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The Truth

Chapter 15

The Ron Stoppable house. Middleton, Colorado:

"WHAT? Who is this? Don't you know what time it is?", the redhead growled as she picked up the phone.

"Thanks a lot GF for the trash cans chained to the bumper last night. Bobby had to call someone with a bolt cutter to get them off. There was too many of them to put in the trunk.", Monique Booth told her friend with a laugh remembering the night before.

"What are you doing up so early Mo?", Kim asked laughing with her eyes closed while wondering how the newlyweds' first evening together went.

"You mean late GF. We're getting ready to go to sleep. Oh and thanks for the gift in the cans and for everything that you and Ron have done for us...Thanks a lot. I'll talk to you later Kim I have a nice warm shoulder to snuggle to for about eight hours. Goodnight girlfriend.", Monique told her friend.

"Congratulations Mo...Goodnight. Use the cash to set up a fund for those kids that I know are going to come.", Kim replied before hanging the phone up. She tried to roll over and go back to sleep. 'Hmmmm, nice and warm Ronnie...Ronnie...Ron?', she reached for him to pull herself close to his warm body.

Her hand kept wandering around searching for that special body that she knew as her husband. Kim Stoppable's eyes snapped open. 'Where's Ron?' She jumped up worriedly and snatched her robe on the way out of the bedroom in search of her missing hubby.

Kim quickly checked out Anna's room while moving down the hall. 'OK no Anna, they're probably together then.', she mused while being tweaked about not being able to cuddle up to her favorite cuddlebuddy.

Kim walked through the kitchen and she noticed that coffee was made...So she grabbed a cup while she glanced over the ingredients for the morning breakfast. 'Western omelets with extra cheese. I guess Ronnie was waiting for me to get up before he started. I suppose I'm up for the day, so I wonder where they are?', she mused as she continued to search for her AWOL family members.

Finally she looked outside on the deck. 'Oh there they are, I wonder what they're doing?'

Kim opened the screen door and joined Anna, Ron and Luki on the deck. Ron was sitting on the deck with their child playing with her in what seemed like a game that somehow looked familiar. "Hi guys what are you doing out so early this morning?", Kim asked.

"Morning KP...I got woke up by Sensei this morning and I didn't want to disturb you, you seemed a little tired after last night. Anyway, remember how I used to play with Hanna...you know right before Yono made his appearance?", Ron inquired.

"Yeah honey, I remember. You played all those games.", she replied.

"Well I've been doing the same thing with Anna too, well for a year now...Sensei wants Anna trained harder than Hanna was...He wants her to be able to do what Hanna did for some reason.", Ron explained.

"Did he tell you why Ron?", asked a now concerned Kim Stoppable.

"He just said he had a bad feeling and to make sure that Anna was able to play like Hanna did. So that's what I'm going over with the baby. She's pretty good too. I mean she doesn't run on the ceiling like sis did, but she's good at slapping my hand away.", he informed her.

"With much force as well.", Luki Rhu added, "She is quite accomplished at this point. Come inside Kim-san, I think the Master would like to work with Anna for a few minutes and I wish to speak with you about Tim-chun's and my upcoming wedding."

"Of course Luki. I think we can leave Ron to watch over Anna. Maybe we can get him to make the omelets in a few minutes.", Kim hinted.

"That is fine Kim-san.", Luki replied as she led the older redhead inside.


"OK Anna show me how you float...", Ron instructed his daughter once the two beautiful women went inside the home.

The blonde haired tyke sat down and looked like she was thinking. Then she smiled and began to glow with a soft blue tint. Moments later she began to float with her hair standing up on end. As she settled back down Ron asked her, "Anna can you do that float without turning blue?"

"I don't know Daddy.", she replied innocently.

"OK honey, I'm going to try and teach you that. Don't glow for people unless I or Momma or Sensei say it's alright. Can you do that honey?", he asked.

"I'll try Daddy.", she replied again.

"Good girl, lets go inside and make some omelets. Do you want extra cheese?", he asked his little girl.

