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The Truth

Chapter 1

The Ron Stoppable home. Middleton, Colorado:

It was a warm day and Kim was playing with Anna. 'They are so wonderful, why did I ever think that she didn't want me?' Ron mused with a smile as he watched on as his wife and the baby played in the shallow end of the pool. There was a noise from the other side of the privacy fence.

"Yes.", Ron called out.

"It's Dr. Director, Ron. May I came in to see you?", she asked.

"Yes Ma'am I'll come inside and let you in through the front. You can spend a little time out here with us with us if you'd like.", he replied as he got up to open the front door.

"Afternoon, Dr. Director.", Ron said as he opened the door, "What brings you all the way over here today?"

"Well I'll come outside and tell you. And I have something for that wonderful little girl of yours.", she replied.

"Thanks Ma'am, you didn't have to do anything like this.", he replied.

"Maybe not, but she is a wonderful little creature. She reminds me a bit of my nieces and they're on the west coast so I don't get a chance to see them often. How are things since you got out Ron?", she asked.

"Nieces ma'am?", Ron asked.

"When Sheldon retired he did it in a big way.", she replied, "When he quit I guess he had been seeing Glenda for a while. They made it official and invited me to be the Maid of Honor."

"To be truthful I really miss the Army and the action, but I don't know if I'll ever get it all back. I know that at best my hearing probably hits the minimum standards for the Rangers. Kim and I talked and I'm already back to college and working on my post grad degree. It's not like we need the money. And you know Kim's been back now for a while at GJ and she loves training Agents. All-in-all I feel pretty lucky about where I am right now.", he informed the Director of Global Justice.

"Have you noticed anything very different about Kimberly Ronald?", she asked finally.

"Yes Ma'am, sometimes she has to think real hard on a memory. Like she's not sure of things. She even says something about certain things that are foggy to her. I know that she was drugged and had that control chip on her.", Ron responded, "Why do you ask?"

"I know that you have some abilities Ronald. Are you able to keep her calm?", Betty asked.

"Yes Ma'am we have a link that we share it's much stronger with physical contact. I can comfort her when she's nervous or stressed. Again, why?", he asked, while not revealing his healing abilities to Dr. Director.

"Well I need the both of you and Kim's Mother to come in. We have to clear up some things and it would be best if you were there so that you have all the information about what really happened to Kimberly from before you left to after her divorce from Josh Mankey.", she informed him.

"Why? Doesn't KP know?", he asked.

"She's under a very deep post hypnotic suggestion by an expert to cloud her memories to keep her from falling apart. The things she went through were ghastly.", Betty told him very softly.

"OK Ma'am I'll follow your lead here. It looks like you cared for my wife even more than I did.", he replied so that his redheaded wife couldn't hear.

"We only did the best we could under the circumstances, Ronald. Somehow I think you can fix her and make her whole again. Kimberly has made a wonderful and dramatic change in Global Justice, even without her being able to perform like she once did. All the trainees look up to her. I think some of the men are a little jealous of you, though.", she chuckled a little.

"Me? Ma'am why would anybody want to be jealous of me, except for the fact I have the best woman in the world as my wife? And that I'm lucky enough to wake up next to her everyday?", he asked.

Ron was interrupted and the two women in his life came up to him. Kim was holding her squirming blond bundle of joy wrapped up in a large soft towel. Both were giggling. Anna almost jumped from Kim's arms to land on Ron's chest with a screech. The ensuing tickle fest even made Betty smile even more.

The Director of Global Justice looked on with a smile. 'The two of them....No the three of them are so much in love....I suppose their separation must have been worthwhile....All that pain and suffering...It must have been worth it. I hope they have several more...All I see is more children being loved so very much.', she mused.

"Honey you know it's getting late. Tim and Luki are supposed to be here in a while. Why don't I start up the grill and maybe Dr. Director can stay for dinner?", Ron asked hopefully.

Kim replied, "Well it sounds good to me. Dr. Director would you like to stay for dinner? I have to get Luki Junior dressed in something other than her swimming suit."

