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This was just her luck, she's irresponsible for the span of 'Two Princes' and the next the thing she knows, she's locked away in her bathroom with a pregnancy test. What was she thinking? Sleeping with the high school quarterback could possibly be the biggest mistake she's ever made. Had she not learned anything from after-school-specials or those pointless party movies? The quarterback is always going to be a jerk. She looks down at the white stick, there's a little plus sign mocking her. She checks the box again, maybe she's positively not pregnant.

Cate Cassidy, he thinks about her a lot. He doesn't really know why; what he does know is he's the quarterback and she's a straight A student. He wasn't supposed to be with girls like her. Cate had soft brown hair, she wore jeans, and she knew the difference between 'there' and 'their'. His other girlfriends had been different; they used a can of hairspray every morning, their skirts normally didn't cover their asses when they bent down, and they certainly weren't straight A students.

Cate Cassidy, he thinks about her a lot...and that's the biggest understatement of the year. He thinks about her all the time; during football, before he goes to sleep, and especially in U.S. History. She sits at the front of the room, and that's one of the things he loves about her. There's no denying that she's smart, she's a straight A student. She's also nice, funny, witty, and beautiful. She's actually the most beautiful person he's ever seen, and that, he knows. And he couldn't understand why she's been looking so sad.

She hates being a freshman, that is for sure. Freshmen don't have the same lunch as Nate Bazile, Freshmen don't have any classes with Nate Bazile, and Nate Bazile defintely doesn't talk to freshmen. She loves everything about Nate Bazile and more than that, she's in love with him. One day, he's going to love her back.

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