"Yeah Dad, lots of cheese.", she told him happily with her infectious giggle.

"Just like the way Rufus liked them, I promise.", he told his daughter with a sad smile.


"Kim-san...What am I to do. Ron-sama asked me to live you you for a while. I have tried to help raise my little Luki as best I can, but now I must move to another home. I feel I have to protect you and her...At least until the children are born. I still have my duty, how will affect my love for Tim-chun?", poured her heart out to the woman who's guidance she had sought for the last two years, "I truly love Tim-chun, but I am afraid of failing in my duty."

"Luki you have been my friend since the honeymoon. We didn't bring you here to be our bodyguard. We brought you here because I owed you for my and Anna's life. Without you being there when they kidnapped me who knows what would have happened? I want you to not worry about us. You have the right to find happiness. Anyway Ron and I have a wedding gift for you and Timmie. I'll talk to Ron after breakfast to see if we can give it to you early. Since Dad has Tim working at the Space Center for Ramesh, I think that you guys will be living in Middleton for quite a few years.", Kim hinted to her beautiful Japanese friend.

"I understand Kim-san, I will keep Anna busy after we eat.", Luki responded.


"Ah where are we going Ron?", Timothy James Possible asked.

"Oh, just out for a walk after dinner. You know once in a while I like to take a walk after a large meal to get everything working again.", Ron replied cryptically.

On the way back to the house the five (Kim was carrying Anna because of her long day) they turned into a court about a block away from Ron and Kim's home. They came up to a nice little ranch style home with a white bow on the mail box. There was a card inside. "Hey I wonder what this is?", Ron asked out loud, "Hey Tim could you see what's in the card?"

"Ron you can get into trouble by going through other people's mailbox.", Tim replied showing a maturity that was long overdue in coming.

"Oh OK, I'll look myself then.", Ron told them as he reached inside... "Hey...it's addressed to you and Luki! I guess you better open it.", Ron urged the two.

Luki having an idea took the envelope and opened it and handed the card and a smaller envelope to her fiancée. "Go ahead beloved, read the card.", she ordered.

"Yes Ma'am.", Tim replied knowing that his woman could kick his biscuit.

"It says.", he began, "Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials. I know that you want to live close to Kimberly and Anna. This home is convenient to that and Tim's occupation at the Space Center. Please accept this small token from loving friends and family."

"Damn.", Tim continued, "This is the deed and the key."

"Well I suppose you guys need to go inside and check the place out.", Kim instructed the two.

"Yeah I guess we do...Come on honey let's see our new home.", he begged his almost wife.

"I suppose that we should. Kim-san and Master would you join us?", she asked her friends.

"In a few minutes Luki...Just give us a few minutes. Go ahead.", Ron replied with a smile and a wink.

After they left Ron turned to the two women that affected his life the most. "I think we hit the jackpot babe. I'll tell Sensei tonight.", he informed his lover.

"OK but hold us for a couple of minutes. Let's give them time to themselves for a bit.", Kim replied as she handed Anna off to Ron and wrapped him tight.

After a few minutes of hugging, Kim noticed her brother waving to her. "Come on Ron they're waiting to show off their new home.", Kim told him as she released them.

"Yeah KP, I hope that the themes blend well.", he replied nervously.

"Don't worry Yori and Hiro helped, the Wa should be fine. Between them and Mom, Dad and Jimmie I think that those two are going to be happy.", Kim explained to her husband, "You did good honey. I'll have a brother close by and his wonderful wife. Sensei did say that he wanted Luki close to us.", she reminded him.

Kim led her husband up the driveway to the front door. "Sis this is great, I know that you and Ron did it, you may not take credit for it...but I know you did.", Tim Possible told his older sibling.

"Where's Luki Timmie?", Kim asked.

"Ah, she sorta ran into the bathroom after she came out of one of the rooms. I think she wanted a minute alone. It looks like someone setup the room like a shrine and Luki's parents' pictures are in there with some family processions. She really misses her Mom and Dad.", Tim explained.

In a few moments Luki had returned; her eyes were red and puffy. "I know that you will not admit to it, but thank you for honoring my family.", Luki Rhu told the couple as she bowed.

