The days passed in the softness and calmness. Samantha and Mona attended on their occupations, accompanied this time by 2 young men met at a diving introduction. As for Jonathan, he has desperately wandered looking for a good soul who would have pity of his lonely heart.
Thus Tony and Angela spent most of their time choosing between sunbathing and sea and stroll hand in hand on the beach at sunset. However, the last day they wanted to change those habits. The hotel offered a trip to the famous site of Chichen Itza. Angela jumped at that chance and wrote the name of Miccelli followed by an "x 2 people" on the registration form.

In the corridor leading to the suite, she wondered, however, if the reflex she had, by noting Tony's last name and not both theirs, was not misplaced. After all they were not married, even if those days they got significantly closer. "Oh, well ..." She smiled inwardly, the idea was attractive.
She opened the door of the suite and found herself face to face with Tony.

- Ah, there you are! I've been looking for you everywhere!
- I went to register us for a trip tomorrow.
- Ooooohh, Wow ... Cultural Day huh? And where are we going?
- To Chichen Itza.
- Oh that's wonderful, I always wanted to climb on top of the Mayan pyramids!

On uncontrolled moment, he grabbed the woman by the shoulders and kissed her cheek. Angela blushed instantly.

- Oh, sorry ... I ...

She had no other answer than a nervous laugh.

The next morning, ready for their day of visit, they went to the entrance of the mini bus outbound to the Mayan site. A man dressed in white came out suddenly.

- Ah! You must be Mr. and Mrs. Micelli, we were waiting for you. Everyone is already here. I'm Pedro, your guide.

Tony surprised at the announcement of a Mr and Mrs, opened his mouth to protest, but Pedro has prompted them to get in the bus rapidly. Once seated, Tony turned to Angela.

- What could make him believe that we're married? "

Angela shrugged and said nothing.
The trip lasted a little over than an hour. Tony admired the scenery that was passing before his eyes. This profusion of the green jungle was fascinating. The road that led them to Chichen Itza crossed through the tuft of vegetation, in a straight line extending at loss of sight. Angela, who had taken pills for motion sickness, was dozing. Her head bent slightly until it landed on the shoulder of the Italian.

Once there, they discovered an archaeological world from another time. Remains of shrines, temples, traditional ball game court wonderfully preserved and monumental and finally the great pyramid overlooking the whole picture. They both were standing frozen watching this architecturally prominent masterpiece surrounded by a green grass carpet.

- Look at that, Angela!
- It's magnificent!

At the foot of the staircase leading to the summit, Tony grabbed the thick rope which served as a ramp.

- Come on Angela, let's go to 7th Heaven!

He laughed at his wordplay.

- Tony ... I'm going not up.

He looked at her, surprised.

- Remember, I suffer from vertigo. I have an uncontrollable fear of heights ... and these steps… so narrow and steep...
- Well Angela, I'm here, don't be afraid.

Seeing that she hesitated, he said:

- Do you trust me?
- Yes of course Tony.

He held out a hand that she grasped without thinking and squeezed it hard. The Italian put an arm around her waist and they began their ascent.

- Don't look down, always look up Angela.
- I am especially concerned for the descent.

Gradually, the distance that separated them from the top became shorter. A few meters left.

- Come on Angela, we are almost there. Another step ... Voila, here we are.

Breathless, the young woman finally put her foot on the surface of the pyramid. The sight that presented to her took her breath away.

- Tony ... It's beautiful.

The jungle as far as the eye can see. Tony, who had always Angela's hand in his, was astounded by such opulence. They were surrounded on both sides by endless vegetation. The distance from the ground had reduced the fanfare of the tourist in a distant murmur.

- It's amazing, it's like we are alone in the world.

Their hands parted.

- Thank you Angela. Thank you for this trip, and thank you for this show.

Angela smiled.

- You work so hard for me, I wanted to repay you.

The beautiful Italian dared to put his hand on the shoulder of the young woman, stroking her neck with his thumb.

Angela turned her head to look at him. He was looking straight ahead as if he was hypnotized. She smiled, slid her hand along his back and nestled against him. With a sigh, she closed her eyes for a moment. How she wished the time could stop, they could stay here, up against each other without ever to be apart.

Tony had felt the fondling in his back, and the warmth of her body mingled to his. A knot in the throat, he was unable to utter a word. Her blond hair gently brushed his cheek. He inhaled the faint scent of flowers that she gave off. He was fascinated by this fragrance, he was not used to being so close. For a few seconds, the beautiful Italian lost control of his impulses, and he turned his head and kissed the golden forehead of the maiden.