"It sounds wonderful to me, but I don't want to impose.", Betty replied.

"No it's alright Dr. Director, we have plenty. People are always popping in. Not only that, but the leftovers make great lunches the next day.", Ron informed her.

"What are we having tonight Ronald?", Betty asked.

"Well I sort of got hooked on salmon while I was stationed at Fort Lewis, ma'am. Anyway I have a friend who was down at Fisherman's Wharf in Seattle last night. And he overnighted me a hundred and fifty pounds that got here this morning. So salmon with a lemon butter sauce, fresh corn on the cob, potato salad and a five bean salad. And I made a blueberry crunch for dessert. I figured out what we were going to use, added thirty percent and sent the rest of the salmon to one of the restaurants as a special for tonight. Most of the people here can't tell frozen from fresh...Well the ones with good taste will tonight.", Ron laughed, "I guess I'll have to head back out to Fort Lewis to make it up to the guys. Anyway I want to check up on Becky Stoner. She's supposed to get out soon and I think she's moving back to Colorado. She's a very nice lady....And her husband was a real good friend."

Betty just looked at the former Ranger, she could see his eyes glitter a bit. "He meant a lot to you didn't he Ronald?", she asked.

"Yes ma'am, I suppose if it hadn't been for him and Becky I probably never would have returned home...At least not alive. And look what I would have missed. I would never had the chance to show KP my love for her again....And we never would have had Anna. I'm so blessed.", he replied.

"And we never would have met Luki. She and Tim never would have gotten together, they are getting ready to marry later this summer. And I never would have given this wonderful child to my husband.", Kim added as she followed the little girl into the kitchen. The redhead walked over to her husband and gave him a warm kiss. "Thank you, again, for coming home to me honey.", she added.

"The pleasure was all mine sweetheart.", he replied as they touched noses, "Honey, I don't know if you overheard, but I want to go back out to Fort Lewis and check on Becky. If she's going to get out, I want to formally make that offer to her."

"Honey that sounds like a good idea, I want to talk to some of the ladies too...You know 'girl' talk. Anyway I have a note to give to Bob Booth from Monique. I have a better idea; let's take the jet and take Mo with us? She's still more than a little tweaked by the thing anyway those two are getting married soon and they need some time together..", Kim told her hubby.

"Gee Kimbo it's too bad that Mo can't get a few days off. I'll bet if I tried real hard Coco will give her a few days to see her knight in shining armor....You know maybe Tara would like to see her hubby, Sarge Turner, maybe we can even leave both Mo and Tara off to stay at the cabin with their significant others. Hmmm, now who is Tara's boss? Oh that's right she's having dinner with us tonight. I'll bet if we asked real nice Betty might give her some time.....", Ron was cut off.

"Yes Ron, I'll tell Tara that she can accompany you to Fort Lewis. Are you sure that they're not deployed?", Betty asked.

"Pretty sure ma'am...Thanks.", Ron chuckled.

"How do you know about that Ronnie?", Kim asked.

"I talked to Major Grant last night. I told him I wanted to put on a feed. He must have had the phone on speaker cause I heard a ruckus right after that.", he continued to chuckle, "Anyway no one's in the Cabin after Tuesday so we can head over there. That will give us the chance to get the Gulf Stream back here so that we don't have to use the airlines."

"I'll ask Tim and Luki during dinner if they want to come along. I'd ask Bonnie, but I think she has plans.", Kim replied. 'Yeah plans with Felix.'


"Well, what did you guys think?", Ron asked after the filling dinner.

"Ron, that was wonderful.", Tim replied, "Sis said something about going out to Washington in a few days. I asked Luki and we want to go with you guys. Maybe we can find out more about your Army days Ron."

"No doubt lies will be swapped guys. If you don't mind, Kim and I need to talk to Dr. Director for a few minutes. Could you keep an eye on Anna for us?", he asked.

Luki replied, "It will be our honor Ron-sa....I'm sorry....Ron. It's a hard habit to break."