Kim approached the younger woman. "Luki please don't bow to me. I am your sister and Ronnie is your brother. I'm just glad that we are able to make this home special for you and Tim. Yori and Hiro helped, and Mom and Dad did too. Even Jim came over a couple of times when he was in town. Now show us around.", Kim told her.


Later that evening Tara and Ben came over. Kim wanted her see her old cheer mate and Ron needed some bonding with his old Sergeant.

Finally Ron couldn't wait any longer. "So when's the baby due?", he asked.

"Baby? What baby?", Ben asked in return.

"Honey...I ah think we have a little one on the way. I'm a month overdue.", Tara explained, "Ron how do you know?"

"It's a byproduct of the MMP that I told you about. KP and I noticed a change in your aura at Monique's wedding last week.", Ron replied with a smile.


(Relax Luki-san, he is waiting for you. No one else, just you. Today you are the most radiant woman I have ever seen. You are much more beautiful today than when I and Hiro-chun made our vows together. Today you will honor your family, my family, Tim-san's family, the Yamanouchi family and the Chosen One's family. You are the glue that binds us together. Luki you are blessed.), Yori soothed her in Japanese.

"She'll be fine.", Kim told them, "I think my brother just rushed outside to get some air. Don't worry he won't run off. Dad, Ron and Jim are keeping a close eye on him...You know he did look a little green though."

"He's nervous?", Luki asked, "He's afraid to have me as his wife?"

"All men get nervous sister. That's one thing that I've figured out over the years Luki. Don't worry when he sees you Jim has a basket waiting to catch Tim's eyes so they don't fall out on the carpet and get dirty. Timmie wants you as his wife. Trust me on this. Jimmie was telling me that he talks about you in his sleep. I had Wade record some of his little episodes, do you want to hear?", Kim asked.

"No Kim-san...I do not need to know what he feels for me. I know in my heart that he is just nervous as am I. I want this to be over so that we may begin the next phase of our lives together.", she told the Mate of the Chosen One as there was a knock on the door.

Hanna who had been sitting watching what had been going on, gathered up her basket of flower petals and left to do her chore with a glowing smile on her face.

"Well it's almost time. So remember you are a Yamanouchi ninja and you have been honored by many people and your man has shown you his love and you have shown him yours. It is time for happiness.", Yori reminded her.

The door knocked again, Yori kissed her cousin on the cheek and was escorted out the door to begin her walk to the front of the church.

Kim was still a little worried about this young woman who had come into her life only a couple of years previously. 'She seemed to know Ron before she met me. Well I guess with her training at Yamanouchi for years and Ron going back once in a while, they must have crossed paths at some point. I wonder if I should ask now or later. If it's a short story...', Kim mused as she checked over the beautiful Japanese woman.

"Luki...I was wondering...We never talked about this, but just how did you meet Ron?", Kim asked.

"Kim-san...Ron-sama and I first met at Yori-san and Hirotaka-san's wedding at Yamanouchi. He had just spent over two weeks meditating in a cave near the top of Mount Yamanouchi to finish his trials. I first saw him when he and his men entered the school for their second trip there.", Luki replied while seeming to smile at the memory.

"I had heard the tales and mythology of the 'Chosen One'...All of us students had. When I saw Ron-san the first time I wondered who he was. I, like most of us, thought that the coming Master would be a Japanese man. Anyway I remember the discussion that I had over a meal with one of my instructors. That's when I found out who the blond haired man was. When Yori and Hiro returned to the school for their wedding, I asked them if they would introduce me. They did so after the wedding.", she continued.

"What was he like then Luki?", Kim asked.

"He was sad, I could see he kept a false front for his men. But some of us could see through it. My instructor told me of the actions that some of our people who were in charge at the school had taken to ensure that Ron-san and you were broken up for 'the greater good'. Only a few of these people knew...Sensei had no idea for what transpired until a master named Maku-san confessed all in his suicide note. By that time it was too late and Sensei took immediate action to protect you Kim-san.", she replied.

