Title: Heart of an Uchiha

Author: enchanted nightingale

Beta Reader: pussycatadamah

Disclaimer: The characters do not belong to me. I only use them in my plot for fun.

Summary: Sasuke's return to Konoha brings as many surprises to his former comrades and friends, as well as a wind of change along with the mysterious girl he brought with him. Who is this Kagome? What is the relationship with her and Sasuke?

Pair: Sasuke Uchiha/ Kagome Higurashi

A/N: The idea of this story came to me during a very, very boring lecture. I hope you enjoy reading it; I sure had fun writing it! (^_^)

Chapter 1:

The summer night was not very hot. A symphony of crickets and birds could be heard as well as the distant buzz of Konoha.

Naruto sat next to Shikamaru. The lazy ninja had guard duty, while Naruto's own shift had long since ended the blond had nowhere to be so he stayed, liking the quiet company of the other ninja. They had not expected any trouble this late in the night so when they saw a blur approaching fast and a fluctuating chakra signal that it gave out the two became immediately alert.

"The outer guards gave no warning," Naruto muttered.

"I'll make a report of it later," Shikamaru groaned at the prospect of willingly putting himself in a position to do paperwork. But he quickly focused on the matter at hand. "It's closing in."

"I can make out a shape," Naruto informed the other ninja. "Wait! It's two people; one carrying another…No way!"

Shikamaru was apprehensive. "Naruto?"

The demon vessel turned to the Nara boy. "I-I think it's Sasuke!"

"Wha-? Naruto, don't be so hasty!"

"It is Sasuke," Naruto said with conviction. He then abandoned his spot in favor of meeting the figure half way, hoping it really was his former team mate, rival and (Naruto hoped) his friend.

It was Uchiha Sasuke alright, the blond soon discovered. The raven haired missing-nin wore that damned white and purple outfit, sword strapped to his back. His face, torso and clothes were splattered and soaked with blood. In fact he looked worse than the limp, bloody figure in his arms.

Upon closer inspection Naruto realized the figure was in fact a girl. She was dressed in an expensive silk kimono now ruined from all the blood and dust.

The Uchiha noticed him and stopped.

"Naruto," Sasuke's voice was small. "Oh, thank god! You have to help her."

The blond blinked. He had never seen the other teen so emotional, so worried, so… broken. Not even Itachi had that kind of effect on the raven haired ninja.

Then Shikamaru appeared in a swirl of leaves between the two ninjas but he paused at the image the Uchiha presented.

"Please, I beg of you! Just help her," Sasuke whispered.

Naruto was stupefied from the request and the very way Sasuke asked. And Shikamaru was no less shocked by this.

But in the next moment Sasuke's legs gave out and he crumbled to the grassy forest floor. Naruto moved fast, barely managing to catch the injured girl before she got hurt further from the fall.

"I'm taking her to Tsunade," Naruto declared. He shifted a bit, the blood from her clothes was now seeping to his, making him wince and at the same time having him worry about the strange girl.

Shikamaru, still quiet, merely nodded; his gaze never leaving the now unconscious Uchiha. He sighed and lifted his former classmate and comrade. What a troublesome night it had turned out to be for the lazy genius.

"We're just behind you," he told the blond.

End of chapter