"I know sweetie, it's even harder after getting back from Japan.", Ron replied while turning on the TV to help keep the daughter occupied for a few minutes.

Ron followed Kim and Dr. Director into the office. "Kimberly, thank you and Ronald for inviting me to dinner, it was very good. However I came over here for a specific purpose. Remember on the day after your wedding to Ron when we had that little conversation with your previous husband? I think both of you remember that little episode vividly. Mr. Mankey didn't go into much detail about what happened to Kimberly from right before Ronald's disappeared until a few months after the divorce.", Betty started.

"What are you saying Dr. Director?", Kim asked.

"Well the memories that you have about most of that time were planted in your mind by a therapist, Mrs. Stoppable. We felt if you knew the truth you would shatter like a glass pane without Ronald here to help you through pain of facing these memories. Both of your parents know the truth as well as selected friends and professionals.", Betty continued.

"Why did you have to do this? Did you think I was that fragile?", Kim asked, wondering what really happened during that time.

"We felt that we had to do this to keep you safe from harm Kimberly. We did it with Anne's and James' blessings. I've seen people come apart from stress and young lady you were there. You blamed yourself for Ronald's disappearance as well as a few other things. I am still convinced that you would have shattered and there would have been nothing left for Ron when he came home except a babbling, drooling young woman. If you're still that way after the little meeting that's coming up Kimberly, I will let you cook me dinner and I will eat after I apologize to you and your families.", Betty informed her.

"OK ma'am when do you want to do this?", Kim Stoppable inquired.

"I want you at Headquarters in three days. That will give me the chance to notify everyone. If the first part goes well I think we'll proceed with taking the suggestion away. What I want you two to do is bond even closer than ever, or link, or whatever it is. So get ready.", Betty told them, "Anyway, again thanks for dinner. I'll call tomorrow. I have a late meeting, so I have to go."

"OK ma'am we'll be there unless something comes up. Later in the week we're heading to Washington to see Ron's Army buddies.", Kim replied.


"She's so wonderful honey, thank you for being my wife and lifelong companion.", Ron told his wife as they watched their daughter finally go to sleep.

Kim sighed, "I love you Ronnie. I'm glad you came home to me. I just wonder how bad it's going to be. Betty seemed nervous."

"I don't know KP, since Tim and Luki are out why don't we see if we can contact Sensei. Maybe Yori and Hiro can come over too. I hope maybe they can advise me on how best to help. Come on let's sit down and calm ourselves.", Ron advised.

Kim sat in the Lotus Position as she had been taught by Ron and later perfected by Sensei himself. As she calmed she waited for the soft familiar push from her husband's mind as she could still feel his body against her back and his arms wrapped around her waist. 'Maybe not typical Lotus, but it's ours.', she mused as she began to drift deeper.

What seemed like moments later she felt his mind touching hers softly. "I love you dearest.", he thought simply, "I will call for us to Sensei."

"I love you too my husband, maybe later tonight we can....Oh, HI Sensei. I see you were up. We were just talking about a few things.", her mind stammered.

"Ah Kim-san and Ron-sama it is good to think with you again. I understand the things that husbands and wives talk about. I am married myself.", he thought back to them.

"Master, we have been made aware that Kim's memories from her time when I was away have been altered to give her peace. We know some of what happened, but Dr. Director wishes us to know all of the truth. Is there anyone that may advise us on how I may ease the pain that Kim will experience very soon?", Ron got to the point.

"Yes my friends I will send Hirotaka-san and Yori-san to advise you. They wish to see you soon anyway. This would be a good vacation for them and they had come come over in a few weeks anyway for the wedding. When is this going to take place?", he asked with his mind.

"Three days, Master.", Ron replied.

"I will have them on an airplane later today. Ron-san is growing and Master Lunch Lady is babysitting him right now while while his parents exercise. Please excuse me while we make preparations. Oh expect two more ninjas as extra support, they are very familiar with Kim-san and wish to see both Luki-san and Anna-san.", he told them closing the link.

"Yes Master I will have the rooms ready for them, maybe they would like to come to Seattle with us as well. Tell them the invitation is there.", Ron replied.