"Why didn't they just get a hold of me and Ronnie and just put us in the same room together?", Kim asked.

"At the time Sensei was aware that you was married to that other man and Ron-san had disappeared. It would have been morally repugnant for Sensei to break up you and your former husband. That would have been as devious as what had been already been done. He just decided to put assets in place and wait for the opportunity to heal everything.", Luki explained, "We did not know that Fukushima was involved so Sensei had to wait."

The door knocked, "Mrs. Stoppable it's time Ma'am.", a soft voice announced.

"Thanks for coming into our lives Luki, you are my and Ron's sister, remember that. We love you just as all members of our family love you. Welcome to our family honey.", she told the younger woman with tears in her emerald eyes as she gave her one last hug.

Kim slipped up to her husband as she exited the Bride's room. Ron gave his love a light kiss on the lips, "I love you honey you look perfect this afternoon.", he told her, "Wanna get married?"

"I love you too babe...name the time and place, you know I'll be there.", she replied, answering the almost daily question. "How's Timmie holding up?", she asked after a moments reflection.

"He a big case of the nerves, I calmed him down. Your brother will be fine. How's Luki doing?", he asked in return.

"She's nervous too. Maybe more nervous than Mo was. Say something to her to take her mind off it. She'll be at the altar in a few minutes.", Kim instructed.

"Got it honey, see you in a bit. Knock em dead.", he replied giving her another light kiss.

"Yes Sir, later under the stairs?", she asked provocatively.

"Yeah but only wear a sheet.", he replied drawing a snort in return.

"You're evil.", she chuckled over her shoulder as she entered the church.

"I am what I is.", he smiled back to her as he knocked on the door.

"Luki, it's time. You look lovely today. Timothy Possible is a very lucky young man to have you in love with him.", Ron told the ninja woman who had been introduced to him years before.

"Yes Ron-sama it is time. How is Tim-chun holding up?", she asked nervously.

"About as well as you are honey. Now that you are family, please do me the honor of just using my first name unless you're mad at me.", the former Ranger asked his friend.

"Yes...I'll try. Thank you for the honor of letting me call you that Master.", she replied with a smile.

"Alright then Luki, let's go see if we can get Timmie's eyes to pop out of his head.", he told her as he gave a little kiss on the cheek and lowered her veil. Ron opened the door and gave the little ninja his left arm.

Ron could still sense that she was nervous, so he told her short stories as he walked her up the aisle, keeping her distracted until she got close enough to see Tim Possible waiting for her. Both could see his eyes widen.

'Hmmm, I wonder why the girls always wear white? Bet it's to make sure that their men can see them. Maybe I'll look up the mythos of that during the fall semester?', he thought.

Ron could feel Luki relax as soon as the young woman saw her future. 'Ah just as the hero had said, "My job here is done".', he mused shutting off his banter now as he felt Luki had no further need for it.

As they approached the waiting groom, Ron's smile got almost as large as Tim's. Ron held out his hand and Tim grabbed on and shook it firmly. "Take care of her brother, her Mom and Dad are counting on you.", Ron told his brother-in-law.

"You know I will Ron...Thanks.", Tim replied as Ron gave him the hand of the young woman.

Luki stepped up to her man and together they climbed up the dais.

Ron continued to stand in the aisle.

"Who gives this woman to be wed to this man?", the Minister asked.

"Her cousins and her guardians do.", Ron replied as the Kim, Hirotaka and Yori bowed.

"Very well...Is there anyone who knows why these two should not be joined in wedlock?", he asked loudly.

Hearing no one, the Minister continued, "Dearly beloved we are gathered here today to join Luki and Tim in matrimony. I have talked with them for quite a while and they both are grounded young individuals who I think truly are in love with each other...", he continued as Ron slipped into the pew next to Hirotaka.

Hiro smiled as he put his arm around his friend and spoke softly to him, (Thank you for honoring Luki and us brother.)