When she felt the warmth of his mouth on her skin, Angela felt a powerful jolt of electricity along her spine. His lips were so soft. Who would have thought that a man so virile, Italian and more, a man from Brooklyn, could be so tender.

They stayed like this for a few moments, and finally decided to begin their descent.

The task proved less difficult than she thought. Tony did not leave her for a second, which made it much easier.

Back in the minivan, Pedro announced that the group would end the day with a stop in the Mexican jungle to discover a "cenote", not yet discovered by the tourist market.

- The underground water source was considered by the Maya as a means of communication with the gods and was also used as a water reserve. It is also well regarded even today by the Mayan descendants. You could take a bath and if you're lucky, the sun will be in perfect position to flood the cave with light and illuminate the basin.

Tony and Angela looked at each other amazed. The description of the next visit was exhilarating. After a walk of nearly 15 minutes, the group gradually sank into the jungle of Yucatan. Only footsteps broke the silence of nature.
Pedro suddenly stopped. The group did the same. He raised his hand.

- Listen.

They pricked their ears to better hear the sound of small branches and rustling of foliage. Everybody looked up to observe the immense cover of vegetation. Another noise, louder this time. Finally they saw a small brown animal moving from branch to branch.

- Oh, Tony! It's a monkey!

Angela did not hide her excitement at the sight of the animal.

- Look how cute he is!

Tony just as enthusiastic as a child exclaimed:

- Oh it's there now ... And then here! Look!

After this joyful moment, they finally arrived in a small clearing. A little old man dressed in disheveled clothing sat cross-legged on the floor, around a fire.

- This is Paco, Shaman and Keeper of the Cenote. I ask you all to gather in a circle for the cleaning ritual required before entering in the cave.

Everyone obeyed the guide. Tony and Angela, surprised by this announcement smiled at each other. Paco got up and began waving a mug with a faint white smoke. The smoke emanated around the group, while Paco uttered some unintelligible words.

- Oooh, it must be a magic spell...

Angela had discreetly whispered in Tony's ear.

- Shuushh! Angela ...

This ritual completed, Pedro showed them the gaping hole in the ground, which plunged a few meters.

- Mr. and Mrs. Micelli.

Tony was going to replicate and then said to himslef: "After all, why not?".
He first took the narrow ladder to go down in the darkness of the hole. Angela followed him slowly. She was not very reassured. She suddenly felt hands on her hips, guiding her.

- Two more steps.
- Thank you Tony.

The scene before them was simply priceless. They were surrounded by stalactites and stalagmites, some larger than others. A few yards away, the pool of pure water hit by a few rays of sunlight penetrating through the gaping hole, was shining brightly.

- Tony Oooh ... This place is magical!

Tony did not know what to say. He had no words. With shinning eyes, they left their clothes and ventured into the incredibly cool water.

- Ouuuuhhh rather cool.

Tony plunged on. Angela began her famous ritual, then finally decided to jump into the water. She was immediately overcome by chills. The water was definitely very cool. But it was worth it, it was magnificent. The water was so clear that it gave the impression of hovering around stalactites.
After a swim, Tony approached her.
- You seem to be cold.
- Yes ... True ... I am a little cold.
- We can get out if you wish.
- Oh no! It's so beautiful that I want to enjoy it. Tomorrow, this dream will be over.

She smiled while shivering.

- Oh look at you.

Tony rubbed his hands over her arms to warm up a bit. Seeing that it did not have the desired effect, he walked beside her.

- Come here.

He took her in his muscular arms.
Angela grabbed him by the waist and clung to him. She first felt the freshness of his torso, but gradually a low heat invaded her. Tony vigorously rubbed her back, then noting that the tremors had ceased, he slowed down. Angela's head was nestled in the crook of his neck.
He caught her breath against his skin. He felt a little bit uncomfortable, but said nothing.
The young woman was still clutching his waist, feeling the back and forth motion of his hands along her back. She was not cold anymore. Her lips brushed the jugular of the beautiful Italian. His skin left a taste of musk on her lips. She rested her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes.
Tony's senses were so focused on the tingling in his neck that he could barely move his lips. Things took a turn that he was afraid to lose control. He now had his mouth on Angela's nape.

- The visit is completed. We have to come back to the hotel!

Pedro's voice echoed through the cave. Like out of a dream, Tony and Angela blinked their eyes several times and freed from their grip. The end of the visit announced the end of the holidays, the end of their romance.
The next day they would say hello to New York and Connecticut.