Ron kept the link open with his wife, exploring his love for her without words, only with thoughts. Finally he felt her sag a little. "Prepare yourself dearest I am going to unlink, but I still have you supported, so just relax.", he thought to her as he softy exited her mind.

Moments later they both blinked at nearly the same time. Ron moved his hands up to her shoulders and began to rub the tension out as he leaned forward to kiss her softly on the base of her neck. 'She tries too hard, even without the power that the crazy ninja blundered into giving her. I seem to been able to feel her in stressful moments. I wonder just how bad this is going to be? Maybe it won't be that bad but she's been nervous about something for a few weeks just right before my graduation. I wonder what's bothering her?', he mused softly.

"Ron I'm going to take a shower and go to bed, are you interested honey?", Kim invited.

"KP I'm going to clean off the table first and fill the dishwasher. After I look in on Anna I'll join you.", he replied.

"OK but don't wait too long. I need my best cuddlebuddy with me tonight.", she informed him giving one last hug for a little while.

"I'll hurry dearest, I promise.", the former Ranger replied, hugging her back.

Ten minutes later he joined his lovely wife in the shower to scrub her back. For Kim Stoppable this was a nightly ritual that she looked forward to. Close moments with her husband after the child went to sleep. 'I wonder how much longer I can hide it from him? I know he's going to be overjoyed at the news, but I have to tell him the right way. It's going to be so special. I want to let him know while we're alone together.', she mused to herself.

As they stepped out of the shower Ron dried his beautiful wife. This had turned into a tradition for them and Kim Stoppable loved the attention. She knew after drying her off Ron would quickly take care of himself and begin to work on her hair. First toweling it dry and then getting all the tangles out before softly brushing her auburn mane. 'I am more in love with him now than ever. How can I show him?', she casually thought as he worked on her hair.


The Possible home:

"I wonder what Dr. Director wants us down at Headquarters for on Thursday?", James asked his wife after she put down the phone.

"She said something about revealing what really happened to Kimmie while Ronald was gone. I wonder how far she'll go with this? Remember how worried we were before that Dr. Winkerbean put her under suggestion? I was so scared for her right then.", Dr. Anne Possible replied to her husband of twenty-eight years.

"Yeah honey I remember, I was nervous as a chunk of cheese near Rufus. I wonder why they changed their minds.", he mused aloud.

"Maybe GJ feels it's finally time to heal completely for the two of them. I just hope our daughter and son don't get too hurt by it.", Anne observed.

"Son? Oh you mean Ronald, I thought you meant Jim or Tim. Our son-in-law is more like our son when you think of it. Well how old are Kimberly and Ronald?...They're both twenty-five and...Oh my, they've been friends or lovers for over twenty years. That is excepting that time when jerkwad was married to her.", James growled at the end of the memory.

"Well I wonder if she told him yet?", Anne asked.

"I'll bet they wait until they've had a hot little date over the weekend. I'd like to have a movie camera to see Ronald's face.", James chuckled.

"That would be so cute James, maybe we can end up at the same place with Dean and Barb. We could record the whole episode...It'd be so much better than 'Ron's Big Day.', Anne began to giggle.

"Now that's an idea. We could have Wade or someone transfer that movie to the one that we'll take. It'll haunt him to his last breath.", James began to guffaw.

"You are a bad boy Jimmie, I guess I better correct you and make you behave.", Anne told him with a husky voice.


Art colony. Taos, New Mexico:

'Well nobody's bothered me for two years. The Master hasn't called. Kim's not around. She's with that loser husband of hers and she gave him a brat....that kid should have Mankey genes not Stubbible genes. Mom and Dad should get out in three if they behave themselves, I can imagine what they are going to say. I wonder if they have to guts to sue for the child? I'll tell them a couple little lies, that ought to make the loser choke on his dinner. At least all the notoriety of being Kim's first husband has allowed me to get almost half again for my paintings as I normally would. So it's good. Now if I could just set up a few "meetings" this month it would be great.', Josh Mankey thought to himself, 'What was that noise? There it is again. I guess I better check it out.'