Luki passed her bouquet to Kim and turned to face the man who was to become her husband putting her left hand in his. Ron closed his eyes and took it in with his senses as he linked with Sensei so the old Master could be there in spirit, if not in body. Few, other than Yori, Hiro and Kim, were aware that he had just brought the ninja Master's thoughts into the Church.

"Do you Timothy James take Luki Kim to be your wedded wife to hold to her and no others, in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer as long you both shall live?", the Minister asked.

"I DO.", replied the former tweeb.

"Luki Kim do you take Timothy James to be your wedded husband to hold to him and no others, in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer as long as you both shall live?", he asked the young ninja woman.

"I DO.", she replied with a wide smile on her face.

"Now I want you all to know that we are bringing two faiths together today. I ask for Mr. Hirotaka Takana to come forward. He will ask the two young people a few questions and say a few prayers for them in his Shinto religion under the guise of the matchmaker. After this the Master will bless the couple after the exchange of rings.", he explained.

Hiro got up and asked Tim and Luki several questions in Japanese. Being satisfied with the answers he gave a cup to Tim and nodded. Tim drank and handed the cup to Luki and she followed his lead. They passed the cup nine times during more questions before the rest of the wedding party was given a drink except Hanna. Hiro then bowed to the minister and left the dais.

"May I have the rings?", the Minister asked with a small smile on his face. He took the smaller one and handed it to Timothy Possible.

"Timothy please take Luki's left hand in yours and repeat after me.", the Minister started.

"I Timothy James, take you Luki Kim, to be my wedded wife.", he continued.

"I Timothy James, take you Luki Kim, to be my wedded wife.", Tim began.

"To forsake all others, to share my life and my happiness.", the Minister kept going.

"To forsake all others, to share my life and my happiness.", Tim Possible replied.

"To share my trials and tribulations as long as we both shall live.", the Minister finished.

"To share my trials and tribulations as long as we both shall live.", Tim concentrated to make sure that he repeated exactly.

"Put the ring on her finger Tim", the Minister whispered knowing that the groom might forget that part.

Tim blushed as he slipped the plain gold band on Luki with a smile that was getting larger by the second. 'I almost screwed that up.' , he mused with a sigh.

The Minister now turned to the bride and handed her the larger of the matched rings.

"Luki please repeat after me.", he smiled

"I Luki Kim, take you Timothy James, to be my wedded husband.", he started.

"I Luki Kim, take you Timothy James, to be my wedded husband.", she repeated perfectly.

"To forsake all others, to share my life and happiness.", the Minister continued.

"To forsake all others, to share my life and happiness.", she replied.

"To share my trials and tribulations as long as we both shall live.", the Minister guided her.

"To share my trials and tribulations as long as we both shall live.", she finished.

With a glance from the Minister Luki put the present representing her love on Tim's left ring finger. She shuddered with excitement as she looked into her man's eyes.

Seeing this part done Ron slipped out of the pew and approached the dais. The Minister backed away a couple of steps and let Ron assume his place for a moment. Already he was centered and was beginning to feel the power rising in him.

Ron put his hands on the new couple and brought up the power. In the background he could hear some gasps as he let the azure aura cover everyone in the party. "My friends please keep these two wonderful people in your thoughts tonight and all nights as they begin to explore that greatest of all adventures...Their life together. May they share a long and healthy life and love. May they bring wonderful children to grace this Earth that we call home.", his voice echoed mysteriously in the church.

Slowly the blue hued aura dissipated and the crowd just blinked for a moment trying to believe what they had just witnessed.

Ron, turning to the Minister, whispered in his ear, "I'll explain all that later."

After Ron returned to his seat the Minister shuddered and then continued, "Everyone may I present Timothy and Luki Possible...Oh, and son, you may kiss your bride."

Everyone applauded as the kiss went on for a while. Finally both ran out of breath and were they were red faced as they turned to their families and friends on hand. Luki took her bouquet back from Kim and then took her new husband's arm as he led her out the church.

Kim was escorted out on the arm of her younger brother and both had enormous smiles on their faces.

