sue got her a convertible car that she could ride around down the sidewalk. My dad of course handed us a check to start her college fund along with a certificate for piano lessons.

By the time we got home Frankie was passed out in the back of my Camaro, her little head nestled against her favorite sock monkey doll. I carried her slowly into the house that we'd bought. We needed the room with Frankie getting bigger, so after she turned two we found a nice four bedroom house that we were able to pay cash for. Both of our jobs at Twilight had certainly paid off, earning us more money than we really needed. It gave us the ability to spoil Frankie.

After I put her to bed for a nap I found Bella in our bedroom, naked under the sheets.

"Hmm, looks like I'm getting a present too," I teased as I toed off my Chucks.

"Maybe," Bella purred.

I pulled off my t-shirt and saw my tattoo reflected in the mirror that hung above the headboard of our bed. Before our wedding I had gotten a portrait of Bella on my left pec and a portrait of Frankie on my right. It was my gift to her. I knew that I wanted to carry them with me always. I'd gone down to LA Ink and weaseled my way into getting Kat von D to do the portraits. I'd stolen one of the close-ups Alice did of Bella and Frankie for our first photo session. Her hair was a beautiful mass of curls and her smile was sweet and seductive. Frankie was smiling in her picture, with her tiny curls and wide eyes. When Bella saw it after she undressed me on our wedding night she cried softly as she traced over the black and grey lines.

"I'll never get tired of seeing those," my wife sighed as she eyed the spots of ink.

"Me neither, baby," I told her.

We had both gotten tattoos to immortalize our love. I smiled softly at her and slipped off my pants before getting into bed with her. Bella wrapped her body around me before straddling my hips and kissing me hungrily. When she pulled back I could see that smirk on her lips and I knew she had something evil in mind.

"Don't think I forgot about that anal comment earlier," she purred as her nails scratched down my nipples.

I hissed loudly and my hips bucked against her. Her soft folds slipped over my shaft and against my piercing and I had to bite my cheek in order to stop from coming.

"I didn't mean anything by it, baby," I whined as she rocked against me.

"Mm, I know, baby, but still," she giggled as her hands went to her breasts.

Bella plucked and tugged at her pierced nipples, taunting me.

"Please, baby, let me inside you," I begged.

"Pussy first," she gasped as she lifted up just enough so I could slip inside her warm body.

With a slow rhythm, Bella rocked above me. She rode me hard, her hips rocking as I cupped her beautiful breasts. Her body bounced back well after her pregnancy, mostly due to all the yoga that Alice roped her into.

I moaned as Bella squeezed her inner muscles against my cock, pulling me closer to the edge. I wanted to come so badly, but her promise of more made me hold off. I slid my hand to where our bodies were joined and rubbed her clit, desperate to see her come undone above me. As her body shook and she cried out my name I sat up with her in my lap. Bella continued to ride out her orgasm as I reached behind her, palming her firm ass before slipping my wet fingers to her puckered hole. Bella wrapped her arms around my neck as I nudged one finger inside her. I could feel her clenching against the invasion and I groaned at the memory of how tight she was back there. There was nothing that we couldn't do together, for each other. This was just another way we shared how much we loved one another. I fingered her slowly, stretching her so she wouldn't be uncomfortable. No matter how many times she allowed me to take her there, I had to prepare her. She cursed and moaned as she rocked over me.

"So good, baby, so good," she crooned as the tangled strands of her hair brushed the tops of my thighs.

With her head thrown back and my fingers in her ass I attacked her neck with harsh, wet kisses.

"Baby, I need it, I need to come," I panted against her chest as my tongue laved over her right nipple.

"Okay, okay, yes," Bella groaned as she pulled off of me.

She quickly got onto all fours, dropping down to her forearms as she looked back at me.

"I love you," she sighed with a softness in her eyes.

"Love you too," I answered as I grabbed her left hip and steadied myself.

I pressed the head of my cock against her tight entrance and slowly pushed forward. Bella breathed slowly as I started to slip inside. Once the head of my cock was past the rim she pushed back against me, taking me into her body inch by inch. Once I was fully seated inside her I could hear my wife's breathy request for me to fuck her. When her fingers ghosted against my balls as she toyed her pussy I lost it and began a fast and deep rhythm. I watched as Bella took everything I had to give her, as she cried out to me for more.

It wasn't until she looked back at me, her lip between her teeth, that I finally lost it. Pressed against her soft body I came inside her. I gasped as the intensity of my orgasm washed over me, my chest full of the love I had for my wife.

I cleaned us up gently before slipping back into bed where my wife held her arms out for me. As I snuggled against her boobs I heard the patter of footsteps getting closer to our room.

"I'm not sure if she has good timing or bad," I sighed as I sat up to find something to throw on.

"Well, not the best timing. But, hey, we got to take the good with the bad, right?" Bella giggled as she pulled on my t-shirt.

The bedroom door swung open and I saw my little angel standing there all sleepy-eyed. Her curls were messy and tangled as she rubbed her tiny eyes.

"I up now, Mamma," Frankie yawned softly.

"I see that, baby. How about we go watch some Care Bears while Daddy gets dressed?" Bella suggested.

Frankie nodded her head and the two of them walked out to the living room, leaving me alone.

As I stared at the empty doorway I realized Bella had been right about taking the good with the bad. Both halves made a perfectly good whole if you asked me.