He picked up the shovel that came with his fireplace set and went out to face the menace in the darkness.

"Help me you fool, they are after me again.", a voice asked urgently.


Yamanouchi, Japan:

"So Yori-san, we are finally going to see the child? This is wonderful sister, but we should have done this a long time ago.", Suzie Chin told the wife of Hirotaka.

"Well we are going to bring a few scrolls as well. I want to see if my suspicions are correct.", Yori replied to her friend.

"Of course they are correct we've been watching since she was born...I say it's aunt Wanda to the rescue.", the tall female ninja laughed, "Not only that, but I want to find out exactly what Fukushima did to Kim-san. It is time to find out the whole plot and hunt down those that remain alive to pay for their sins."

"Do you want Ron-san to take care of this himself? He is very capable.", Hirotaka told her while he held his pride and joy.

"Sensei is still on the war path. We haven't taken all the scalps that should have been removed. This will be a reminder to those that want to hurt the ones that we protect that we are serious about the wellbeing of our loved ones.", Wanda replied harshly.

"We must leave soon or we will miss the flight. We must hurry.", Yori chided them at the delay.


Senior Island:

'Well that's interesting. Now how did she know where to find him? Those two getting back together does not bode well for Kimberly and Ronald Stoppable. Maybe the green lady would be interested in keeping them under observation. I'd better tell Dr. Director of the recent updates in the activities of Kimberly's former husband.', the old billionaire mused as he punched in the number on his sophisticated phone.

"Miss Go, would you like some part-time employment with my private eye division?", Senior asked.

"What happened?", she asked.

"It seems that Miss Hall has recently joined up with Kimberly's former husband. I would be very interested in no plot being hatched against my former foe.", he informed her.

"Sounds like fun Senior. Where are the two at this time?", Shego asked.

"Currently they are residing in Taos, New Mexico, USA. Would you like to notify Betty or would you rather I do it?", he asked.

"How about I keep you informed until I have something concrete.", she advised.

"Very well Miss. I shall put an advance of one million dollars into your account. I hope this will suffice for now.", he told her.

"As well as you pay Sir, I'm sure it will.", Shego replied shutting the connection down.

"Where are you going Shego? This was supposed to be our week together.", Drew asked.

"Something came up. Amy and Josh Mankey may be plotting against the Princess and the Buffoon.", Shego replied.

"Want some state of the art bugs? We just got them working correctly.", he asked.

"Why not? It'll make my job easier. You know, I ought to just take care of those two myself, sort of a belated wedding present to the Stoppables.", Shego observed.

"You know the rules, we can't act until either they try something, or we have good intelligence as to their intentions.", Drew reminded her, "Betty's going to want to know. If Stoppable goes nuts with an attack on his family we could be talking Armageddon here. Or do I have to remind you of that."

"No you don't Drew, I'll stay covert for now. I don't know if those two are going to try and cook something up. All I know is that they don't have a good record working together, Betty let me hear the tapes. I should have taken care of this little problem a long time ago. ", she told the blue skinned inventor.


The Ron Stoppable home. Middleton, Colorado:

"Honey, link with me again while I work on your leg. If we keep this up you might be back up to full fighting ability by the end of the year.", Ron confided softly into his wife's ear.

"Hmmm OK honey, but I'm almost asleep right now. Let's not go too long on this tonight. I'm a little tired.", Kim replied just as softly.

"OK babe just relax as I work on it.", he breathed calming his wife even more as his fingers began their work. The digits glowed as he massaged into her left leg.


She rolled back to him and rested her head on his shoulder just like she had for years. Kim traced the scar that he didn't want to talk about gently with her fingers. 'I wonder how he got that. It must have hurt, He has an even bigger on on the backside. I wonder if he got shot? He never really talked about the things he did. I hope it didn't hurt too much.', she worried as she kissed her husband's chest softly, 'He's home now, I have to keep him safe. I wonder what Betty's going to tell us, she seems nervous too.'

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