Yori was escorted out by one of Tim's college friends. She was smiling at the younger man who almost tripped when he looked into her eyes for the first time. 'I hope Hiro didn't see that. I might have to calm him down a little later.', she mused as they walked up the aisle.

Ron and Hiro linked arms and followed the Possibles out of the Church laughing, having observed the Groomsman almost make a fool of himself in front of those assembled.

"Ron-sama he might dream of my spouse tonight, but I have my spouse tonight.", Hirotaka chuckled as he wondered if the young man in question was going to make a pass at his wife at the reception.

"Hiro you should warn him...Nah, let him find out for himself. He's young and should heal pretty fast.", Ron replied.

"Maybe I should hide Yori-chun's fans. It might save the youngster from a hospital stay.", Hiro mused out loud.

"Might be a good idea my friend. Let's see what happens later. Ben and Tara are watching the kids so we don't have to get them until later on. Maybe during the dancing we can get Tara to bring them out to see us?", Ron suggested.

"No let Kim-san and Yori-chun have a little free time. We will pick the children up on the way home.", he replied.

"Sounds good buddy. Let's head over to Kimberly's since the wedding isn't large as mine or Monique's; we only have half of it closed off tonight.", Ron explained as he glanced over his shoulder to see his best male friend and his girlfriend Bonnie.


Luki and Tim were on the floor dancing with the rest of the wedding party when Ron noticed that Yori's eyes suddenly snapped open. Seeing the glint in her eyes, he saw her left hand move only a fraction of an inch to where she applied pressure at the spot it now rested. The Groomsman's smirk suddenly ended and it was plain to see the pain and fear in his eyes as the lithe Japanese woman kept the pressure on while speaking into his ear, making him keep up with her while dancing. Two minutes later she released the hapless and wincing young man with a smile.

Ron followed him over to the bar to offer some friendly advice. "Charles, how ya doing?", Ron asked.

"Huh, oh you're the guy that gave Luki away. I remember you.", he replied.

"Yeah that's me. What happened out on the dance floor?", Ron asked again.

"Well that Asian girl...she's hot you know, and I decided to get a feel of the situation if you know what I mean.", he explained.

'Oh a horn dog. ', Ron mused. "Well you should really keep your hands to yourself, your her escort not her boyfriend. You never know, she might be married.", Ron informed him.

"Yeah that's what she said too. I guess I'll try with that red head that's dancing with Jim instead. I'll bet she would be nice.", he told Ron not noticing him stiffen.

"Yeah I bet. You know she might be married too now.", Ron informed him trying to get him to calm down before he ran in to either Wanda or Suzie.

"Well I'll worry about that when the time comes...Listen buddy..I'll see ya later.", he tried to get away after downing his drink.

Ron slipped up behind him and put a hand on his shoulder. "Don't make me hurt you son. That red head is my wife and she's the mother of my children. Tim told you about his sister Kim? That woman is her...So why don't you go find the date that you brought and stop dishonoring her.", Ron growled.

"Uh...yea...sure. Sorry man. I didn't mean it.", he replied.

"I'm just trying to keep you with all the appendages that the Lord gave you son. Keep your head on straight...OK.", Ron told him.

"Yeah thanks.", he replied again obviously never having a woman kick his sorry behind.

Seeing the young man cowed and heading over to another young woman, Ron smiled and went over to see Yori and Kim who were talking with Hirotaka.

Kim was turning red as Yori was explaining something to her. "Anyway he grabbed my bottom after he grabbed onto my chest. I decided to make him pay for his wandering hands Kim-san.", she told Kim and Hirotaka.

Both of the others were turning red faced. As Ron got closed to them he spoke softly, "I took care of the guy who couldn't keep his hands to himself. I made a suggestion to him, let's see if he takes it to heart. KP, you wanna walk over there and see if he grabs your butt too?"

"Not really Ronnie. If he does he's going to wet himself on the way to the ER.", Kim growled.

"I'll accompany you babe. I want to see if he learned his lesson.", Ron urged her.

"OH, OK Ron.", she replied not really wanting to have to deal with this tonight.

Ron followed his wife over by the drunk young man

Ron noticed the young man look up and see Kim. He wrapped her in a hug from behind and slipped his hands where they didn't belong. With practiced ease Kim raised her right foot up and slowly placed the high heel on his instep and stood on it.

The results were as swift as they were painful to the young drunk. Kim continued to stand on his foot with all her weight on the one heel. Ron came up behind. "Son I thought we just had this discussion not ten minutes ago. I'm going to give you to the count of two to get your hands off my wife before I do something that you won't like and will embarrass both me, Tim and the young lady that you are here with. One...", Ron explained.

Quickly the young man put his hands behind his back.

"Good choice son...I don't want to see you grabbing another woman like that in my establishment again. Do you understand me?", Ron whispered in his ear.

Catching the nod Ron told his wife, "You can quit playing with him honey."

"Do I have to honey?", she asked coyly.

"Yeah otherwise we can't go out on the dance floor, unless you want to drag him out there.", he replied.

"Oh alright.", she turned to the young man, "Listen, it's bad manners to do what you did. It's a good thing my husband is a forgiving soul or you would be on the way to the ER right now. The next time you touch me in that manner you will only have one hand left. Have a pleasant evening and remember to keep your hands to yourself."


They headed out to the dance floor where Albert and Walter were dancing with Wanda and Suzie. Ron smiled and nodded as those two couples were finding their own way. He noticed Becky Stoner was there with a man he didn't recognized. Ron guided Kim over by them for a minute. 'Hi Becky, you look great tonight.", he told her truthfully.

"Hi Ron and Kim, thanks for inviting me. I'd like to introduce my brother Phil. I didn't want to come by myself. Phil this is Sergeant and Kimberly Stoppable, I've known Ron for a while, he was Don's best friend.", she told him.

"Glad to meet you Sir, now I remember you. You brought Don back thanks again for everything that you and Kim have done over the years, Becky sort of filled me in. I've been a fan of Team Possible since I was kid.", he informed them.

"Hey that's alright, well we have plans for Becky and I think she'll be happy here in Middleton.", Kim replied.

Kim and Ron had to take a break from all the dancing and they went outside for some fresh air. In the dim light they could see another couple. "Hey Wheels how have you been?", Ron asked as he nodded to Bonnie.

"Well I gotta talk to you for a minute. Is that alright Ron?", Felix asked.

"Sure...KP?", Ron looked at his wife.

Bonnie looked at Ron nervously, "I...uh have to talk to Kim too while you guys are getting some bonding time in."

"OK Bonnie give us a few.", Ron told her.

"OK buddy what's going on?", Ron asked his best male human friend.

"Well Ron...I...we wanted you and Kim to be the first to know...I sort of need a best man.", Felix stammered.

Ron looked at his buddy. "Bonnie?", he asked "Are you nuts?", Ron continued.

"She's changed since high school Ron.", Felix told his best friend. "When Bonnie got to college she was at the bottom of their food chain. It opened her eyes up a lot. Anyway remember how Kim was when you guys got married?", he explained.

"You mean?", Ron asked.

"Yeah, congratulations to us.", Felix finished with a smile as big as Utah.

"Wow buddy. Yeah like congratulations. I want you to know it's like nothing you ever felt before. I'll do what ever you need. And yeah, congratulations."

"Well Bon wants a simple wedding, she's asking Kim to be a bridesmaid. They're a lot closer now than they ever have been Ron. Thanks for supporting us.", he ended as he turned back to the woman he was going to spend the rest of his life with.


"How do you think he'll take it?", Bonnie asked Kim.

"Ron will be just fine and he'll do anything you ask. Don't worry. He'd even give you away if you wanted him too.", Kim replied.

"Thanks I think Wheels and I need to go back in to the dance floor.", Bonnie told her with a smile.


They were dancing together again. The girl who knew sixteen forms of Kung Fu and the boy who was the Monkey Master and had spent almost six years of his life as a Ranger. She lifted her face up to look at him in the eyes. 'Yes it's going to be one of those nights!', she blushed as she shared her thoughts with him.

The End

Or is it just a continuation?

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